The Edge - A Podcast Novel

Reviews For The Edge - A Podcast Novel

I enjoyed this book. It was interesting and had a good ending.
The story bills itself as being science fiction, but with the exception of some human looking aliens who traversed intergalactic space (not interstellar, mind you, intergalactic) just to help save a woman from herself, there was nothing really science fiction about the story. It's more of a story of two people who find themselves after nearly self destructing, each have an epiphany through some interaction of said aliens, then finding each other and falling in love. All in all, I found the story very inplausable. There's nothing much outstanding in the way of character development. I pretty much figured out the ending about half way through listening to the podcasts.
This is a very interesting story with some unexpected turns. I enoyed it a great deal and will download the author's other book right now!