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I have been listening to this podcast since the beginning but especially liked Season 3 and Noor Khan. Since she had grown up in Paris and spoke the “native” form of French (as opposed to Canadian/Quebec), she could have easily “fit in.” I especially liked her background (a “pacifist” and taught to not lie); she was such an amazing person—I would have enjoyed meeting her personally. Thanks so very, very much for telling us (me!) her story and the fact that she was so brave, even to the bitter end. I (from across “the pond”) had visited Dachau in the winter in late 1973 on a dreary day; I would have loved to have known about Noor and her “sacrifice” at that time! A true hero for me.
This podcast alone makes the Wondery+ subscription worth it. Great story telling about amazing people you’ve never heard of. Particularly appreciate that they’re telling the stories of the women of the SOE.
Binged every season so far, love the presenters! Really love the realism! Excellent sound effects and love all the cursing! So real!
Love the content, just pls don’t make it explicit whenever it is avoidable.
This show keeps me interested and I can’t wait til the next ones air!
I loved it
I have thoroughly enjoyed listening to this podcast. Having it dramatised just makes it even more interesting, I waited eagerly for each episode. The history we do not know about the men and women that fought for us is fascinating. It makes me so grateful there were people like this. Thank you for making this.
This is so good! I’ve loved every episode so far! Very intriguing and entertaining!!
Annoying, jarring sound effects made it unlistenable.
So good and entertaining! I want more!!
Loved every minute of it!