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Rome Review is a treasure of a find if you are planning a visit to Rome. Ive learned so many insider tips from Charlie Q's guests. Everything from where to locate the rest rooms in the airport to the favorite gelato stands around town. I feel I know more about authentic Rome than I could ever find in the guide books. Looking forward to more podcasts from the Rome Review family
I have searched for free podcasts of Rome and found this one to be the best. I wish there were reviews like this for every major city. The topics are helpful and current. Charlie Q has a great voice to listen too and if you give him a try you will be hooked. I will continue to listen to this podcast even after my Rome visit is's that GOOD!
Charlie Q and his inclusive crew have put me, a single female, at ease about travelling alone in Rome. From orienting you to the airport and other forms of tansportation (which can be very intimidating) to places to eat, seak entertainment and speak respectfully to the natives of the Eternal City -- all with a relaxed attitude and cool music intro/background, etc. I have dowloaded and listened to them all and feel ready to travel as if I have friends giving me advise! Thanks Charlie Q!!
Rome Review is the best travel podcast I've ever heard. Perfect professional production quality and excellent content make for a lovely listen. I recently visited Rome and used the restaurant tips in an early episode to find my best two dinners of my trip. I also was able to understand the Italian metro/bus system and its tickets because of Rome Review; everyone else in my party was totally confused. Keep up the good work Charlie Q!
a great ratio of production value to casual attitude on the subject of life in Rome today
What a great podcast, done by real people for real people. Sometimes we Americans are not so smooth when we go to visit other countries. Rome Review helps us to be better tourists/visitors in a very helpful way. Great tips on shopping, staying safe, making friends, places to eat, getting around and navigating the Roman chaos. I really love the language tips, as I'm studying the language, I Iove to hear it spoken by a native speaker. Charlie Q and the whole crew are very entertaining to listen to!
I've tried several podcasts on Italy, and this surely is one of the best. Focusing almost exclusively on Rome and the culture of the Eternal City, Rome Review is organized and informative while maintaining a relaxed and informal connection with the listener. This is life and living in Rome, as if you were planning an extended stay and could make use of an insider's experience. Charlie Q and his crew converse on where and what to eat, negotiating the streets on a Vespa, music, theatre, and how to use public transportation.
Rome Review offers excellent tips and important information on such things as what to do in the Fiumicino airport if you’ve never been to it—where everything is and what to do if your luggage is lost. Their approach is to give information for people who have never traveled to Rome or Italy. It can be overwhelming to be in a beautiful but still foreign country—however, not to worry—Rome Review prepares you to deal with situations with grace and ease. With Rome Review’s tips one is assured not to panic and enjoy their stay in Rome to the maximum.
This podcast is great, very informative. I really like each segment, they are all full of useful and practical information. I've found it helpful as I'm planning a trip to Rome. I'm looking forward to future podcasts!
This is a great podcast made by an American living in Rome. I learned great insider tips (like the best gelato in Rome, and useful and easy language tips) I will use on my next trip to Italy. I am anxioulsy awaiting future padcasts!