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Dee is so clear, not speaking way over my head, even though nutrition is a complicated topic.
I love this podcast!!! So informative, so relevant, and full of great information. Dee’s background in chemistry and holistic nutrition gives her such insight into wellness.
I really liked how engaging they were. I found it so easy to listen to because of that. Sometimes neutrition and medical info can come across as really heady and stuffy but this was really understandable. I found the analogies were perfect ie. the comparison of different kinds of colesterol to cottonballs vs BBs. This really helped me understand. She also cleared up some really big misunderstandings I had. Good Job!
Good information


By rgr8e
I like this podcasts because they give new interesting, information you haven't heard anywhere else, in a concise format. Keep up the great work!
Thank you Dee for the tips. Really appreciate the pods cast. Love your book too! I am now able to enjoy yogurt again because of you tip to eat plain organic. Keep up the good work.
The information is so detailed and useful. I would like to see michael be more professional with his introduction of the podcast. he is always changing the emphasis of the words that its distracting. to me it detracts from the seriousness of the topic as if to mock the subject matter. I would prefer a taped introduction that is sincere and mature. he doesn't really add anything. Dee is such a professional and so informative i would enjoy more time on the subjects from her.
This is one of my favorites because the content is quite more detailed and specific and usually she is referring to new research about nutrition. She also provides info on what do to at home based on her recommendations


Love this podcast. Wish it was longer! Very informative and good topics.
...and not those topics you are uninformed about. Your podcast on orthorexia demonstrated your lack of knowledge when it comes to eating disorders - and Michael's insensitivity towards people who suffer from this mental illness was disturbing. (Though he did "come around" towards the end of the episode.) Dee's comments clearly showed her ignorance of the topic, and were more damaging than helpful. Stick to what you "know" and do NOT dabble in content where you are uninformed/uneducated/unaware.
Hi Dee, I only JUST discovered your podcasts and immediately cleaned out my kitchen! I knew it all along (so easy to say afterwards, isn't it) but you guys make it clear and understandable. Please post the archives here on iTunes as well, because I could just eat you up! ;-) Seriously: I would love to hear everything you have to say and, sorry, but the other sites are just not as user-friendly. Thanks!!
Glad you guys are back on the air! Keep up the good work. :-)
I really enjoy this podcast, unfortunately they haven't updated in a long time. The only thing that bugs me a bit is the co-host. Is that her husband? I don't know, but he doesn't have a good voice for podcasts, and his part in the podcasts I've listened to sound very staged and fake. He needs to go. Keep the lady, Dee, doing her part. The information is wonderful! Please come back!
Great information presented in such a way even a "beginner" like me can understand it! "Mighty Dee" is a life-saver to me! Her podcasts have become my "bible" to healthy eating. There is so much information out there it gets so confusing just trying to figure out what and who to believe! As soon as you listen to ONE of Dee's podcasts you will become a "believer"! I have lost 15 pounds in 4 weeks using Dee's advice and guidelines. She has the education, the knowledge and personal experience and she willingly shares it all.
I love this podcast, and you should try it out, too! I am so tired of fad advice when it comes to nutrition and diet, and "Diet Science" is the opposite. I can't wait for each new episode. All of the information in this podcast is science-based, and will open your eyes to what you are really putting into your body. And, unlike many other podcasts, each episode contains worthwhile information, rather than a 'promo' for information you need to buy. Because of the new information I have found here, I am slowly guiding my family's diet to be more healthy. Right now we are experimenting with quinoa, and I look forward to trying flax oil next!