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I have never heard two more annoying voices. I tried. Great guests. Terrible vocal fry and timbre.
Lauren Graham from Gilmore Girls would be a great guest!
I’m not usually into “interview-type” podcast but I’ve been a mom for 18 months and this podcast hits me perfectly. I haven’t seen most of the shows/movies referenced but I appreciate the audio clips and descriptions that give me enough of a synopsis to follow along and challenge my views of motherhood! Thank you for this podcast!
I love your podcast and I hope that moms all over will learn how to be better mothers to their kid(s) and I would also like to here a an episode on Mrs. Weasley from the Harry Potter series. I think that she is a great model for good mothership and she is a classic character. Thanks for making this podcast. I wish you all the best Sincerely, Wren Wallenbeck
I research how entertainment media impact moms’ self-efficacy in handling their children’s health behaviors, so this podcast is so interesting and relevant for me! As a fellow parent to toddlers and a pre-k kid, I relate to the content personally too.
Hilarious and insightful!
Loved it!!! Definitely a great listen :) Andie and Sabrina have natural chemistry with one another which makes the podcast feel like you are hanging with good friends, having good conversation. They may not be “cool moms” but they are definitely cool human beings who put on an amazing podcast. Cannot wait for the next episode!!
Love these ladies together! So genuine and fun, can’t wait for more!
Congratulations ! From one cool mom to another! 😘😘😘
Funny and a nice picker-upper!
Love, love, love! As a fellow mom and lover of pop culture, this podcast is everything! I feel like I'm hanging with two friends chatting. Can't wait for more!
This show is great. I can’t wait to hear more.
I love here and I am so excited for this new one
I’ve been a fan of Andie for a long time, she changed my life! Can’t wait to have a weekly dose of her to help me get through the week!
Can’t wait for this podcast!