San Diego Opera Podcast

Reviews For San Diego Opera Podcast

This podcast is incredibly entertaining. I never get tired of watching it. I wish I could live in San Diego. The 2013 season looks amazing.
Very informative not just about the operas and artist in the San Diego Opera Season, but also about many other subjects in the world of opera at large. Some these subjects could very good for novices interested in learning more about opera.
I am a seven decade lover of opera. Each of your podcasts brings me something old, something new, and something that makes me happy, even if my heart then hurts a little bit. Trouble, then Joy. Thank you.
Nick, I like your humor, and, most of all, your insight into operatic history. Keep up the good work.
I really love this podcast. It's informative, interesting and has great music. Mr. Reveles has great insight. I only hope they keep on making these podcasts for years to come. Highly recommend!
as new opera listener, I find this podcast vey useful. It is fun and informative. I learn many things which I was curious about opera.
Since my last review, Nicolas has really ramped up and made this podcast one of my favorites. He is easy to listen to and exhibits genuine passion for opera. I look forward to his offerings, and he seems to be on a more reliable schedule now.
Fresh, honest, contemporary, and fun. Unexpected words for opera, perhaps, but Nicolas has a warm and witty style that engages the listener. A wonderful blend of background/history, music, and insight. I am more of a musical theatre guy myself, but this makes Opera much more approachable for me. I look foward to the next one.
This is a great podcast. Nick Reveles really does a wonderful job of explaining an opera - helping anyone to understand the marriage of words and music. The musical examples are well chosen. I always leave this podcast knowing more about the opera being discussed, as well as the composer and opera in general (ie - voices, use of text, intention of character, etc.)
The content in this podcast has always been great but it's even better now that it gets refreshed every week. I'm pretty new to opera so knowing something about the opera before I see it is a big help. Nick Reveles has a wonderful style - friendly enough for anyone and meaty enough to teach you something.