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Are used to listen to a lot of his teaching, but I am now horrified by how he uses his platform for his own fame and glory. You MUST listen to another podcast, “The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill Church” before listening to Driscoll’s teaching.
Please go read 1 Tim 3 and listen to “”The Rise and Fall of Mar’s Hill”, and read the letter from his former elders.
Anyone who willingly listens to this garbage deserves the harm that will befall them. He isn’t a pastor. Just a guy who sells being a Christian like Macdonald’s sells cheeseburgers. Have some discernment. Do your research. Find a Shepherd to listen to and not this pompous blowhard. Stop giving him a platform from which to corrupt more people with. Just do some research.
What a blessing!!!
I can’t stop binge listening to these sermons. I don’t think I’ve watched TV or actually listen to the radio in months and I love how much I crave more after each podcast. I honestly never thought I’d be listening to a preacher speak beyond going to actual church on Sundays and I wish I found this sooner.
I’m love with the way the Bible is taught by pastor mark.


It’s so good to hear Pastor Mark speak truth. I listen almost every week.
So glad to have this additional medium to get solid delivery of God’s word in a currently relevant manner.
A voice of truth that we desperately need in our world today.
This guy stood up at our church several years ago and told the women to “wait on their knees for their husbands to come home so we could give them a bj when they walk in the door” and told the women that if we aren’t doing that then we aren’t following Jesus. Just another white sexist dude who loves the sound of his own voice.
This family loves Jesus, and when he says it all about Jesus, he is telling the truth. He doesn’t care about the culture, and his love is to help you know the truth about our Father and His Son Jesus. He is open, honest, and loving. May God continue to bless this man, and I pray with God’s help, we remain the salt of the earth. He has a men’s Bible study and a marriage podcast as well with his wife.
Preaching from the Bible that’s not boring or sold out, but genuine and powerful. Thank you Pastor Mark.
I love listening to Pastor Mark! He a great teacher & leader! My husband & I listen to him every week & we love talking about what he teaches... my husband is so encouraged by the men’s ministry... Thank you
So happy to find Pastor Mark’s podcast again. I appreciate his no-nonsense true-to-scripture teaching and devotionals. He doesn’t shy away from tough subjects and doesn’t try to water down biblical truth, but still presents that truth with a great sense of humor. Welcome back to my library!
I love listening to Marks messages. He’s so relatable, funny and speaks truth about current world circumstances where a lot of pastors shy away from controversy. I so appreciate his courage when this broken world has turned a lie into truth & truth into a lie. 🙏🏼
I’ve been listen to Driscoll for 15 years off and on. The Bible is a tough book. It’s tough it you read it every day. Mark will help. If you aren’t sure about God or Jesus or what they play in your life Mark will help.
The teaching is theologically sound and unashamed. So awesome. Pastor Mark is the best preacher to have on while doing my CrossFit workouts. He brings the truth with energy!
Mark Driscoll is an narcissistic abuser who has caused incredible harm to countless people. He’s shameless and unrepentant in what he has done, yet this loser and sucker still manages to frames an incredible amount around himself and his ego, which is the size of Seattle itself. The city he fled with a ton of money in tow. Every narcissist eventually oversteps and does something so incredibly outlandish that they fall flat on their face. Hard. It’s only a matter of time before Mark does the same. I thought that was Mars Hill. But nope. He’s gonna do something worse and fall even harder. You heard it here first. Tick tock.
Excellent, solid, strengthening biblical teaching. Deeply anointed.
Mark is really good and two things hurting your feelings and preaching gospel. It’s like when you pour alcohol on a wound, it hurts but it’s needed to prevent infections. The if the gospel hurts it’s because it’s what you need to fix about yourself. Thank you Mark for preaching the truth no matter what the consequences are.
At one point in Christianity, these two were at the forefront of Christianity, as they should be. In an era when too many pastors look like woke sjw celebrity look alike a, Mark has kept Jesus Christ and the Bible at the center, realizing rightly that all those things people are focusing on are only solved through a right view of people through Christ and scripture. I am thankful that every week, we still have Mark to faithfully point us in the right direction. I’m even thankful for his massive failure a few years back because he showed us how to deal with a major setback like that with humbleness and grace. Thank you Mark for being my extended pastor for over a decade now 👊🏻👍🏻
I have been following Pastor Marc since his days at his previous church. I was very lost and truly believe that I might not have turned my life around without Pastor Marc’s teachings. His style really spoke to me and I appreciate his real ness and ability to give the truth always! Even if it stings a little. What a wonderful person to listen to each week, lots of love from Oregon!
Pastor Mark Driscoll is a great teacher of the Bible. I have been listening to him off and on for at least 7 years. I can honestly say that his teachings saved my marriage. His messages have been such a blessing for me and helped me to mature so much as a Christian. I am often convicted when I listen to his messages, but the truth can sometimes be hard to hear, and even harder to except. Whenever I am feeling lost and confused, I feel like God brings me back to Pastor Mark’s teachings. I am grateful that I found him again via this podcast. I highly recommend it for anyone looking to strengthen their relationship with God and their understanding of the Bible.
Pastor Mark is all about Jesus! He preaches the truth of the Bible. We need more preachers like him.
Pastor Mark has been our virtual pastor for the past 7-8 years of our marriage, (though he doesn’t even realize it!). Any time we’ve been seeking after God, looking for guidance, or dealing with a tough season in life, we’ve been able to turn on one of Pastor Mark’s messages and hear exactly what God wanted us to hear right when we needed it. He teaches the Bible and not his own opinions. He cares deeply about people but will not sugarcoat the truth. A lot of people don’t care for hearing what makes them feel uncomfortable, but oftentimes those are the words they need most—I can attest to that. This podcast has helped change and mold our lives for the better, and we praise Jesus for it!
Narcissistic, chauvinistic, verbally abusive, vulgar, ungodly, behaves in a way unbecoming of a minister and still has the Gaul to be in ministry to this day. Run away
As God has had mercy on all of us, sinners each and every one, we are to have mercy on one another. This man preaches the word of God. Did he make some mistakes? Sure. But he also owned up to them and repented, quite publicly I might add. The man has a gift of teaching and inspiring, and I don’t see any reason to throw him under the bus for past mistakes that, according to what the Bible says, God has already forgiven. Why are we so reluctant to forgive and move on ourselves?
This pastor is down to earth and has a way of explaining the Bible in the simplest and clear form. Thank you for this podcast!
I have been listening for years. I am so thankful for finding this podcast. I have learned so much from mark. He is thorough and does an amazing job of teaching. Thank you mark for answering Gods call on your life to be a pastor!!
Pastor Mark delivers the message of scripture in a way that is exciting to follow along with. He adds the right touch of insight and enlightenment to the word without altering the word. Mark’s sermons are inspiring to listen to, his deliverance adds the prefect touch of clarity.
Pastor Mark is the first pastor I followed and listened to about 9 years ago. To this day I am thankful for his teaching and insights. I just met him for the first time after years of listening to his sermons and was so blessed to be around him and Grace. They are loving and were so welcoming to my husband and I. His preaching is so wonderful and truly relatable.
Pastor Mark brings the Word of God to life with practical and helpful messages. Never disappoints!
We have been listening to pastor Mark for many years now. He breaks the Word open like a warm bread. We are thankful for all his free resources and that he started a church again. Thank you pastor Mark!
For more information on the gospel and spirituality of Mark Driscoll, check out what the Wartburg Watch, among others, has to say. They are much more eloquent than I, and I will be passing this podcast by as a Christ follower.
I’ve been listening to Pastor Mark’s podcasts for years. Not every sermon but many. I love how he isn’t afraid to speak the truth according to scripture. This country needs more truth teachers! This country needs Jesus!
He is all about Mark. A 501 (3)(c) preacher
I use to love listening to Mark but as time went by I have noticed little things at a time but now listening to podcast of demons and angels. Well right in the first 13mins my stomach turned and couldn’t believe how he said all that. I still have this heaviness on My chest and just shocked really. So no I don’t recommend this and I’m praying he will listen to this by himself and with an open mind and repent I REALLY pray for that
I was part of Mars Hill a few years back and when Mark left, it kinda sucked the wind out of the preaching for me. I’ve been listening to Mark’s sermons now for a couple weeks and he hasn’t lost a single step. His sermons are deep and his passion for Jesus is on fire. The messages give me something to discuss throughout the week with my wife and pushes us to a deeper understanding and desire to know more.
Some people are way too religious and think that we have to be wearing suits with ironed underwear , lol laughing or joking. Religion is what teaches that. I guarantee you Jesus laughs a lot. If he was laughing or making fun of the Gospel that’s a different story. Don’t take everything out of context.
On matters as important as your spirituality, be sure to know who your teachers are. This man does not deserve a place at the pulpit. Find out about his unrepentant, shameful past before you give him any place in your life. Appalling to see him still preaching! He has no shame or self awareness.
One sermon and I’m pretty sure I’ll be listening to more; nothing is sugar coated, just the WORD spoken!
Jesus said “I am the way, the truth and the life, anyone that comes to the father goes through me”. And you have been teaching the truth of the Lord’s word and salvation to those in need of a Savior our Lord Jesus Christ.
Mark has an ability to strip things down to the bare truth. The way he drops bombs on myths and misconceptions of the Bible. Jesus speaks through him to open eyes to scripture in such a way that will make you want to seek God more, no matter if you’re a new or seasoned Christian. This is what this generation needs.
And without fear of man! Not many preachers or teachers who preach the living and active Word of God without fear or restraint! (Especially in today’s American inclusivity/progressive Christianity driven culture) where Love is god and repentance to Christ is considered hate speech. We are called to Christ and Christ alone. It’s refreshing to hear the TRUTH spoken accurately and boldly. Thank you for your ministry Mark!
Pastor Driscoll has been a source of solid, honest, convicting bible teaching for my wife and me for a decade. The fire has subsided some following the MHC break, but the commitment to scriptural accuracy and finding a way to translate abstruse scriptures into digestible and relatable vignettes has not dissipated. I am thankful that God put this man on earth. My only real sorrows are that the amazing work he was doing in one of the darkest corners of the nation was cut short and that the library of sermons from that era is so slowly trickling back into Mark’s possession. If you end up reading this: Thank you for all your sacrifice Pastor, for your family’s sacrifice, and for your commitment to the gospel and Jesus. May the Lord bless your ministries and Trinity. Please bring back Nehemiah next!
He takes forever on the same topics. Which wouldn’t be bad in itself but he starts yelling and shouting and it’s just to much. If you like pulpit pounders you’ll love it but I prefer reasonable conversation and education that doesn’t feel like it’s being beat over my head...
Great speaker, very passionate!
The best Bible teacher of our time. No nonsense. This guy preaches the Word of God and clearly the Holy Spirit is working here. I’ve had the privilege of listening to Pastor Mark every Sunday since 2013 and since, my understanding of scripture has grown more than I could’ve imagined. Thank you for tackling books at a time and preaching the word!!! and not just teaching fluff prosperity or telling random stories from the pulpit. It’s so refreshing to know that I’m going to get an hour a week of pure bible teaching that is all about Jesus!!