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Oona is a beautiful narrator. Tends to go off on tangents but the stories of Chaplin , Trumbo and Greer show that the apple pie and picket fence view of America hid a Stasi style state where playing a tramp could get you exiled or worse , going to the wrong party put you on a blacklist. Thank you Oona and it’s interesting that this story could only be told by a Uk and Canadian broadcaster. Shameful story.
Learned a ton! Great archives and amazing interviews. Loved it from beginning to end!
I really enjoyed listening to this podcast- the sound, narration, and story lines are all excellent. I have watched biographical episodes about Charlie Chaplain’s life but had no idea about Hoovers interest in his career. His granddaughter is objective and fair in giving us a background of his life and the accusations against him. Overall excellent podcast for anyone interested in Hollywood and the Red Scare and the FBIs obsession with the communists infiltration of Hollywood.
This story is so important in our history and many Americans, including myself, had little knowledge of it. I love the perspective she brings as the grand daughter of Charlie Chaplin. Narration is beautiful, interviews are telling, story impactful. I hope to hear more from Oona!


This podcast is full of facts!
Excellent story about a time we “think” can’t happen again. Oona Chaplin tells the story of her grandfather, Charlie Chaplin. She is such an amazing podcaster, her voice is smooth and silky. I have thoroughly enjoyed this podcast.
Nice to hear such a well paced telling of the events leading to the red scare. I’m also a big Chaplin fan for better or worse and can appreciate some of the on location stuff. Still haven’t gotten through his autobiography though, book is too big. Also Oona Chaplin’s voice is smooth like butter. I wish she voiced more podcasts.
Wow. Just terrible. I like history, but I only made it 5 minutes before I just couldn’t take it anymore, which is not how I usually operate. Narrator playing on her family: self-aggrandizement: if I could give this zero stars, I would. Please, for those of us who like history, cancel and try again. Take the mulligan, not the ‘L.’
Excellent podcast. Much more interesting than I expected. Important and relevant for these times. I can’t wait for more episodes. Great narrator too.
I’m learning so much! The narrators voice is perfect! Please please keep this podcast going!! Can’t wait for the next episode!!
So far, I’m loving it!! Excited to hear more episodes!!
Don’t quit now. !!!