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The content is interesting and smart but the tone makes me think of 90210 valley girls and as a gen-x it is impossible for me to overcome the giggles and tone to take this show seriously. It is a popular psychology show, sometimes the content is good, if you can overcome the tone.
I am very happy to have found this podcast. I believe I’m in a chapter in my life where there have been so many moving parts , but I have continued to get to a place where everything is a little bit calmer. While listening to the narcissism podcast, I could think of a handful of people who have left my life because they displayed these behaviors. Not only did I keep pointing the finger at myself trying to explain their behavior , but at times I would truly think that I had done something to deserve what happened. The most recent one happening with a friend of mine, when I expressed something that upset me that they did and were continually doing. Somehow it was being turned on me, idk. That person has a best friend that I also was close with, but when the fall out happened at first she apologized to me. After speaking with the other friend, they both decided to not respond to me as if I never said anything and as if the one friend never apologized. While continually turning over this situation in my head, are narcissist capable of having best friends? How couldn’t a friendship even be continued when one person is a narcissist? Again, so happy I have found this podcast because it is aiding me to calm my brain one step at a time.
The show is fantastic! You’re hitting what so many people are thinking about with nuance and sophistication. (Production note 🙏🏼please have your guests drink water before and during interviews—clicky mouth sounds distract from the wonderful material.🙏🏼)
Never thought i would appreciate that solo intro so much. Almost meditative. Love
This is some very entertaining, intelligent content! Loving each episode and pumped to read the book!
What about all the phd’s who believe in Jesus or a giant man in the sky who takes care of them. This isn’t really a new concept . Christianity is more woo woo than astrology for MANY reasons.
I love this podcast. Good content, good delivery - I listen to it on my way into work and it gives me some helpful things to think about heading into my day. I was surprised to see negative reviews. It’s great!
I really wanted to like this podcast due to the topic. The execution left a lot to be desired. The long intro seemed a bit self-absorbed and annoying. If you were talking to a friend this would not be problematic at all. However, as listeners we are looking to LEARN and are not necessarily interested in you rambling and repeating the same type of thought in new ways. I think you should be more careful about the generalizations you make. In the narcissism podcast you supported ideas about narcissistic people dismissing there behavior by claiming a label of neurodivergence. Neurodivergent people are often those most vulnerable to narcissistic abuse. You should be much more considerate and mindful in the ideas you promote. You seemed really excited by this idea (the one stated above) and it was really off-putting to listen to. When making generalizations (ie neurodivergence being a mask for narcissists) you should provide context and provide factual information. When you don't do this it just adds to the misconceptions and stigmas faced by those with different neurotypes. I noticed this sort of broad and non-nuanced generalizations in your book about cults too. Please do better. Poorly researched information combined with generalizations is a really harmful practice.
Astrology, Polyamory and Millennial Cringe? How about another 30-year-old idiot tries to get rich doing a podcast no one wants or needs? The only god alive today in America today is Nemesis.
Obsessed with this podcast, one of my new favorites!
With some adjustments this podcast has promise but the intros are way too long and self-focused. I get the premise but it’s way too much. Also she say a LOT of words quickly which makes it too much like an unending stream of consciousness for the listener. More isn’t always better. Great writing on the page, doesn’t always translate to podcasting.
Smart host and interesting subject matter but the solo intros go on way too long — it would be better if you just skipped right to the interview
I couldn’t last 7 minutes listening to her. My guess is her friends find her neurotic rambling to be amusing. And aSomeone told her “you should have a podcast”. They were wrong.
Please slow down! you both talk much too fast and you upspeak so much that you sound unsure of yourselves. The subject matter is great and you are both very interesting but the delivery is like listening to a commercial.
It seemed quite meandering. A lot of repeating the same thing in a different way. Just sounded too peppy for the subject matter, like I was being sold something. Not to my taste.
Reading the intro that made fun of people who use astrology ruined the podcast for me. Do you know there are people who have PhDs who actually practice astrology? People have been using “mercurys whereabouts” for centuries. I’m sure the host or whoever wrote that doesn’t know anything about the actually practice of astrology beyond reading a horoscope. Before you make fun of the intelligence of people who actually do understand astrology maybe you should educate yourself.


Love the host's intellect and command over the podcast. She's smart enough to bring well informed and knowledgeable guests. I've listened to two episodes and have just recommended it to my girlfriend :)
Love Amanda Montell’s creative projects — listen to both podcasts and have all her books. Disappointed that this podcast has ads promoting use of AI for writing and voice production. Hurts to see AI being sold in such a human, semi-unfiltered industry. Every day AI is invading creative circles, flooding in garbage, and distracting away from valuable human contributions. I will still listen to the content, but quietly hope the relationship with this advertiser gets severed at some point.
I just love both her podcasts! They’re always so fun and insightful. I know a lot of people don’t like her voice but I actually really like it. It’s relatable and she doesn’t take herself too serious which I love!
I am overthinker!
Into the recesses of my fear matrix with a great prophylaxis effect
Already I can tell this show is going to be so nice to listen to when I need to decompress on the drive home! A morale booster during stressful times.
I’ve been a fan of her books and other podcasts for a couple years now. Loving this podcast so far! Sometimes I need a break from other serious podcasts or ways of approaching heavy topics. With this one, at least I can laugh at the absurdity and revel in how someone can articulate so well what I’ve been unraveling with lol I also appreciate her guest expert to really break it down and a meaningful way. This is a new highlight to my week!
Ugh. I wanted to like this. I just couldn’t get past her voice and over the top animation. Use your job interview voice. It’s just too hard to follow along when it sounds like I’m on the set of Clueless or in line at a Starbucks in LA.
This episode couldn’t have come into my life at a better time. I have a step mom who has NPD. 4 out of 5 siblings have developed CPTSD and 1 sister who I say “Drank the koolaid.” She has become the person who I fear the most. I feel like I’m grieving over this realization and I can’t stop thinking about her. I want her to understand how she is hurting us but I need to let her go. I can’t help her and that hurts. Thank you for giving me some comfort and I am grateful for your thoughts about this subject.
It’s kind of all over the place and gives me anxiety to listen to…. Which is maybe the intention, but it doesn’t feel focused. Would be better if it cut right to interview. Don’t want to hear so much of that narrators personal feelings and mind spiral
I love the concept of this podcast! As a fellow over thinker, it hosts a space to discuss interesting topics we are all thinking about (but may not admit!) in a fun but educational format. I am always learning when I listen to Amanda…from her 3 amazing books to her podcasts. Looking forward to hearing more episodes!
Over thinkers unite! I love it already.
Nuance is always refreshing in our overthinky world! Great expert so far and I’m looking forward to more :) Thank you to Amanda for asking all our burning questions!!
I loved the for May of the show! Really enjoyed how it felt casual and relatable, but there was also an expert on to have a conversation about facts. Amanda makes the point that there is so much noise out there. She does an excellent job of cutting through it with this poignant, informative and down to earth take. Can’t wait for more!
Loveeee! so obsessed with the relatable topics with really interesting cultural analyses
So happy to hear this podcast just dropped, after reading her books. Amanda is a wordsmith, relaying super intelligent takes in the most relatable ways. I adore her work and can’t wait for more episodes!
Can’t wait to listen! Love Amanda’s work!
It’s hard to pull off a tone that’s relatable, timely, heartfelt, and thoughtful. Loved the first episode and excited to keep listening.
I adore this show concept and can’t wait for future episodes! As a chronically anxious girlie (who devoured The Age of Magical Overthinking) I can already tell that this show is going to be exactly what I need to help navigate the absolute chaos that is adulthood/existing in our modern world. Overthinkers unite! 💘💘💘
One episode in and I’m jonesing for the next. I feel so seen after listening to this episode and it’s definitely quieted the noise in my head about the ‘narcissists’ in my life. It’s so relatable and the expert interview honestly makes me feel like I’m the one having the conversation with Dr. Ramani - it’s like Amanda knows the questions I wanted to know and asks them for me. I hope she does an episode on the pressure to get married/have kids or on grieving the loss of a parent, or honestly any of the other things I literally overthink 24/7 because this episode literally feels like a balm for my soul. <3
Amanda Montell's new podcast is an absolute gem for overthinkers! Her insightful discussion on a complex topic like narcissism, paired with expert interviews and relatable personal stories, made the first episode both enlightening and engaging and I am ready for the next deep dive!
I just finished Montell’s book and I am so glad there’s more!! The first ep hooked me right in. Dr. Ramani Durvasula is so engaging and sheds like on tons of misconceptions about narcism leaving us with info we can actually use. I love that Montell asks all the questions we really wanna know lol. Such a great start to this pod—I’m excited to see who else she has on the show to share their knowledge and expertise !
This podcast is for those of us who have been living in various rabbit holes of curiosity that became obsession. I’ve been following Amanda for a long time and continue to enjoy the books she’s written and look forward to the upcoming one. I’m prone to obsessive thinking, researching, and explaining as a way to cope with something I fear and don’t understand, so everything about this podcast is speaking to me. The first episode was incredible and I can’t wait for more! To the reviewer who references Amanda’s book that ‘no one cares about anyways,’ I care and revisit it regularly so you’re wrong. It’s telling you think you have so much influence that you’d be able to negatively impact a podcast by telling your friends not to listen to it. I find it interesting that the first review of the first episode is a blatant example of multiple behaviors discussed by the expert in the episode - projecting, grandiosity, putting others down to make oneself feel more important, etc.
Can’t wait to listen! Love how pressed people are that they’re preemptively giving 1 star reviews because they’ve got parasocial beef with the show’s creator lol
I found this show from the American Hysteria podcast. Chelsey had a great interview with Amanda about her book, Magical Overthinking. I was so grateful to learn that I’m not struggling alone, as a self-proclaimed overthinker, with anxiety and adhd…before the world chaos! I’m a Gen Xer mom and thought I was just loosing it. So thankful to find my people!!
It’s funny to me that you’re even going to cover a topic such as narcissism in this book when all you’ve done is be one yourself. Your “sounds like a cult” podcast isn’t even about cults anymore, it’s literally just your reading excerpts from your book that most of us don’t even want to read or hear about anymore. Then you create a second podcast as if you didn’t hear yourself enough already (and it’s just you now since you ran your cohost off!). Unsubscribing from sounds like a cult and telling everyone else who has any interest to not bother because it’s not what they would be looking for anyways.