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Sweet music podcast featuring not only local and regional talent, but quality bands passing through Omaha as well. Wayne also frequently covers local events like the annual Zombie Walk and attempts by locals to break records in the Guinness Book. Whatever might be the topic of the day, it's always an attention-grabber and always coupled with the best music around.
Cool podcast Wayne! Love the bands you promote. Gets me listening to stuff I hadn't before and that is always nice. I am now a subscriber and will never be in the dark again. Keep it up! Mel
Wayne is a natural host, and his podcast is professional but rings with an indie feel that is just wonderful. Each podcast includes some amazing Omaha "underground" bands and musicians. Thanks for giving the local bands more voice! We salute you Wayne. Lex (a garage-bander of yesteryear).
great podcast!!! especially for the local omaha music scene! right on.
Excellent commentary and up-to-date reviews, interviews, and introductions to Omaha bands for us outside the area. Love the different personalities that visit the show and have regular participation in the show. Would recommend this to anyone who wants to hear a fun, professionally done show that is super interesting!! Great job, Wayne!
Always look forward to the next episodes. Cool to hear about whats going down around the Big O. Could use a bit more filth/vulgarity though. Rock out Saint Wayne.
Excellent! One of the more interesting things in this world. Great discussions and introductions to artists who I may have never heard of before. Thanks Wayne!
The best thing to come out of Omaha since frozen meat! Good stuff. Hit the subscribe button now!
Good production, solid music, good commentary and interviews. This is one worth a listen.
Finally a podcast that taps into Omaha's underground culture! Great job Wayne. And actually, you have a pretty good podcast voice ;)
Great podcast! Wayne's a great interviewer, with intelligent questions and an easy style that draws both the interviewee and the listener in. Great cuts by Sarah Benck and the Robbers and Anonymous American. Really good to listen to what the best of Omaha is up to...looking forward to more episodes. Way to go, Wayno!