Reviews For The Detective and the Log Lady: A Twin Peaks Podcast

So happy to see the two best in the biz just chatting up about transcendental meditation.
So excited to see an amazing show covered by two great people! The only thing that disappoints me is the fact that I know it has to end at some point!
Loving Mike & Stacie’s weekly rewatch/watch of Twin Peaks so much! Hearing Stacie’s spoiler-free newbie predictions are a hoot — it’s like thirty years of being steeped in this series is blown away and I can see it with fresh eyes. Joan Chen 4eva
Twin Peaks fan here- I'm thrilled by the opportunity to rewatch the entire show and movie and hearing your wonderful takes on it, from an expert and a newbie. So many related movie references and recommendations mixed in, too. I'm already finding it hard to keep to one episode a week to keep pace with you but I'll try! Thank you both!!🌲🌲🥧☕️🦉🪵
I love Mike’s EoH podcast and I’m obsessed with Twin Peaks so let’s just get it on already! Tell Stacie she better not even look at Twin Peaks GIFs in the comments if she wants to avoid the spoilers! See you in 25 years…
Even with just an intro episode and the Pilot recap to go on, I can already tell this is gonna be a podcast I look forward to every week. 🦉
And these two favorites somehow do the unimaginable and get me to finally watch Twin Peaks.
Can’t get enough Stacey and Mike! I love Twin Peaks but don’t really know many people who have watched it so this is perfect.
Can’t wait to hear more of these episodes!! Mike and Stacey are so funny, especially together. I love Twin Peaks and I love the fact that the podcast is combining perspectives from an OG fan and a newbie to the series! So good!
Two of my favorite podcasters and a show from one of my favorite directors done deal. What a great way to dive into such a rich and complex series (can’t wait for the Season 3 recap). Check out Evolution of Horror and Gaylords of Darkness as well. You won’t be disappointed with the great insights from your two hosts here.
I cannot express in words just how thrilled I am that I will soon have weekly Mike Muncer and Stacie Ponder in my life. I so needed this!! ❤️❤️❤️
I’m the same as Stacie! Not having seen Twin Peaks is one of my darkest secrets among cinephile friends. “It will be either the longest feeling or the shortest podcast” sums it up! Regardless I know Mike & Stacie will make me an absolute expert. Cant wait!
Today started out not so great. I was feeling the way that Jennifer Jason Leigh looks in every movie she’s ever been in. Then I found out that Mike Muncer and Stacie Ponder had joined forces to create a Twin Peaks rewatch podcast. That perked me right up! I just listened to their first episode and my day/mood has immediately improved. Thank you both for that ☺️. I’m excited to hear your thoughts and insights in future episodes while you two go on the fun, dark and crazy ride that is Twin Peaks.
I’m a huge Twin Peaks fan. I’m a huge Stacie fan. Two great tastes that taste great together!
Haven’t listened yet but it’s a 5/5 for Stacie Ponder just in general.
Mike Muncer and Stacie Ponder together in one package? Discussing one of the most important modern television series? Sheer perfection.