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Where Huggins sho from 12/20
Love the new press conference show on Tuesdays. Great feed.
I love the content thats put out but the audio level of most episodes are so low I have to max my volume out which doesn't really help as I can still barely hear it. Please fix this issue. Its really a simple fix. Obviously some shows are edited. Like the Dana Holgerson show while youve taken the time to edit why not increase the volume level. I beg you.
Player interviews are sometimes impossible to understand due to their poor vocalization and bad microphone placement.
Listened to my first episode today. Not blown away, but it’s not terrible.
No matter what I cannot get these episodes to play.
Glad to have you & IMG aboard...
Great podcast, I would love to have more to listen to. Update more often.
Unless this podcast site is touting the University of Michigan football program I'd suggest a change in the podcast photo might be in order!
A great way to keep up with the mountaineers for the tons of us no longer in the mountain state. I wish the podcast was updated a little more regularly, but it seems to be improving. NO doubt this is a great podcast for those that can't get enough WVU.