The Narrow Path Radio Program (1 Hour)

Reviews For The Narrow Path Radio Program (1 Hour)

Seek and you shall find. Knock and I will answer. Truth will set you free.
Steve is very knowledgeable about the Bible.
I’ve listened to all of Steve’s teachings online and they are balanced and deep. I recommend this podcast to new and mature believers striving to become stronger disciples.
Steve greggs program is the best resource for going deeper into theology, scripture, and the philosophical questions concerning the Christian Faith. I’ve listened to his lectures and read his book on hell. He is one of the best teachers of God’s word I know of. Sometimes a question gets asked at the right time and it helps me in my walk.
Steve Gregg is one of the best bible teachers around. He’s humble, objective, and balanced. I highly recommend him to everyone who wants to delve deeper into the Word of God.
Honest and truthful, Steve welcomes your questions...especially those you considers difficult! Callers are respected and never left embarrassed or feeling foolish for asking their question. I do wish Steve would consider doing one show every couple of months where he takes zero callers and only answers emails. For those like must who never listen live, I’m grateful for the download option via iTunes. God bless in 2020, Steve
I listen to him every single day and every night before I go to bed. Sometimes while following in my Bible (which he encourages) and sometimes without.
Every answer is Biblically based. Very objective. No agenda. We learn so much. Welcoming to all viewpoints. He’s our go-to teacher for Bible expository. Truly gifted by the Holy Spirit. Excellent resource.
Enjoy listening to the podcasts on my drive home from work. Love Steve’s insights and often times different takes on Bible passages and Bible related issues and topics. Many times he presents an explanation that is completely Biblically based that I had not really considered before. He’s challenged me to dig into the word and not just believe something that I’ve always been taught or told but to investigate it for myself to see what the Bible really says. Also appreciate the fact that he’s not in the ministry for the money, he doesn’t receive any salary from doing the radio show. I’ve grown a lot from listening to him.
The best way to learn is to get all sides which Steve does well, he will even give scriptural examples for apposing views. He can do more than teach things about the Bible, he helps us learn how to think for ourselves.
Thank You Steve!
You call .. you get on... You ask a question and he answers it through the Bible. I am so impressed with his gentle soul. God continue to bless you Steve.
Hands down the best bible teacher I've ever heard plus he's accessible if you have questions. When's the last time you've met an outspoken "religious leader" willing to dialogue with those who may disagree.
I had been a Christian for over 30 years when I first ran into Steve Gregg's call-in Bible Q&A program, The Narrow Path, on the radio. I didn't realize how on "auto pilot" I had been, never really critically thinking about what I believed and had been taught. I found the deep love and knowledge that Steve has for the Bible to be convicting. The Narrow Path has radically transformed my attitudes and beliefs about what the Bible teaches, and had helped me develop a more thoughtful approach to understanding the Bible. I thank God for gifting Steve to edify the Body, and I so appreciate Steve's willing service to our King.
Steve Gregg isn't content just to go with the flow of the modern church but really seeks to put the Bible first in all things. His podcast is super practical, enjoyable, and challenging. Keep up the good work!
Very thorough answers to questions and a willingness to engage opposing opinions with respect. This has been my favorite Bible show for years. Your views will be challenged without a doubt. Highly recommended!


By Gbass84
Great podcast. Never disappoints.
Steve is a fantastic resource because he understands the bible deeply and belongs to no man-made camp. He will not just indoctrinate you but help you to understand different perspectives and let you agree or disagree with his conclusions.
One of the BEST bible teachers I have heard, In the four years I have been listening to him I have learned so..................... much.


Mr. Gregg, Thank you for taking the time to make your delightful radio program available effortlessly for those of us on iTunes—and all podcast listeners. Just making the program on your own time is an amazing way to use the resources and resourcefulness God blesses you with and a testament to his…… Oh I'll finish this some other time; I'd like to listen now! 😁
I love how Steve looks at issues from many angles. He doesn't give cookie cutter answers. Steve has sincere push toward objectivity in reading the scriptures. I greatly admire this guy and would be blessed to have a small percentage of his Biblical knowledge or humility.
I love this show. Some of the most thoughtful and biblical teaching out there. Steve is a good example of true follower of Christ and enjoyable to listen to because of his humility and great knowledge of scripture
Steve Gregg is one of those rare radio hosts who actually gives the caller time to ask their question(s) and even more time for the answer. He also welcomes those who disagree with him to call and point out the area(s) of disagreement. Many radio hosts won't give this type of caller any air-time at all but Steve welcomes diagreement with his views.
You have blessed my life with your point of view and understanding of the Bible. God bless you Steve and The Narrow Path.
Excellent balanced teacher not afraid to tell the truth !!!
I've been listening to his program for 6 months or so, it's fantastic. He is a very kind and gentle host and teacher. He seems to confront scriptures honestly, and fairly, even though he doesn't agree with everything the modern Evangelical Church believes. I highly recommend it.
Really enjoy your podcast. Thanks. Josh in Montana
Very honest and knowledgeable host. His view of the scriptures and traditions of the church is consistent with historic biblical orthodox belief, but may not "toe the line" of modern traditions of men. The strength of the show (aside from his incredible recall of structure and his understanding of the relatedness of scripture upon scripture) is the willingness of the host to engage with nonbelievers and people of differing views. Very polite and engaging, yet VERY challenging. I have really strengthened my Faith and also challenged many views/opinions through this show.