Things We Did Before Reality

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And it's only one guy. Will Franken is Kids In The Hall, Ducks Breath Mystery Theater, Saturday Night Live, Mystery Science Theatre 3000, Second City & SCTV, Firesign Theatre, The Committee, Monty Python, Your Show of Shows, Abbott & Costello, Stephen Leacock, Robert Benchley and the Marx Brothers all rolled into one. That's more than 75 of the best comedians and comedy writers of the last 100 years. I first knew of Will thru an ad for local comedy here in the San Francisco Bay Area. I started listening to his podcasts immediately and then saw him live several times at The Marsh and the Purple Onion, where actually he pulls off the same type of material LIVE, with only background music and occasional sound effects. Incredibly impressive as a performer. Audiences walk away stunned. The variety of voices, scenes, plots & twists, thoughts & opinions overwhelm with a range from shocking to delightful. He holds up a fun-house mirror to society. A genius of this level is starving to death in NYC right now. (Please send money so that he start starving in other large cities around the world.)
Brilliant, surreal, boundary-pushing comedy. Will has a keen ear for different speech patterns, which contributes greatly to the characterizations. It's all mixed together with sound effects and music and all is tightly tied together. "Things We Did Before Reality" sets a high standard for comedy podcasts.
Dude, this is great stuff!! that there isn't enough talent like that shown here by San Francisco's Will Franken... his unique brand of one man sketch n' roll can draw comparisons to Firesign Theatre, Mr. Show, and other lesser knowns- erstwhile weaving a niche unique soley unto himself. This may be the likely reason his comedy is so solitary. There are few of ANY that can exist in Franken's class and fans of seriously smart, edgy comedy would be doing themselves a disservice not to check out a Will Franken performance.
This is one of the few podcast that really makes me laugh outloud. It's sarcastic, satirical, and all-together politically wrong. Hard to beleive it's just one guy with a lot of voices. The only thing is- what happened to this podcast? I haven't heard a new one since February and I'm having severe symptoms of withdrawl.
I love the way Will rambles from direction to direction... always keeping an odd dream like story moving. His comedy is either brilliant or too much on the edge for me, but i like that. I laugh out loud at least once a minute... his skits twist and weave in a way that would make for a rad feature film. Almost as if David Lynch wrote pure sketch comedy... it's really freaking out there, but still gets the story to work somehow. More shows please~~
One day I was surfing around iTunes looking for cool podcasts. I saw this unusual one by Will Franken & decided to take a chance. Wow! Was I impressed! This guy is very talented and takes great pains coming up with some brilliant audio comedy/satire. I'm a big fan of Firesign Theater & Monty Python and I never thought I would find anything that would come close that kind of material......but one-man comedy group Will Franken does it!
Like the world's funniest auditory hallucination -- a wonderful distillation of Will's work.