Colorado Matters

Reviews For Colorado Matters

Awesome show!
This is a wonderful podcast all about Colorado. I am so happy that I found it.
This is the best podcast to keep up with what’s happening in Colorado.
Consistent, high quality journalism.
I love this show but often miss it on the radio. Glad to see it as a podcast so I can catch what I miss. I have lived many places. This is the best show focused on state issues that I have found.
The podcast hasn't updated in days. Reported concern.
Overall, a wide variety of interesting topics, but the political bias is a bit much. They question conservative people very well, but don't put forth the same level of criticism when speaking with "progressive" guests. It's frustrating, but like I said, it's interesting and that's what I care about most.
I love listening to Colorado matters. Ryan Warner is a great host and I appreciate how often he asks uncomfortable questions to the Governor
This program is a great way to stay up to date on some of the news, politics, and other fun things that are going in CO.
This show is one of the highlights of my commute.
Ryan Warner is one of the best sources of political news in the state.
Ryan Warner (the host of Colorado Matters) was just recognized as the best radio talkshow host by a local magazine. Sounds right to me...he is thoughtful, educational and entertaining. I love being able to catch the pieces I miss live via iTunes. Makes me glad I contribute to CO public radio. Thanks all!