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Told from a liberal point of view but far better than most who do so. I like the compact package of the news.
On the air since 1938, the classic daily news broadcast.
This is THE ONLY unbiased news brief that’s worth anything, which is worth 5 stars........IF IT WOULD ONLY WORK CORRECTLY AND ACTUALLY BE RELEASED AND DOWNLOADED DAILY AS IT WAS INTENDED TO!!!!! People in the know: what is going on?!?!
Hopefully, there won’t be a next time, but if there is, it won’t take so long to get it fixed. Everything back to normal now! You got the five stars!
Player FM has new episodes every day... so why doesn’t Apple Podcast?? Update 6/23/19: I unsubscribed and resubscribed and magically the app looks like normal again.. new episodes, cover photo, description. Hopefully it lasts because I like to listen every day!


Nice and short overview of the days news. 👍🏻 Update 6/21: What’s going on? Why won’t it update?
Haven’t seen new episodes in almost three weeks?
Will update to feed have to search for the latest episodes
I don't even know what's going on. The podcasts aren't downloading like they're supposed to. I love geting my morning started with the day's news. I hope this problem can be fixed.
I’m not sure what’s going on with the podcast but for whatever reason it’s not downloading automatically despite my subscription. Also, the new episodes don’t pop up, I have to search for them. This podcast is excellent and one of my favorites. I hope this problem can be fixed
Great podcast when I actually get them. Have not got an episode for a week now, what happened?
Great news when you actually receive it timely, but receiving it several days later is a waste of everyone’s time.
While I enjoy the podcasts, the feed sometimes does stop coming for several days. This has happened more than once and when the feed resumes, then I get several episodes at once (and thus outdated).
A staple podcast for my mornings but I haven’t been getting episodes for the last week. Is this just me? If not, what’s going on?
I like the brevity and directness of the reporting. I have to skip how he says his name but otherwise I listen to the whole ep
The news is fine, but they don’t update this podcast feed in a timely fashion; you’re better off finding it online directly rather than subscribing to this feed. And there’s typically very little world news in this “world news roundup” — it’s almost always just news from the U.S.A.
09/26/2018 - The only international mention was that the U.S.A. will lead a U.N. meeting. Everything else was national news.


By Scotach
Often two or three day will go by and no Podcast is available at all.
This IS my daily source of news - hits the major world events and is very short. Pretty fair and balanced (granted they only have 8 minutes) and NO ADS. Been listening on the radio and then via podcast for YEARS. However, lately, there is something wrong with the feed, and I can only get new episodes by coming back to the store to get them.
Listen religiously but the feed hasn’t updated in over a week.
I am a conservative, feminist, , progressive, pro-choice woman who voted for Donald Trump. When I read the news I want to see it as unbiased as possible so I can make education decisions. The first three podcasts that I listened to were all extremely biased against Trump and his agenda. I refuse to listen to this podcast any longer. Give us the full story or stop reporting. Shame on you, CBS.
Informative, relatable and compelling...
This is by far the best daily audio newscast around. More reports than anybody else, in an easy-to-digest format. I've heard the Roundup on the radio for years-- it's an institution. Good to know I can take it with me wherever I go.
Great podcast for staying current on the news and the stories behind the news. I use everyday while driving to work. One gripe - please fix the slider on the app. The slider now shows only the location in the commercial and not the episode location - focus on the episode. Thanks for great app.
Hi. I get my morning news from this podcast and really enjoy it. About a week ago, the automatic updates stopped working. I believe this is because a date is missing in the podcast settings when you publish. I can go to the iTunes Store and get the latest podcast, still. Could you please review your settings, and I think your download counts will go up dramatically. Also, I wish this podcast was published on Saturday and Sunday too. Thanks again for a great podcast!
They now splice commercials into the newscast. There are so many good news podcasts out there, that this is competitive suicide. Nobody else is doing it. As soon as I heard the commercials, I unsubscribed from CBS. Buh-bye.
Eight minute broadcast from CBS News wrapping up the morning's news - easy to listen to and well written.
It used to be so much better! They've morphed my beloved iCast into some generic newspot...the same one you could hear anywhere. The music is gone, the quirky news topics are no longer threaded in with the everyday news. I once read a podcast review of this that said "this is not your grandparents' CBS news." Well, I think it's quickly morphing into their CBS. Please change it back!
I have been subscribed for months now, the reviews were so good. They were right, the show sounds cool from the opening theme all the way to the end. Its a show I can listen to daily thanks to the shortness of it.
I miss Chris, who used to do the show. Jim isn't bad, but the humor isn't quite the same. Still it's a more entertaining way to get your news from CBS.
This is by far my favorite Podcast. The information is very informative and the host Chris is hilarious...
Sick of the same old stuffy news cast? Check out CBS News's I-cast! A great balance of edge, style and authenticity, this I-cast is a fun and easy way to get your daily dose of news. Host, Chris Mavridis's amazing sense of energy, wit and creativity ACTUALLY makes listening to news fun. Using a great mix of humor, cool tunes and amusing sound bites, Chris gets you up to speed on stories that YOU want to know about in six minutes flat. Definitely add it to your daily to do list!!!
Just like the Wired podcast, cannot bear to listen to host Chris Mavridis' DJ-like delivery.