Reviews For Grammar Girl Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing

As the English language (and grammar) are going downhill and fast, this podcast sheds light on grammar, key words, phrases, meaning of words, application and usage to understand and communicate better. The content is niche but high quality and very original. Give the Grammar Girl a WELL deserved listen
Grammar often gets a bad rap of being a dry and boring subject. Mignon keeps it interesting and educational in a reasonable amount of time to hold your attention. I had never known that some languages have different words for different shades of blue. In North Carolina many of us regurly use two different words for when referring to certain shades of blue - Carolina Blue or Duke Blue.
While I found the content interesting and helpful, I unsubscribed because I found the speaking style too hard for me to listen. I believe it is called “vocal fry”. That is my only criticism and I feel a little bad expressing it as Grammar Girl is positive and helping people better themselves.
Very informative show! And fun to listen to.
Recently, sightings report a character with an uncanny resemblance to a certain squiggly wearing chocolate all over and a funky looking Christmas sweater. By the way, this is one of my favorite podcasts of all time.
Every week I look forward to Grammar Girl’s short dives (most are less than 15 minutes) into word usage, rules, and a little history. Mignon reads widely across these topics so you don’t have to! Her podcast is really easy for general audiences to follow but so informative that even listeners who are well educated in grammar and etymology will still learn new things. Advice is always smart and practical, never dry or stodgy.
I nearly always learn something new! Or it confirms an idea that I have. Would love to hear one on “bold-faced vs. bald-faced” I’ve always thought it was bold, but 2-3 times I’ve heard it as Bald in presentations or podcasts. Could I have been wrong all this time?! Grammar Girl, please help!!
Grammar Girl is amazing! I started listening because I'm a high school English teacher, but now I listen because each episode is supremely interesting. Every time I listen, I learn something new! I've also discovered myself referencing segments in conversations with friends and coworkers. Everyone should listen to Grammar Girl!
This podcast entertains while informing. (Learn about “middle voice,” for instance.) In my (most recent) favorite, I learned that not every language uses numbers! How does THAT work in a culture? Mignon can tell you. (10/11/2018)
Why does a show on grammar need to have a political slant? I enjoyed the show for quite a while until I got tired of the political jabs.
Grammar Girl is a great break from intense podcasts on current affairs. It’s relaxed, pleasant and interesting — a sweet mix of linguistics, history and advice on communication in English.
GG is a fantastic way to learn about language.
For just a few minutes a week, I get a wealth of useful information on grammar and related topics. G.G. is always upbeat, competent, and makes interesting a subject that none of my K-12 teachers ever could, despite my enthusiasm and curiosity for the technical aspects of the English language. I listen during my commute through the California coastal redwoods.
Thank you for sharing your knowledge and love of all things grammar! I am a huge fan and I look forward to each new episode.
Thank you for sharing your knowledge and love of all things grammar! I am a huge fan and I look forward to each new episode.
Grammar Girl is an amazing podcast! I’ve always wondered about the duct tape and duck tape and now I know. It’s super easy to understand and is also very enjoyable, even for a 13 year old like me! I’m already getting better grades and lots of compliments on my writing work thanks to Grammar Girl’s Quick and Dirty Tips. I would recommend this podcast for anyone interested in why things are the way they are.


My name is Timothy in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and I listen every evening there is a new episode. Keep up the good work!
Love the show. I listen on my NPROne app, and I always get excited when that theme song comes in. As a word nerd, this is as good as it gets. I get that these tips are quick, but how are they dirty? Has that been explained in a past episode? I have been listening for the past year and have never had that question answered.
Listening to Grammar Girl is like having a good friend who calls to chat every week - and just happens to have useful, interesting tidbits about grammar and language to share. I listen while putting on my makeup in the morning - or while puttering and tidying my house any time of day. Seeing a new episode in my podcast library alwasy makes me smile.
Thank you, Mignon, for twelve years of Grammar Girl. I've been listening since 2006 when I used to ride my bick to work from Cupertino to Moutain View and back every day on whatever iPod I had back then. I listen now on Saturdays when I'm doing chores around the house.
I can always count on grammar girl to make every Thursday the best day of the week. Quick question for you. I have a friend who’s second language is English and he is asking me questions about “in” versus “on” why do we say for example I’m in the car but I’m on the train?
I've always been a word nerd and I love Grammar Girl's podcast. Always something interesting to learn, and tips that I use daily in my work as a graphic designer/editor. Because I work at home I tend to binge-listen in the car when I'm driving more than 10 minutes or so. Thanks, Mignon, for making my driving time much more interesting!
Really like your podcast Mignon. I’ve been listening to you for several years but never felt compelled to comment. I’d respectfully suggest leaving your politics out of your podcast, however subtle your references might be—the bio on Sotomayor and Fire and Fury. Take care and Godspeed!
I don't care for her pronunciations. Her accent is not a Pacific Northwest accent as she claims. For example how she pronounces aggravate is very irritating. Take it from me nobody in the PNW pronounces aggravate like she does. In fact I find her to have one of the strangest accents I've ever heard and I'm from the Seattle area like she claims to be.
The brief episodes are always packed with information and helpful. GG’s intonation/emphasis, vocal fry, and (mis)pronunciation distract me from the content from time to time, but she makes up for it with enthusiasm and passion for her subject.
I always enjoy the podcast and learn new things every time. I usually listen while eating breakfast, but today it was while preparing homemade salsa to share with friends this weekend. Side note: I love hearing various accents and dialects. Are you aware that when you say “aggravate,” it sounds like “egg-ravate”? :)
Even though grammar is not my favorite subject, I enjoy this weekly podcast. GG does a great job! The episodes are only about 10min so it is easy to listen each week. Keep up the great work!
I never stop learning. I listen while I clean my horses stall. I get educated and entertained as well. My job gets done faster. I download old episodes and repeat and repeat the ones I enjoy the meaty middle. I listened these week in Victoria Island, Canada.
I’m a former high school English teacher who is now a stay at home mom. I love listening to this podcast to keep my brain sharp for when I go back to the classroom!
I listened to an episode a couple months back with a guest etiquette connoisseur about how to politely decline an invitation to a family gathering. I’ve been scouring online, but I can’t seem to find it anymore! Please help!
I exhaustively listened to all of Grammar Girl’s podcasts when I was writing a game programming book, and the topics I was interested in were presented exactly in the way I was looking for: referencing the major style guides (AP, Chicago...) and producing an informed conclusion. Not just writers, but editors would do well by these examples.
Love the way you explain the threatening terms of grammar like comm-splices and subordinate clauses into something we can understand.
Thank you for the schooling. Thanks also to your main contributor Dragonfly editing. I drive a semi for Drag-n-fly Trucking; drag em up the hill & fly down ;>
I’ve listened to Grammar Girl for years and use it as a resource for the writing advice I give my children. The trend at their schools is to not teach grammar as a separate subject which naturally leaves a painful void. And writing as a craft is tackled crudely with not much more than the unimaginative five paragraph essay. To the rescue comes Grammar Girl. For my high schooler, it has made all the difference to know solid grammar facts as well as understanding that writing is indeed a craft worth mastery with many styles to learn. For my elementary student, Grammar Pop is a fun way to nail down the basics and specific questions are answered brilliantly in the archive of podcasts. For example she is learning geography and asked what you call someone from Wyoming. Why, she asked, is it so hard to know what to call people? Sure enough Grammar Girl tackled this topic of demonyms in October 2012. Thank you for this amazing resource at a time when our language skills face the threat of decline as more and more people use simple texts and emojis to communicate. Don’t get me wrong, I love a well placed meme, but it doesn’t hold a candle to the written word.
The grammar and etymology nerd in me loves this podcast! I listen on my commute or when I’m walking to my class after work. The podcast is a good length for a fast bit of knowledge, and Ms. Fogarty does a great job explaining the material. Thanks, Grammar Girl!
As a professional songwriter & lyricist, I’m always interested in podcasts relating to words, writing, and grammar (although writing lyrics breaks many grammatical rules). Grammar Girl answers questions from listeners. I have emailed her several times and always received a friendly, personal, and helpful reply.
Just discovered Grammar Girl and an itch I didn't know I had for quick bursts of grammar clarification. Just enough information delivered in just the right tone! Thank you!
Super useful and funny
Excellent podcast! Thanks to all Gaurdians of the Grammary!
I love listening to the podcast weekly when driving to and from work. As a professor, I sometimes will assign past podcasts to help my students learn a particular concept quickly and easily. Grammar, to us nerds, is interesting. If you are like me, you will love this weekly podcast.
As a copyeditor, I enjoy GG's tips about our language and how best to use it. I like knowing the history behind everyday words or troublesome words or styles or whatever she shares with us each week. Other editors and linguists contribute to her podcast, which makes the show well-rounded. Thanks, GG, for putting together a full and engaging show for us!
Host Mignon Fogarty brings current grammar issues to life in this very short, intelligent, pleasant podcast. Grammar made fascinating. What's not to love? Highly recommended!
This podcast is great for anyone with even a moderate interest in the English language and its proper usage. I listen while at work, animating for video games and I feel all the smarter for it. As a writer, it has helped me clear up many a misunderstood and misused word or phrase. And Mignon is just a sweet, fun gal to listen to. More than worth giving it your ears!
I am a cab driver in San Francisco. I listen to Grammar Girl in my cab during my downtime at the airport. I feel this is a great use of my time & GG has such a pleasant & her delivery of the information & examples make listening very enjoyable.
The first time it was mentioned on the podcast, it grated on my nerves. The second time it was brought up, my blood pressure spiked. Mignon, please promise never to mention, refer to, or utter under your breath this inane, silly, ridiculous, pointless word.
I only recently discovered that you had podcast. Your website was like a trusted advisor when I was in law school. I now listen to your podcast in many different places, as I have so many to choose from. Thanks for your quick response to question earlier today regarding the correct past tense use of plead. You have the coolest job. Thanks for all you do! Nikki from Maryland.
I’m not a writer, but I am attracted to the rules of language. Thank you for doing this awesomely smart show. Jim in Brea, California.