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I just wish he put the show out on some kind of schedule. Every other week or every 1st Monday of the month or something.
... and learn about heat acclimation. Again, this is the best triathlon training resource available on podcast.
Truly an exceptional podcast. David has the technical understanding of biomechanics and sports physiology to give a thorough academic and practical review of research and studies but the keen ability to translate it for the lay person who might not know all the jargon and background. Never have I heard such an exceptional blend of entertainment and education and my sincerest respect goes out to David for his job well done. Bravo!
Tons of info, welcome back!!
Great podcast. Glad you're back!
This podcast is one of the best sources of information for the triathlete. It is a must have, add it to your list like sneakers, gui, etc...and tri talk...
David goes over and above the call of duty every month on his Tri Talk Triathlon Podcast and this is why it is #1. It's people like David that make me want to be in the Triathlon world. As a triathlete David's information is very important to me so I can do just what he says his show is about, help me to run, bike & swim faster. On another note, my wife knows nothing about triathlons except that her husband of 12 years does them and she enjoys listening to David because his insight, creativity and the awsome way he delivers the message.
The best technically informative triathlon information available.
David Warden provides intelligent, concise information with humor that makes it my favorite podcast. I listen to several triathlon podcasts, newsradio, and sport shows. This is the best! It's great to have him back. Mick Bakker Anchorage, Alaska
I've been trying out various triathlon podcasts. This appears to be the most succinct I have found so far. Others you are forced to listen to people's children and various other added garbage. My free time is limited, so I want the most information packed into the shortest time period possible. So far in the podcasts I have listened to, Tri Talk is the best.


David, Sorry to hear you will not be podcasting as much. I am glad you will be doing some podcasts intermittently. I really enjoy your technical support, and research based point of view. I hope you will come back refreshed and podcasting more as you go a long. Enjoy your time away, and hope to hear from you soon. Thanks for everything.
Used to be a great bi-monthly podcast. It then went to monthly. It has now been over six weeks since the last episode. David has many other irons in the fire and unfortunately this podcast is being ignored. I can't give it one stars because it is still a great free podcast, but it seems like David has moved on to bigger and brighter things, leaving us pions down in the dark. Sad.
He's not an egomaniac, not a know it all and gives smart, informative information. And there's fun stuff too.
David will take a small study and use the results to draw conclusions about training that were not really what the study showed. No real research into other studies to verify that the conclusions drawn are really supported by the majority of the research. He has a good voice and way of presenting material, but if you really want the science, do your own research. Follow all the recomendations and soon you will be so fast that you will finish as soon as the gun goes off. Did not find much that was helpful for a beginner.
David is great at turning scientific and otherwise dull (to most) information into easily digestable information that can help you become a better endurance athlete. Listening to his podcast answered many of the questions I have wondered about as well as some I never would have known to ask. I believe this is the best triathlon and overall endurance sport podcast available and surpasses the information you can get out of many costly books on the subject. David, keep the episodes coming.
If you are a tri info addict you will get you fix with Tri talk. David answered questions that stumped me for a long time. You won’t be disappointed.
I started after a friend's coach was interviewed on the podcast. Since then I have listened to all the available episodes. I guess I'm a tri-geek!
If you're interested in how to get faster, this is the podcast for you. David is very technical but does a great job explaining complex topics and his website takes up where his podcast leaves off. His self-deprecating humor makes him easy to listen to. I only started listening a few months ago but enjoyed the podcasts so much I downloaded them all and then ordered the archives too. A long road trip last month allowed me to listen to them all. Whether you're a beginner or experienced triathlete, you'll enjoy Tri-Talk.
David, First season of Triathlons coming up this summer (2008) and I am definitely looking forward to it. Part of my ability to look forward to the season rather than be struck with utter fear has been due to your podcasts. They have proven to be a very exciting, informative and calming influence. I very much appreciate your analytical approach to the seemingly endless facets of the multi-sport activity and lifestyle. Thank you for an awesome job! -Dan
David is the undisputed king of triathlon podcasting. I could listen to the guy all day long. Informative, funny, helpful, with plenty of variety of topics and race coverage. If you are serious about our sport listen to David, the Yoda of tri talk.
I enjoy listening to the Tri Talk podcast every week. I started listening when I got my summer job and let me tell you, it sure helps the day go by faster :) Being an amateur triathalete, I find this podcast to be the most informative thing I have come by thus far (along with the Triathlete's Training Bible). David does a great job covering important aspects of multisport and backs most of his claims with very reliable evidence. I strongly recommend this podcast for anyone looking for great information on triathlon.
what a great insite. so complicated but made simple. thanks! about that monthly shift - DONT DO IT, IF YOU HAVE TO SHIFT GO TO WEEKLY! NOT MONTHLY.
This is a terrific podcast that I would recommend to anyone interested in the sport. As others point out, his approach is both entertaining and science-based. He quotes studies that are published in the primary literature frequently. While exercise physiology is a bit out of my field, I am a professional research scientist. It is often clear to me that David is a well-informed layman, in that he makes small (usually not important) mistakes and sometimes extrapolates results more than I would. But this is so much better than what passes for advice in most magazines that he's a real breath of fresh air. It is probably fair to say that he is an advocate for the methods described in Friel's The Triathlete's Training Bible.
I’m a Tri newbie and getting a lot of good information from this Podcast. I still catching up on the older episodes, but so far I’m finding a lot of what I hear very useful. I myself love analyzing all sorts of data and the data crunching David does very interesting.
Great Podcast!!!! Can't wait for each new episode. It's a must for anyone who does or wants to do triathlons.
As an experienced amateur triathlete magazines are too advanced or too basic - Tri Talk is nicely targeted at all levels and distances. Keep the episodes coming!
If you're looking for good source for triathlon informaiton, this is a great source. David takes many of the issues that affect triathlon training, nutrition, racing, gear, etc, breaking down the complex theory and putting it in terms that make sense to the average person. At the end of each podcast I've got valuable information that I can easily understand and use. Yet, the show is light and not too intense. David's not afraid to poke fun at himself and have a little fun with topcis. I look forward to each podcast.
does this end up charging me for a subscription to it? i really like this though. its about time someone gave some serious information on triathlons.
David does a great job with this podcast. I am training up for a summer of events and have learned great things from David. He sticks to points and provides entertaining information and does not ramble or get off point. T Thanks David
There in no smarter triathlon podcast out there.
An excellent mix of statistics, research and science used to verify or debunk commonly held triathlon principles. Very intertaining and engaging.


By Rue22
I've listened to many of these podcasts over the last few weeks and have found them very informative and helpful. As a masters level, middle of the pack triathlete I find David's comments presentaions and research informative and applicable to my training regiment. Highly recommend for triathlete off ant level. Joe Hickory, NC
One of the better podcasts available period. And probably the most informative Tri Podcast available. If you only listen to one podcast about triathlon, this should be it. Great interview with Joe Friel.
Im on my way to Ironman Florida and this podcast is one of my major training tools. Thanks Tri-Talk
The podcast is rich with useful information. The topics are varied, and the subjects are well researched. The depth of information allows triathletes to not simply take suggestions from David, but to make their own decisions about how to act on the information.
Great information, funny (at times) but always informative information that helps me realize my full potential in my tri races....I'm only a sprint distance (for now) age grouper, and his insights to all aspects of the sports helps people on all levels..... Great show! tom in carlsbad
I have listened to all the tri talk podcast & have found them very informative. Some of the information has validated what I already knew but plenty of unbiased looks at new studies that bear trying some new techniques. I look forward to listening to everyone of them.
You learn more in one podcast than you'll learn in a whole season. I just can't believe how helpful and informative each of them are.
This is an excellent podcast which takes a scientific approach to triathlon training. Especially impressive is David's ability to deconstruct the reasons behind his training recommendations. Whether you are an experienced triathlete or a newbie, you will learn an incredible amount from this podcast.
As someone that doesn’t have the money for a personal coach or a fancy bike, I’ll take any help I can get. This dude comes off as informed and seems to have a genuine love for the sport. I mostly appreciate the insightful analysis through logic and reason.
Excellent information, little advertisements and great format.
This is the best podacast for triathletes ever. No matter your level, it is extremely informative. I am so thankful. I look forward to every episode.
Tri Talk is simply useful and well done. David Warden does a super job researching topics that are interesting and relevant for triathletes. But the best part of the podcast is that he scripts and rehearses the show so that the actual production is smooth and entertaining. This is an excellent production.
This is a great podcast. I am a novice to the sport, but find the information very interesting. David Warden presents this in a way the is very enjoyable to listen to. This is the one podcast I can't miss--highly recommended.
If you want solid answers to your questions regading anything related to our sport this is the place to get them. The greatest part is David goes to the trouble of getting the technical data to back up the facts.
No wasted energy here. This Podcast is without a doubt THE BEST. Mr. Warden does his research and provides technical information that makes my jaw drop on every episode. The information is potent, useful, and Mr. Warden delivers it in a way that is easily understood by both Tri beginners and veterans. Improve your performance...Subscribe here!
Perfect for the analytical scientist type (like me) or for the triathlete who just wants the facts without reading the primary exercise science literature.
David: Awesome show. Keep up the great work. Very informative and entertaining. Matt Biloxi clydesdale age grouper