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Some people are way too religious and think that we have to be wearing suits with ironed underwear , lol laughing or joking. Religion is what teaches that. I guarantee you Jesus laughs a lot. If he was laughing or making fun of the Gospel that’s a different story. Don’t take everything out of context.
I really love his way of teaching BUT I do feel like there’s a lil more joking and laughing then I feel comfortable with BUT if u can get the meat outta his teachings then I can recommend it. I know I’ve received some great steps to take that my husband and I have been praying for. So I hope this was helpful. ☺️
On matters as important as your spirituality, be sure to know who your teachers are. This man does not deserve a place at the pulpit. Find out about his unrepentant, shameful past before you give him any place in your life. Appalling to see him still preaching! He has no shame or self awareness.
One sermon and I’m pretty sure I’ll be listening to more; nothing is sugar coated, just the WORD spoken!
Jesus said “I am the way, the truth and the life, anyone that comes to the father goes through me”. And you have been teaching the truth of the Lord’s word and salvation to those in need of a Savior our Lord Jesus Christ.
Mark has an ability to strip things down to the bare truth. The way he drops bombs on myths and misconceptions of the Bible. Jesus speaks through him to open eyes to scripture in such a way that will make you want to seek God more, no matter if you’re a new or seasoned Christian. This is what this generation needs.
And without fear of man! Not many preachers or teachers who preach the living and active Word of God without fear or restraint! (Especially in today’s American inclusivity/progressive Christianity driven culture) where Love is god and repentance to Christ is considered hate speech. We are called to Christ and Christ alone. It’s refreshing to hear the TRUTH spoken accurately and boldly. Thank you for your ministry Mark!
Pastor Driscoll has been a source of solid, honest, convicting bible teaching for my wife and me for a decade. The fire has subsided some following the MHC break, but the commitment to scriptural accuracy and finding a way to translate abstruse scriptures into digestible and relatable vignettes has not dissipated. I am thankful that God put this man on earth. My only real sorrows are that the amazing work he was doing in one of the darkest corners of the nation was cut short and that the library of sermons from that era is so slowly trickling back into Mark’s possession. If you end up reading this: Thank you for all your sacrifice Pastor, for your family’s sacrifice, and for your commitment to the gospel and Jesus. May the Lord bless your ministries and Trinity. Please bring back Nehemiah next!
He takes forever on the same topics. Which wouldn’t be bad in itself but he starts yelling and shouting and it’s just to much. If you like pulpit pounders you’ll love it but I prefer reasonable conversation and education that doesn’t feel like it’s being beat over my head...
Great speaker, very passionate!
The best Bible teacher of our time. No nonsense. This guy preaches the Word of God and clearly the Holy Spirit is working here. I’ve had the privilege of listening to Pastor Mark every Sunday since 2013 and since, my understanding of scripture has grown more than I could’ve imagined. Thank you for tackling books at a time and preaching the word!!! and not just teaching fluff prosperity or telling random stories from the pulpit. It’s so refreshing to know that I’m going to get an hour a week of pure bible teaching that is all about Jesus!!
I cannot overstate how important Mark Driscoll’s teachings have been to my heart, spirit, and growth. He diligently, faithfully preaches the word of God while always keeping the spotlight on Jesus. He is real, authentic, direct, honest, and also hilarious. I’m so grateful for the ability to listen to his teachings. I’m so thankful to God for giving him a new direction and new church. Pastor Mark, bless you for not giving up when the world was telling you to.
Love this teaching!! I glean constantly from your word and knowledge of the Lord. I laugh, cry and grow on every message thank you pastor mark!
What to expect if you listen to Mark Driscoll... expect to receive solid Bible teaching. Line by line he spends several months in the same book of the Bible. Expect entertaining content and examples. And you better expect to hear about Jesus! Driscoll does an outstanding job of tying everything back to Jesus.
I appreciate Pastor Mark’s passion for the word and for sharing it so straightforwardly!


By Mylnar
This podcast grieves me. Please open yourself up to the real gospel and stop listening to this wolf.
I am so grateful to have found Pastor Mark Driscoll’s sermons. I am a “Justice Person “ and find myself chronically frustrated with this world. His Ecclesiastes series and Habakkuk series have helped me see that I am not alone and that seeking God’s presence daily is key to maintaining my sanity. I am going to continue listening to Pastor Mark’s teachings as often as possible! Truly...his podcasts are food for my soul and spirit!! Thank you Pastor Mark!
Very biblical teaching, very balanced. I love it!


By kttx470
Why am I not allowed this show zero stars?
I just listened to the one about Satan and demons, and I finally understand how Mark Driscoll can have basically no shame, and continue to think that he is eligible for pastoral ministry. The devil made him do it. He says that things are satanic so many times in this episode that I lost count. this guy represents every terrible part of religion and none of the good parts in my opinion. I’m sad that we have to wait on another huge Mark Driscoll scandal before he leaves the limelight again. But then he’ll claw his way back into a stage. :(
As we watched you journey through your difficulties we rooted and prayed for you Mark! Your teaching has been a blessing in our lives!
Mark is a gifted teacher/ preacher who loves Jesus and who loves the church. Doctrine presented in a contextual way that helps you understand the meanings of our Lord’s teachings for our everyday living.
I know Pastor Mark loves the Lord and has a passion for teaching. He is intelligent and does a great job integrating bible teaching with current life. I just cannot take the yelling as he preaches. Stop, stop, stop screaming! It turns one off of the message you’re trying to share.
I have been listening to Mark Driscoll preach for over 10 years and always love hearing from Pastor Mark!
They are the best dancers and recipes.
Mark always takes the Bible and applies it to my life. While most of the time I enjoy his preaching. There are those times that I get beat up by his direct statements of the Bible in my life. Realizing how far off I am, yet at other times showing me how much closer to Gods will I am becoming. I recommend his podcast to anyone that listens to Christian Podcast.
Find Driscoll's teaching so helpful! Thanks!
He's amazing! I learn about and love Jesus more and more through his teaching. While unafraid of speaking about the uncomfortable parts, he remains hopeful and allows those same parts to demonstrate Christ's EVER faithful love for us. I am SO glad to have his teaching at my fingertips!
The messages aren't just words but are backed up with what the Bible says. I enjoy listening to these as I drive to and from work.
I listened to Mark’s teachings since 2003, was an active part of his church and worked with him for 3 years. While his messages are often filled with bold insight, he does not live it out. He preaches the grace of God for sinners, yet he considers himself to be somehow different than those who are in his flock. He was a major part of shipwrecking a church of thousands and has yet to reconcile with some of the people he hurt the most. To those who listen to his messages from afar, there’s little to no way of knowing this. To those of us who have been close to him, he is a sick man who refuses to be in a community with others or receive help. His words on the podcast are sharp and decisive, but in person he uses his words to dominate over some people, while manipulating others to follow him. There’s a lot of talk about Jesus in his preaching. But there’s more about himself when you meet with him in person. He’s neither fatherly nor brotherly. He is cold and impatient—driven by a desire to grow his influence over other people. It’s possible to listen to his messages on this podcast and hear the gospel. But it’s difficult to imagine his view of the gospel if he weren’t a part of the equation. He often reflects on gospel lessons by telling stories about himself and/or his family. Sadly, these stories change over time and it’s impossible to tell which is true and which is fabrication. In all of them, he shows himself to be a believer that others should model their lives after. This is how it is much more about Mark Driscoll than it ever was about Jesus Christ. I don’t recommend listening to this podcast because I know the hurt he has caused. In my opinion, he should not be trusted to teach or pastor in a church. It is far too difficult for his audience to chew the meat and spit out the fat. So my recommendation is to stay far away.
Several times in my life I've felt down and sought refuge in Church, only to come out feeling worse than before. Why? Lack of Leadership and version of 1970's Jesus as an aging hippy who is here to love us. Pastor Mark tells it like it is, his sermons are bold, tough, direct and come from a heart that is compassionate. His message cuts to the bone and rebukes the moral relativism that is underlying in so many churches. I like that he isn't here to win your approval, he's here to help you find Jesus and that you have a relationship with God.
Excellent teacher. Driscoll is entertaining and knowledgable. I often recall things that I remember him saying in these podcasts. Practical and applicable, I recommend this podcast to everyone I know!
Fantastic teaching! Pastor Mark has been highly influential in my spiritual growth! Glad he is back! Looking forward many more podcasts and books. Proud to call him Pastor.
Appreciate the podcast and thoughts on Bible based/Christ based subjects. Great speaker and thought leader.
It's great to have Mark's teaching back...he's more reflective than before and just as edifying.
I was introduced to Mark by my sister in law. She always informed me of how amazing God used him therefore I began to listen. One word, “WOW!” This man is educated, down to earth and awesome! I am thankful that he is loving and harsh at times because we don’t always want to hear it but God uses him to pierce the areas that need to be dealt with. Thank you Pastor Mark for your passion, dedication, and for allowing God to use you and your family. Married or soon to be married couples, MUST READ, “Real Marriage,” by Mark Driscoll and his lovely wife.
Preach on MARK!!
I am enjoying the new content. 👍👍
Glad to have you back. Praying for you and your family.
I have grown up in church and have heard many preachers, speakers, ministers, and pastors present the Bible. Mark does it in such a way that makes things understandable for anyone to grasp but tackles hard topics. His teaching style may be a bit harsh for some, but I find it to be refreshing in a world of ever increasing political correctness.
Pastor Mark is such a blessing to listen to. I always look forward to his teachings. Thank you!
Apparently some of the sermons can no longer be accessed through itunes (Ten Commandments series is an example) It's a shame, because Mark Driscoll's teachings are very thorough.
Mark Driscoll's teachings on Jesus Christ are raw, entertaining, convicting, and powerful. He has a God given gift to break down the word of God into layman's terms, yet still being comedic while doing so. I HIGHLY recommend downloading them. You will not be disappointed. It's ALL about Jesus!
Nice to hear the gospel throughout the day he is blunt and doesn't sugarcoat anything 🌟🌟🌟
Mark Driscoll illuminates scripture leaving you hungry for more!
All the negativity brought upon Mars Hill has become a big let down for me. Sorry, but I unsubscribed, and deleted the podcasts from all my devices.
I am responsible for the truth that I hear and read. Pastor Mark should NOT be put on a pedestal, as any human being. The podcasts I’ve listened to for many years shows he is growing like every child of God who desires to be obedient to God’s law. I like his sense of humor he sprinkles amongst his sermons. I like that he empowers us to take the bible on for ourselves and encourages us along our journey. I respect this man. I encourage you to give a listen from a man that clearly just wants Jesus to be shown and not the man.
I enjoyed the premise of the podcast, and it reminded me of Adventures in Grace, another great Christ-centered podcast which focuses on overcoming our “stinkin thinkin” to start moving forward in life in the love of God.