Spacemusic (Season 2-3-4-5)

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One of the first podcasts I ever listened to and still my favorite. Nobody does ambient and chillout better than TC. Within the Spacemusic universe are a number of podcasts including music, soundseeing tours and short videos. Check out the website to learn more. Don't be discouraged by other posts, only one of the subcategories charges a fee (which is well worth it for the effort and content) but most are still free. I can't recommend it more highly.
This guy is awesome!!!
Even if a few episodes cost $2 it's well worth it, I guarantee. I've been listening for almost 3 years now and TC always delivers at least one track that grabs you immediately. His narration and artist information is interesting to listen to and the listener community is very positive. Download the free episodes if you want to give it a try. I recommend, Pandora's Box, Travel.exe, Best of 2005, and the Lucid Dream series very highly.
I am very upset too! Spacemusic is the best Podcast on Itunes. Now we have to pay for it. Shame on them for taking a high quality program and ruining it. I will just have to enjoy the old episodes and wait till they see they have lost their fanbase by charging for this program See here in the U.S. everything on the radio is pure commercial crap, so TC was my saving garce. I will miss the free Spacemusic program.
For quite some time, TC has provided the world with an excellent show complete with hard-to-find selections and soothing commentary. A great soundtrack to accompany any late night coding session, or just chilling out watching the stars. I'll pay to continue this high quality show, it's not much considering the value.
I'm Terrible Thom. I think I'll change that to Quick Draw Mc JAW. Yup, you're right I spoke too fast. The other reviewers were correct about having to pay for downloads. I think that if this is your thing you'll find it worth the price. If you don't think it's your thing give it a try, you may be surprised. So, mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa.
I aggree with many of the reviewers--This has ALWAYS been one of my favorites of podcasts to listen too--However...Why TC??? Why Why why??? are you making your fans bear the burden of costs??? Let the corporate monkeys pay for the awesome show that you produce--Believe me I'd rather ignore their sales pitch before, during, or even after an episode and get your podcast for free --then it be commercial free and now I have to pay $1.99...I think you have lost some loyal listeners out there, and I am dissapointed in your decisions as of late!


By stldrum
I produce a music podcast too (Pan in Harmony - Steel Drum Music from around the World). TC uses podsafe music as I do - Costs: $VERY LITTLE. I will be looking for other space music podcasts and canceling this one. Sorry, TC - you should have gone with advertising and not stuck the listeners with your money problems!!!
I was disappointed to see this now become a paid selection. However, it is still has the highest producation values of any podcast. It is a better deal than the Hearts of Space model at $0.83/minute and $0.03/minute for TC's product. Though HOS has much, much more back catalog to work with, TC offers enough excellent music for me and my humble podcast addiction.
I love the show, but not enough to spend $1.99 an episode. The joy of podcast is free, grassroots radio. If TC had 1000 users download an episode at $1.99, that's nearly $2000 for a single episode. Come on TC, do it for the love of podcasting. If you need the cash to keep the show on, sell some space with some catchy advertising.
TC does a tremendous job in providing top quality space music from around the world. My hope is that when the podcasts are charged $1.99 for each episode, listeners will support his efforts and realize it costs money to provide this type of quality music.