Reviews For Podcast and Notes – 2d6 Feet in a Random Direction

Shows hosts are interesting and bring different perspectives of the hobby. Chris owns a gaming store and Brian is apparently his best customer. Actually Brian is an experienced GM who shares his experience running games at many different gaming venues, from his personal gaming group to gaming at multiple conventions. The production values are good and the topics covered are interesting.
I love hearing the retail perspective woven in with the sheer passion for games that Chris and Brian obviously have. Every episode is full of intelligent energy. I look forward to every one.
Brian reads more gaming content than a fortune teller reads tea leaves!! Does he ever sleep? He works very will with Chris' perspectives on retail, IPR and the industry. Excellent podcast focused primarily on RPGs. It's great that they can throw in other stuff, and you gotta love the banter about all of the good food. Great stuff.
A store owner's angle on the industry and the games makes this a great listen.
Both Chris and Brian bring their unique perspective to both the Gaming industry in general and the products available in the RPG and Tabletop sectors. But I don't want to pigeonhole these guys by making it sounds like that is all they cover. Do yourself a favor a and download 2 episodes (I'm saving you time, after you hear one. You will want to hear another). And give it a try yourself. The capsule reviews are very good. The interviews have been fantastic. And the talk in general has been very interesting. The experience these guys bring to the table cannot be denied. Please keep it up!
Nice gaming product reviews, good interviews, a bit of humor.... well done.