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Need more pods from Jordan and Chad. Very good information. Matt Waldman, your the man hands down.
Sigmund, you are great. The on the couch episodes are like therapy for me. Lived in New Orleans for many years and enjoy hearing you talk about it. And your approach to FF analysis is borderline philosophical. Please never stop making stop this podcast -Uptown Nola Michael L
Now they cover dynasty in addition to their other shows. Well done!
Love their insight into NFL players, how changes in team, coaches, etc will affect the fantasy world.
Enjoyed the episode as always. COVID-19 is for real so thank you for the calm thoughtful discussion. Mitigate the risk!!! Sig and Matt thank you!!
THIS IS THE BEST SHOW FOR FANTASY FOOTBALL! All the football information that you need to make your playoffs and more often than not, make a championship. BE FF RELEVANT without the BS fluff. If you care about fantasy football, do yourself a favor and subscribe.
Amen! Your take on sharing & giving during this time of year is spot on! Be kind to your fellow man! Happy holidays to everyone!
Best analysis of the games, players, injuries and very relatable bunch of guys.
Both so so good.
The Football Guys are well known for their accurate fantasy football forecasts, and believe me that content is awesome. But Sigmund’s humanistic viewpoint is what keeps me listening. Thank you for spreading positivity and empathy.
I really enjoy this podcast! Cecil and Sigmund (and guests when they have them) do a wonderful job of breaking down players and matchups as well as giving reasons why they like or dislike those players or matchups each week. That is super helpful opposed to some shows where the host(s) only say I like this and dislike that with no reason to way. I especially enjoy the “on the couch” episode each week! Great work guys!


By JMitt80
Love the Waiver Wire Special, On the Couch, and Audible Live
Sig, Cecil, Matt, and Dr. Jene are easily my favorite FF analysts. They provide a perfect blend of entertainment and insight. Sig’s excitement for all things football is infectious and easily the reason my love for FF is what it is today. He also understands FF is another vehicle for people to connect and I love his general zest for life. Waldman is my favorite film watcher and I trust his judgement through the good (most of it) and the bad (rarely). Cecil’s Broncos info is a huge help and he keeps the ship running, teeing up his co-hosts to succeed. In a world where every FF analyst has access to the myriad of stats available these days, Footballguys provides you with the heart that makes FF worth it through all the ups and downs.


Doing a podcast is tough work, thanks for the hard work
Enjoy the waiver wire and on the couch podcasts but don’t have as much time as I would like to listen to all of it. Please make time stamps available so I can listen more and get right to what I am interested in hearing about most.
Sigmund Bloom’s podcast is hands down one of my favorite fantasy podcasts.
It’s part of my workout routine. If I am at the gym and don’t have a new podcast I don’t get an hour in
Long-time listener. Still has best fantasy takes out there. Informative and entertaining. Would be nice if waiver wire show dropped a bit earlier so that we could better utilize the analysis.
You guys rule
The Couch episodes with Sig is the best. No format, just 2 guys talking fantasy football for an hour (wish it could be over an hour). So great.
It’s bad podcasting when the guy on the power grid is on a speaker phone. Clean up the audio and this site is awesome.


By TyC1776
These guys are the best in the biz. Not only do they come across as the best friends they are, they make you feel like you’re taking part in their convo. Plus, hard to find anyone more passionate about football than these guys.
I love this podcast and all the guys that contribute. My one issue that keeps coming up is the timing of when episodes become available. The Waiver Wire podcast said it posted on the 16th at 11pm, but it didn’t show up until about 10pm on the 17th. Is there some reason for this gap between posting and when it is available to download? Can anyone help with this?
There are many quality FF pods out there, but these guys are the best hang. Make no mistake; they will help you win championships, keep you a step ahead of your competition, and deepen your appreciation of football; but the true gift of the podcast is the camaraderie between these genuinely good dudes. I understand that many people go to a FF pod for 99% analysis and 1% everything else. Myself, I want to spend time with people who affirm life and approach fantasy football with a spirit of humility, wonder, openness, graciousness, and passion. And nobody does this better than Sig, Waldman, and Cecil. Where else can I go to hear mind-expanding football analysis full of allusions to life, philosophy, music, and more? So much of my approach to fantasy has been shaped by Bloom’s philosophy (imagine the best case scenario, be aggressive on the waiver wire, try to construct a team so good it’s not fun for your league mates, to name a few). He is the ultimate fantasy host too as he engages with industry minds and brings out the most thought-provoking analysis. Listening to other pods can sometimes inundate one with a one-sided view on players, but I never have to worry about that with this pod. So brush the potato chip crumbs off the couch, and take a seat on the couch.
Please put content out earlier on Tuesday
I’ve been listening to these guys for a few years now, they are the best at getting you the info and inside scoop before the unwashed masses hears about it. If you listen to these guys on a weekly basis you will be ahead of the curve. Other fantasy analysts listen to these guys to get their opinions. I would say tell your friends about them but don’t tell the people you play in fantasy leagues with because you don’t want them hearing that sweet truth like you.
Nothing else compares. I am earnest about few things...but this podcast has not only helped me win leagues, it has made me a better human being. It has made my life a happier life. Waldman will win your league for/with you, Bloom will expand your mind. Cecil is a gem. I pay for a subscription and I still want to send them a Christmas gift every year. I only listen to other fantasy podcasts to kill time until the next On The Couch drops. Join the family, win your gd league. Sorry Joe!


Some rad dudes hanging out and talking football. The respect and positivity is infectious.


By bosox45
Sig is the absolute best in the business. Waldman, cec, and Dr. Jene all provide excellent analysis to round out the show, and Sig always gets high quality guests on the couch as well.
There is no question that these guys are on point with their football takes and analysis. But what separates this one from the other fantasy podcasts is Sigmund Bloom. He is a fountain of goodness in this game we all play, which he correctly notes is “an abstraction of an abstraction.” There is not one ounce of snark or guile in this guy, and he simply radiates positivity (about the world, not necessarily all players!). He has made me focus on the joy that I get from playing this game, while keeping it in the proper perspective. When was the last time a fantasy host gave you a “namaste,” and explained to you what that means and how it relates to fantasy? A+, Sigmund. Thanks for your unique contributions to the fantasy landscape. Namaste!
This pod is the best, most informative fantasy football podcast. Period.
Cecil and Sigmund provide excellent analysis. Matt is the best talent evaluator in Fantasy Football. Dr Jene provides useful insight into injury situations, providing the range of outcomes and what is likely vs. unlikely instead of just giving his best guess. There are flashier shows, but personally I want great info and analysis and this is the place to get it.
Can we talk about defenses a little more?!
Best corner stone & TPO picks with a great and fun new way to listen to a podcast.
Information is great, but the audio quality is not good. C’mon guys...listen to other FF pods and you’ll hear the difference (TFFG, ringer NFL). Fix your mics or figure why it sounds like it’s underwater or a landline call-in, fix it & you’ll have me as a regular fan. Thanks!
Almost feels like best friends or family you are listening to just guys talking football and diving deep into topics that you want/need to hear about. I have been listening to this podcast for years and I definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to become a better fantasy player. I thoroughly enjoy this show!
This podcast can help you win you league. The guys are very knowledgeable and have the news and notes you need to manager your roster into a championship.
This is a great podcast. Very informative with little fluff, but also easy and fun to listen to.
These guys have always been a favorite but I’m feeling as if they are falling behind the pack with all the content out there these days. Seems to be all narrative and not much to back it up, which was fine 10 years ago. Waldman is a bit over exposed because of all his RSP plugging and frankly I can’t stand his overuse of analogies.. starting to remind me of “end of career” John Madden”... “boom!”
Hey I’m just curious if you’re gonna I wanna is a good night I love ya I wanna is a time for me a good day I love ya I wanna ya I feel ya know what you mean lol
The overall football insight week in and week out is top notch. The combination of general football knowledge and fantasy football takes each week make it a must listen!


By CS89F
Cecil and Sig have been consistently excellent over the years. Listening to this podcast makes you feel smarter about football and life and it is also super entertaining.
A terrific collection of fantasy football talent that keep you up to date with everything you need to win your league. These guys enjoy what they do and it shows. Awesome work all. Thanks
The good: The DFS Power Grid show is a fun listen before setting your lineup. Dr. Jene gives some good insight on injury situations — I mean, as much as he can without having examined the patient. The bad: Is “Sigmund” even Bloom’s real first name? Or does he just fancy himself the Sigmund Freud of fantasy football? Segments like “on the couch”... come on lol. He’s just another know-nothing reading box scores and RotoWorld blurbs.
Absolutely love the advice the guys gives. Even at 2X speed I can still understand what they are saying. Subscribe to this podcast if you want to be a the king of fantasy.
Listen all the time
This is a great podcast if you want fantasy info straight no chaser. These guys don’t give all the jibber jabber that another podcast give, (I won’t name) by pushing their analyst’s and personalities above the sport.