Reviews For Revelations

This story felt rushed... it had a very strong start, but went downhill from there. Also the portrayal of mental illness is inaccurate at best, and offensive at worst.
This is one of the best stories I've heard in a really long time! Very entrancing, captivating, make your heart pound! Kept me longing for more the whole time! This is the first audiobook I couldn't walk away from, I sat all day and listened from the begining to the end.
Well... bravo for the courage to write and produce something. That's more than most of us can boast. Ultimately, I guess you get what you pay for and since this podcast was free, the only thing lost was my time. The narrative itself left much to be desired but the truly upsetting thing to experience was the delivery. While the democratization of media is wonderful, I think many podcasters undervalue the importance of using an actor/voice over artist. This fella's delivery was truly painful. When text is read out loud, it still needs to sound like a human is speaking. Nobody talks with the cadence and pronounciation with which so many of these podcasters read. I guess a good rule of thumb is to listen to what you just recorded and ask yourself, "Do I believe that I might have just heard a real live person talking and communicating?" and go from there. Sorry that Mr Burt is getting the brunt of this tirade as this frustration has been building for me with each author-read podcast I've heard... but it really needed to be said.
Come, Let Me Whisper had me freaking out in the dark, and now I am scared of daylight too! Fantastic story and excellent professional recording. Thank you, thank you, thank you, please please make some more podcasts!
Creapy story in a classic 80's horror movie vain. Enjoyed it very much
Undeveloped characters stand out like a sore thumb in this story. Also, perversity needs to be balanced by some antithesis. Makes one wonder if this author knows psychiatrists very well indeed.
This was a really enjoyable podbook. The story was outstanding and moved along at a good pace. I was periodically distracted by some of the language; like the author was over using his thesaurus. My only problem was the ending. It came on fast and left some loose ends. A sequal would be in order. Overall, good job.
This was a great read well...listen! ^^''b I am also an avid listener of Mr. Burt's show "Come, Let Me Whisper" and he actually dips into Ms. Jamie's fate. The story went along pretty quickly and the ending was good!
Overall,I really liked the story. It took off pretty quickly,and I really had no idea how it would end. If you like the mystery/sci fi or horror genres, check this one out.