Reviews For TeeVee

The show is a bunch of geeks talking over each other, just wanting to hear themselves talk. Full of snarky comments they think are witty very little actually talking about the show they watched
I love all of the podcasts on the Incomparable network and especially love this podcast that takes deep dives into shows like Flash, The Expanse and Jessica Jones. A must listen with great panelists! Carl @MyVogonPoetry on Twitter
you just need to edit out the “ums” - they are annoying. but good discussion otherwise.
The guys who do Game of Thrones and True Detective have no sense of how to discuss a show in a thoughtful or entertaining fashion. In the most recent episode they literally go back and forth talking about how they don't know what vaporizer is and whether a main character's dad is getting a full pension (the show is True Detective and the just couldn't find anything else to talk about because they're terrible). Anything Lisa Schmiser is on is worth listening to.
Never a dull moment with a plethora of topics
I think that this podcast is one of the best I have ever heard.
... here is a podcast that would not take it anymore, a podcast that stood up against the scum, the dogs, the filth... Here is a podcast that stood up... for television!


By jsnell
We hope you enjoy listening to this podcast as much as we enjoyed making it. More, really, since it's kind of a pain to put together. Courage!
I'm a huge fan of the TeeVee.org website and it's satirical reviews of current television shows. This podcast features a roundtable discussion of recent TV shows and is quite entertaining, though the site itself hasn't quite returned to it's glory days of cira 1999-2002