Worst of The RIOT by RadioU

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I love this Pod cast. Only the most important news 😂😂😂.
To be honest I only listened to radio U for the riot, now I don’t have to
They both deserve a raise, enough said.
I am a huge fan of the Podcast. The witty commentary on current issues, the worst/best news from around the internet, the playful back-and-forth between the hosts are all reasons to love the riot. The Podcast is daily, so relevant, and has given me many enjoyable hours of listening, laughing, and feeling the love of God. Can't recommend this Podcast enough!
As a Columbus native I have grown up with RadioU since the first day they went on the air. I’ve always loved the morning show. Obi and Nikki are the two funniest individuals on radio. Hands down. They’re chemistry is wonderful, and the topics of discussion are hysterical and aren’t chocked full of garbage like most other stations. Keep up the great work you guys!
i turture myself listening to the riot everyday and knowing that i can relive that sweet turture makes me hate me even more! you guys are my favorite station and hosts, you're real and i love that! Great show for us, the rejects of society.
Always hilarious, I listen every chance I get
I listen to them whenever I can. I love it.
I never have the wonder with Obi and Nikki.. I will always be rolling by the end of the podcast.. Lets be honest; I'm usually rolling before the introduction is over. Thanks, RadioU.
By far the best and funniest podcast out there! Listen, you won't regret it!!!
I'm a nursing student, mom to a 3 & 5 year old, married, work as a tech in a hospital ... LOTS going on, not a lot of time for fun right now so the Riot has been totally necessary!! They crack me up! And encourage me in my faith in a NON-FLUFFY way! Awesome!
Best podcast ever!
I love radiou and the riot
What an amazing show. Keep it up Obi&Nikki!
I love u guys obi&niki are the best !!!!!!!
The R!OT is awesome!!! I absolutely love listening to Obi & Niki. They make my day.
Awesome just awesome no other way to describe it's just awesome!!!!!!!!!!
I love this show!! Good music too.
I love RadioU! I try to listen to The Riot every morning now. And I've been listening to this podcast for the ones I've missed. Obadiah and Nikki are extremely funny.
U guys rule I especially like your napoleon dynamite christmas thing on the radio a few years back!
Nikki and Obadiah are soo funny! They get me through a day at work. If only the podcast weren't only weekly.
Truly an amazing radio show! Never a dull moment and continuous laughter!
If you think so, listen to this.


By Jace92
Obi and Nikki are by far the most enerjetic and funny hosts I have heard... and their Christians! Whoop! Gotta love that! 5 Stars all the way.
obi and nicky are the most funny people ever and radio u is the best radio station that exists


Yeah Its th best radio show in th whole world.
the very best radio show ive ever heard- funniest material from great personalities without breaking an f-bomb or any other foul language- and its not afraid to address God either- good stuff
Radiou is freakin awesome!!!!!!! I love their show!!!


By lurnch
I love to listen to this show on my mp3 player while I am at work. This is the best show, its clean,funny and makes the boring time go by quicker listening to the show.
if you watch tvu's ten most wanted then you have to subscribe to this podcast. Obadiah and nikki are hilarious and this is the best of what they do
Of course it sounds like a hacky morning show. IT IS. That doesn't make it any less funny. But it's at least more natural than other shows with their annoying, cliche jocks...
so I could hear them live all the time! This is just an hour's worth of a 5 day a week 3 hour show (unfortunatly without the totally awesome non-macaroni and cheese Christian music they get to play... THAT ALONE would be worth moving to Ohio for!) I used to listen to Radio U online at work until they cut off the internet streaming... This podcast keeps me sane at work now!
o my gosh i luv the 2 amazingly funny poeple oh ya i listen to this at my lunch during school and every one stairs at me because im laghing constantly if you dont get this awsome podcast you might as well dig yourself a grave because nothing will ever make you laugh as much as this thing and they say every laugh = anouther day of life
I love Obi and Nikki. They host, by far the funniest and most intertaining morning radio show in the country if you ask me. I have also had the oppertunity to meet them and can say that they are two outstanding individuals. Plus EVERYONE IS DOING IT!! I MEAN COME ON!!
How come my news and traffic never make it into the worst of the riot podcast? HOW COULD THIS OF HAPPENED! Oh well. I guess it's because it's in the best of the everything podcast instead.
I love listening to the R!OT in the morning, but I always miss the end of it. Nikki and Obadiah are so funny, I love listening to this podcast, you just can't help laughing with these two. It's great
The Riot is great! I love the podcast, it is a highlight of my week. However, I have noticed some slacking in the production lately. Two weeks in a row featured some of the same content, and now instead of an hour we get 25-35 minutes. I loved the hour long shows and the 100% original content. Please get back to that and I will update my review to 5 stars! I still recomend downloading this if you have not yet, and check out gameing gurus!
This is a very funny podcast! Based on some the best segments of a radio show from Colombus, Ohio, the chemistry between the duo of Obi and Nikki is great. They have very intesting topics, and and are simply a R!OT. hahaha. Best of all, they are christians like me.
I love this non-podcast! Obadiah is crazy funny. The randomness is completely welcome and appreciated... especially since you're up at the crack-o-dawn crackin those jokes! I wish Radio U was in my town!!
i love the R!OT!!!! its so funny but i could never get up in time to listen to it but still the podcast is great. TWO THUMBS WAY UP!!!
i like the podcast but i think they should play the songs like they do on the air
I love Obi, and Nikki's show. But I don't live in a place where I get the station[aka, also to lazy to listen online], and I wouldn't want to get up that early anyway. But the podcasts are awwwwsome!!!. Obi's very opinionated to say the least.
Obadiah (Pronounced A-BA-DEE-AH) and Nikki is the most interesting and funny podcast ever. They also tell a good message about God and the Bible. FIVE STARS ALL THE WAY!