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Always looking forward to each new episode, highly entertaining! Wouldn’t mind if it was stretched out even longer!
Good stuff. Just a bit long. If it was cut down to hour and a half max I would give it 5 stars.
Hockey for fans by fans
I’ve been listening to this show for over 10 years. By far the best hockey podcast available.
If you want to hear two friend talking hockey in a polished, informed manner, this is the Pod for you. They are insightful and interesting, and often quite funny. Audio quality is great, even better than “professional” podcasts like The Hockey News. This is a great one to just stay tuned to the themes, trends, and news of the NHL year round
If you are an NHL hockey fan you owe it to yourself to listen to the best NHL hockey podcast - the Puck Podcast. It’s fantastic! Doug and Eddie are funny and knowledgeable. Great news coverage of all NHL teams.
I’ve been listening to the Puck Podcast for 10 years. These guys cover the whole league every week all year, and it’s always interesting, funny and insightful. If you’re a pro hockey fan, you oughta be listening to this.
In depth week to week review of the NHL by two true fans who know the league well. Highly recommend it!
Doug and Eddie do a fantastic weekly hockey podcast that covers all the teams. Plus, who doesn’t love stories about hamburgerless McDonalds hamburgers, the trials of couponbooks in the digital age, and what other podcast encourages their listeners to throw their pants on the ice after after a player scores “4 goals?” Seriously though, their weekly roundup is very thorough. Also, they do a show every week, even in the summer! In 11+ plus years of listening, I think they missed one week. That’s devotion! Couldn’t recommend it more.
The podcast isn’t the worst, but it’s pretty soft for my taste. Also you can tell they come from a fans point of view and there is nothing wrong with that, but for me just not a match. I just think they’re analysis is usually not the best. Also if you’ve played higher level hockey and been in the locker rooms it’s tough to understand some of their thoughts. Seems like they probably haven’t been much in a locker room so it’s just not a match for myself.
This is by far the best hockey podcast out there. Eddie and Doug are hilarious, informative, insightful, but most of all, entertaining. They talk about many more things than the Penguins and Blackhawks, which every other podcast seems to be stuck on 24/7. I actually get to hear about other teams than those two! Thanks guys!
By far the best hockey podcast there is!!! These guys are funny, informative and helpful. They will always respond to your emails or postcards and cover any hockey news, move in the standings etc. I’m a new hockey fan this year but after listening to these guys I feel so much more informed and like I don’t sound like a noob.
The show is hosted by people that really know the sport of Hockey and I find that really helpful to like the show a lot
Great weekly coverage of the NHL by two knowledgeable and amusing guys from Southern California.
Doug and Eddie break down the previous week in hock like no other pod cast! I have looked into other hockey pod casts that are boring and barely touch on a majority of the league. They are humorous and intelligently break down trades and give you some great history lessons along the way. Check it out and pass it along!
Eddie and Doug once again provided a great year of NHL, game by game coverage of the 2017-2018 season. Outstanding podcast for NHL fans. I look forward to them again in the coming year.
What can I say about Puck Podcast...Doug and Eddie are awesome! They have great chemistry and are a gas to listen to. Every hockey fan I know and newly meet gets to hear all about this podcast. I recommend it to seasoned hockey fans as well as those who are new to the sport. They offer full coverage of the NHL each week (really EVERY week for like 12 years!) and supplement the hockey talk with their own perspective which isn’t always the same. I love it when they disagree and typically Doug wins because “X gets the square” 😂. They read emails from their fans offering even more perspectives of the on going's of the NHL. It’s a well rounded must listen to podcast.
Simply the best around with two guys you’ll immediately feel like are old buddies. Thank you!
If you’re looking for a podcast to keep up with the NHL and also get good opinions on current hockey news, look no further!
This is a great podcast! Eddie and Doug are not two random guys talking for three hours about hockey, they are long time friends, devoted fans, and they bring a lot of humor and personality to the show, while keeping the audience updated with all the news and game activity for every NHL team. They also incorporate the listeners by welcoming feedback and reading emails from listeners at the end of the show. They've been doing the podcast for nearly 12 years, even during the offseason. Definitely give it a listen!
Eddie and Doug do a great job every week. They are knowledgable, have well thought-out opinions, very enthusiastic and clearly love hockey. I enjoy hearing about all of the NHL teams because I don't get to follow a lot of teams other than my team, so their league overview in the first period is a great way to keep up with what's going on in the whole NHL. They have been doing a weekly podcast for years. The Puck Podcast is definitely my favorite of the various hockey podcasts out there. I also enjoy the Hockey PDOcast, Hockey Central at Noon, and was a fan of Marek vs Wyshynski until they stopped recording it. I like a lot of the analytics podcasts and even listen to Dudes on Hockey, which is a fan podcast for the San Jose Sharks (and rivals of my team, the Kings). So I am familiar with what else is out there. But you won't find a better podcast week in and week out than the Puck Podcast. Eddie and Doug are super likeable and never talk politics, have a great rapore with each other, and are professional in their demeanor. It might not seem like a big deal, but they start with the Off Ice Report re what has been going on in their lives the past week, and you really feel like you get to know them over the weeks and years. I wish this were a little longer, actually, but they spend a few minutes each talking about what is going on in their lives, which varies from typical life with their wives and families to very touching personal moments they are living through. One person commented that the podcast was too long. That is unbelievable! First of all, they cover the whole league in depth. Secondly, podcasts are designed so you can fast forward them as you like. Part of what I like about the Puck Podcast is that the podcasts are in depth.
You won’t find better. Period. Eddie & Doug are the real deal. Professionals don’t do better and these guys do it purely out of their passion for the game.
These two put in the leg work to give a solid up date to all the games and happenings of the league. Fun to listen too! Its like hanging out with the guys and listening to what's been going on in the NHL. I have been listening for all the years. Keep up the great work!
Eddie & Doug are knowledgable about NHL hockey, for sure. They cover an entire week's worth of NHL news in less than 2 hours (most of the time). Each podcast is broken up into 3 "periods" (since a hockey game has 3 periods), and the guys cover different topics in each period: the first period contains the latest news; the second period contains an injury report and news of hockey transactions; the third period is for fan correspondence and feedback. While reading some of the reviews, I noticed that many people wrote things like "your podcast is too long." Well, it's a weekly podcast. There's a lot to cover. If it's too long for you, then you can stop after each period and resume at a later time. Overall, these guys are funny and informative. It's obvious that they have been friends for a long time. They know how to keep things moving along without getting into too much detail or getting boring, and the tangents that they go on are interesting. Doug's dry sense of humour is perfect for me. Eddie is a perfect foil to that. If you're a hockey fan... give it a try, eh? That way, you'll find out what a Pants Trick is! If you don't know, you're not listening.
I have lsitened to a few NHL centered shows and this one is easly the top ofthe list. No east coast bias like some other podcasts. They acturally cover all the games including ones west of Chicago Who new there was teams in the west besides Vancouver and LA
Requesting y’all make podcasts more frequently during the playoffs please.
This is the best hockey podcast hands down. I’ve been listening to Doug & Eddie every week (even in the off season) for over 10 years. Recaps, opinions, & humor this podcast has it all!
I have been a listener to Puck Podcast for a few years, and I seldom miss an episode. If you love hockey and want to keep up with the NHL, this program is indispensable. I live in Miami, where the local media barely covers our own team, nevermind the rest of the league. And I seldom ever get to watch western conference teams play. Just by listening to Puck Podcast, I have a better grasp of what’s going on around the league now than I did when I lived in Boston, which is a huge hockey town. Doug and Eddie are very knowledgeable about the league. They each have a good sense of humor, and their commentary is not dominated by their favorite clubs - something I find unique for a hockey show. They also produce a great program, as they are both media professionals with considerable skill and experience. Tune in. You’ll be glad you did.
The content that Eddie and Doug offer in each WEEKLY podcast is much more thorough than I could have ever hoped for. The fact that they have not skipped a week in the almost 12 years of prodcuing this show demonstrates the dedication that they both have for not only hockey, but to the listeners they embrace. They bring us into friendship with them each episode by updating us in their lives and by broadcasting our questions and correspondence. Thank you, gentlemen.
These guys are the most unbiased and knowledgeable guys in the sports pod world. They have a great enjoyable pod every week no matter what time of the season!
I have been listening to the Puck podcast for 8 plus years now, i can't remember what i did before i found it, Eddie and Doug are well informed and very entertaining, it's like sitting around talking hockey with friends.
Eddie and Doug do a great job of breaking down the week in the NHL mostly news and notes they cover all 31 teams evenly I like it because it feels like you and your friends Eddie and Doug just talking hockey if you aren’t able to keep up day to day as to what’s going on in the NHL they will keep you to date at end of each week
If you like hockey this is the podcast for you. These guys cover the whole NHL and then some. Both work in sports broadcasting and have all the latest info. Been listening since 2010 and wait anxiously each week to hear their take on al the games and goings on.
I have listened to the puck podcast for years as I keep moving around Asia due to my job as a Chef. Doug and Eddie are doing a great job recapping the week in the NHL ( podcast is weekly ) in the first period of the podcast , review stories of interest in the second period and share listener feedback in the third. The show is year around so you get your hockey fix in the off season too - you event get a hockey related movie review . The hosts have great personality and I always get a chuckle at Doug’s jokes as well as Eddies comments / reactions. If you like hockey / nhl then this is really the only podcast there is.
I have been a loyal listener for almost 4 years now! Great hockey podcast!!! Always look forward to hearing from Doug and Eddie (and sometime Chris). I appreciate how they give the listener a glimpse into their lives at the beginning of each episode.
One of the best hockey podcasts! This is especially true for West Coasters and folks that need a hockey fix during the summer months.
If you’re a NHL fan, you’ll love this podcast. Really in depth and entertaining. I download it every week and listen to it while I drive for my job.
This is an informative podcast that covers all the games happing every week. They are consistent and produce episodes of valued info on whatever is happening in the hockey world. May the Prison Wallets reign. Thanks Doug and Eddie.
Eddie and Doug are two of the best broadcasters in the business. No NHL company line, no snap-raz-mataz homer garbage that you get from bigger media outlets. Just down to earth, comfortable and straight from the gut talk about more things hockey than you get anywhere else. And that's the truth. While the Canadian media is simply biased and NBC keeps trying to dress up and put lipstick on the NHL, the Puck Podcast doesn't cow-tow to any organization or current trend. Doug and Eddie mull over things the way they see it, just like normal people. And interestingly, they often don't agree (just like normal people). Not in a stupid, loud, exaggerated way as per ESPN, but in a way that takes into account the WHOLE situation and how they feel about it. Always entertaining, interesting and a way more than scores, this is the Podcast that should be on before NHL games. Not the pre-packaged crap NBC tries to push before every game and between periods. If anyone at NBC had a speck of brain, they would hire these two and straighten out their entire NHL coverage set-up. If you think you know hockey, think again. Find out what's really going on (and more) with the Puck Podcast.
I've been listening since the last lockout and it is the only hockey podcast I listen to now. Even though they are west coast based, they cover the entire league fairly and equally. They are especially helpful to keep up with league news in the offseason and in the busy parts of the year when I can't focus on hockey even though it is being played (like during the holidays). They haven't missed a week in over a decade, and that says all you need to know about their committement to excellence!


By Nemmy
This is the best podcast I've come across. Professionally done and not just a bunch of pointless giggling and inside jokes like other shows are all about. Eddie and Doug are both knowledgeable about the sport, they have fun broadcasting the news from all the teams and they are even funny ;) Have any questions? I have found that they take the time to respond to emails and answer questions that listeners ask. It's a great podcast! Best podcast ever!!


An excellent and lengthy podcast that covers the entire NHL with no homer bias. The current format is 3 periods: 1. Recap of the week’s action and major news. 2. Injuries, transactions, fines, suspensions and minor news, 3. Listen feedback. Obviously, this varies a bit in the off-season. While the hosts will have disagreements, this isn’t set up as an adversarial show like top much of sports talk radio and TV.
I gotta give it to Doug the Ducks fan here who makes the show. I loved Eddie for the first year, but I feel he is temperamental and gets angry too quickly, often I fast forward when he does. I know he has been a Kings fan for a long time, but I feel he isn’t very connected. I think he’d rather read plays of who won and loss than understand or be honest about the team’s strengths and weaknesses. Doug on the other hand started off a bit irritating but after the first show I get it, Doug stirs the pot in this relationship and Eddie doesn’t always get it. Eddie hiding from who he is, bro “let it go, let it go.” Doug has great hockey knowledge and is continuously on point with his perspective of the sport, especially in the NHL rules. He even has magical powers as he helped to keep two VGK goalies sidelined (Jedi). Don’t be upset Eddie, you just need to be more positive and less serious. #GoKingsGo
Best hockey podcast out there hands down
I’ve been listening to the Puck Podcast since 2008, and it is still the best podcast on the web, in my opinion. I’m not just talking about hockey podcasts, either. I mean best podcast of any topic. It was the first podcast I ever listened to, and is still the one I can’t wait to hear each week when the latest episode is posted. Keep up the great work, guys. It does not go unappreciated.
Thoughtful, in depth, interactive podcast every week...even in the summer. Have been listening for 8 years, highlight of my podcast week.
Until they started injecting their politics. Screw you greg
Doug gets me ever week with something unexpectedly hilarious
My favorite hockey podcast -- 52 weeks a year..