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I love this podcast. Very interesting stories. Never a dull moment.
This is definitely one of the better produced and curated short fiction podasts out there. The voice talent is consistently very good, and host Alasdair Stuart provides excelent, yet brief, context and analysis without encumbering the production. This is definitely one of my favorite shows I look forward to each week. Keep up the great work, Escape Artists, folks!
Pseudopod is the most consistently good horror fiction podcast out there. I’d go so far to say that it’s the best horror fiction magazine out there. Like any fiction endeavor, there are stories that don’t work for me, but there’s more than 50/year. There are far more hits than misses. This is my favorite podcast, bar none.
There is a huge variety of stories which means occasionally there is one that I can’t get into at all and occasionally there is one that I absolutely LOVE but all of them are very well produced and narrated.
Exceptional podcast, it ranks right up there with no sleep and creepy
Sounds like they record from a cell phone
The quality of stories and narration is superb. The host is fabulous and the presentation is top shelf. If you love horror, you’ll love Pseudopod.
Pseudopod has consistently put out high quality performances (not just readings) of classic, published, and unpublished horror fiction for a decade and half. At this point, they're in the running for one of the most consistently great publishers (let alone podcasts) of horror fiction currently operating. If you like horror, or even just well performed fiction in general, you can't go wrong.
Pseudopod lives (it's ALIVE!!!) in the continuum of media exploration of horror as that which is not borne of some external force or entity, e.g., the creature in the crypt, aliens from distant galaxies, exiled nether-region demon revenants for vengeance. In the words of The Stranger from 'High Plains Drifter', "It's what people know about themselves inside that makes 'em afraid." True horror gestates within; it is us.
The best horror fiction podcast, seriously shivers for your ears, with excellent audio production and thoughtful and careful curating. If you want horror and thiking about horror and deeper conversation about what horror is and could be, it's here. I think I'm in love.
This is an excellent well done podcast. The production is first rate.
I went all the back to episode 1. Currently have to listen to it in a web browser. Have like another hundred to go before I can use the pod players but have liked/loved the majority of the episodes I've heard.
The best horror short fiction and high quality production makes PseudoPod a weekly treat for me. And, it’s great just to hear Alasdair’s voice : )
One of the things I noticed over the past year of listening is that Pseudopod has a mix of new, modern horror along with horror from the “golden age” of the early-to-mid 1900s. The contrast in tone and language is interesting, and some of those old stories surprise me. Please keep it up!
I only just came across Pseudopod a week ago! I’ve been really satisfied with the half dozen episodes I’ve listened to and then today I just listened to “Teeth Long and Sharp as Blades” and I have to say I’m blown away. I will look for more of AC Wise’s work. I enjoy the “endcaps” at the end of the episodes. I love a creepy podcast, be it a drama series or short stories. I love Pseudopod and I’ve just become a supporter on Patreon. Keep up the great work! I appreciate it very much.
Great podcast, I love it so much. Revived my love of horror singlehandedly. From the dead. I also love the commentary at the end of each story. Just enough to make you think. Thanks peeps!!
I just found out about this show, started back on episode 700 and I’ve been pleasantly surprised! The narration is top notch, and the stories are interesting and engaging. This was the first horror story podcast that I ever listened to. Keep up the great work!
I’ve been listening to pseudopod for years....13 or so, I believe, as I remember loving it back when I was still just a gothy teen. It was the first ever podcast I cared about listening to each week, and it’s still my go-to for long, lonely road trips or the traffic-laden commute. I take time off every once in awhile, but I always come back. Thank you for making this such an amazing and consistent presence in my life and the podcast universe!


I’ve been devouring this podcast steadily for the past two weeks. It’s great! I haven’t heard a bad story yet, and I never have to listen to a man’s voice or consume a man’s story if I don’t want to, there’s such a wide variety of women’s work and voices. (I never want to hear a man talk. Alasdair gets a pass.)
I found pseudo pod again. I use to listen years ago; the quality of these stories are still outstanding!
I like true crime and horror/ghost but became bored with the comments within the broadcast. These horror short stories are excellent and glad to see so many....listening my way thru!
I love this podcast! The stories are well chosen, always creep me out in a good way, and I love the thoughtful analysis of them afterwards. Strongly recommend!
I’ve been listening to Pseudopod since painting my new house in 2012. It got me through what would have been quite tedious. I was so intrigued by this unusual, eerie story that took place in an undisclosed age of the past, in Japan, involving a man and a doll? A puppet? I don’t remember…but it was very good! If I wasn’t so busy keeping up with the weekly stories I’d go back and listen. Bonraku?? Anyway…the stories are always at least very good. Alasdair Stuart is a very special man-host. He brings every story into a context that stirs my intellect and my soul. He makes me think, makes me feel, engages with his listeners like the friend you’d want to sit by a fire with, maybe snowbound in a remote cliche cabin somewhere. His prose is as eloquent as the best stories. I was crushed when he got engaged and I’m a lesbian with A.D.D! I love this podcast.
I loved your thoughts at the end. Thank you
Pseudopod tells TRUE, mind you, stories in the horror fiction genre. Alasdair Stuart, your kind and thoughtful host, gently walks you to the gates of Hell and says, "Have a blast, Kiddo!! I'll be waiting for you 'IF' you can get back." Then he IS there, to give real, yet soothing, insight to the fantastic chill you just experienced. It's FEAR. It's TERROR. And believe it or not, somehow it's HOPE. Powerful stuff. I absolutely LOVE this podcast. CHEERS!!
Provocative stories, well told. Alastair, the host, provides his own brief, insightful commentary that sets this podcast apart from others. At the end of each year there is a special episode. Characters and elements from that year’s stories are woven into a tale about a macabre parade. It’s hard to explain, but it is mind blowingly original and makes me so glad I found this podcast. The makers of Pseudopod strive to provide its writers, voice actors, and entire creative team with fair pay. Thank you for many hours of thoughtful entertainment.
This show will help you to become a well-rounded horror aficionado. It’s weekly, it’s free, and only very rarely does it disappoint. Pros: •Stimulating variety in horror subjects, authors, and literary styles. •Presents classic and contemporary works. •Genuine enthusiasm for their subject. •Mostly professional-quality narrators. •Insanely huge back catalogue (good for pandemics). Cons: •Occasionally, low sound quality for host and narrator. •Seems to be a conduit for wicked spirits and elder gods to enter our plane of existence, which can be a real hassle if you’re trapped in the house.
Good stories and content, but horrid pronunciation. For example, “Bad Newes From New England”... Massasoit “Ma-sass-o-it” by the voice actor is pronounced “mass-uh-soit”, and “Wamsutta” is “wam-suh-tah “. This is just one example. The stories would be great if the pronunciation was correct in many of the stories.
I listen to a lot of horror fiction podcasts. This is, to me, the best of the best. It is elevated by the carefully curated selection of stories, the deep bench of voice talent that makes every story feel unique, and above all, the insightful and heartfelt commentary by host Alistair Stewart. I come away from each episode not just feeling spooked, but with a greater appreciation of the variety and power of horror as a genre. The audio quality varies, and it doesn’t sound like Alistair in particularly is recording on the best gear, but it doesn’t take long to forgive and forget that.
I am an avid listener of horror/spec-fic podcasts in my downtime (NoSleep, Tales to Terrify, nightmare magazine, SCP, Drabblecast) the stories are all top notch but none stay with me like the productions at Pseudopod. Pseudopod is the visceral horror of the psychology behind our thoughts and actions. This podcast will leave you reeling because the horror lies not under the bed but more often within ourselves. Plus, Aleister digests the story at the end of every episode with new questions that will stick with you long after the episode ends.
It’s ok, episodes are too short and sounds like the host records his bits on a cell phone.also too many female voice actors, let a guy read the story now and then.
I've been listening to PseudoPod for a good long while now. I love a good horror anthology, and this podcast is just that. There's quite a bit of variation in the stories- they span centuries, voices, tone, and content- but I always appreciate the dedication to quality. If a story isn't for you? Skip on to the next one. I've found some episodes not to my liking, and others to be some of my very favorite horror audio! They don't bookend you with endless ads or overly chatty intros, generally you get right to the story after some prompt, well-deserved introductions to the author and narrator.
The first story i listened to it felt the author was rushing the story. Just reading words quickly. That was enough for me not to bother with this show.
I love this podcast for its variety and range — horror, sci-fi, old-school ghost stories, psychological thrillers, of all vintages — and for the amazing, insightful, and astoundingly perceptive host, whose commentary always lends understanding and increased enjoyment to the listening experience. If you don’t think horror can be sophisticated and intelligent, you haven’t explored pseudopod.
This is among my favorite podcasts. The stories are engaging, the readers do a great job and the host’s comments are always worthwhile.
Typically one short story a week. Host Alasdair Stuart gives PseudoPod a great intimate feel and his loving commentary on the stories is always worth a listen. Good theme music, reading quality, and audio quality. A mix of originals and reprints. Some favorites from the archives: the ill-making "Baby Weight," "20 Simple Steps to Ventriloquism," "Nurse," and the chilling "Flat Diane." If you're a fan of Thomas Ligotti (or even if you don't know him), check out "The Influence of Thomas Glittio."
Pseudopod is best-in-class in the fiction podcast world. Great stories, talented narrators who are perfectly matched with the tale they’re reading, and a high standard of quality, even when choosing older public domain stuff. Those can be dry the older they are, but the Pod manages to find the exciting or intensely disturbing ones. Highly recommended.
Diverse, but consistently great. Also one of the few short story podcasts where I don’t always skip directly to the story or skip the commentary after.
Always creepy. Always good.
A great podcast for weekly horror.
A reliable weekly treasure trove of monsters from without and within


By Kkon27
I love short fiction horror podcasts but a lot of them are not very... thoughtful, I guess? There are a lot of podcasts that churn out creepypasta-esque yarns that can be frustrating and boring if they are poorly written. This podcast has never disappointed me. Sometimes the stories are too darn smart and I really have to think about them and pay attention. For me, that’s a sign I’m in the right place. Never be the smartest person in a room, that’s what my pappy always told me! Thanks Pseudpod.
The stories are entertaining, horrific, and various. Alistair the host is a top rate intellect and his method of analysis gives greater scope to each story. I’ve been listening for four years and this experience remains fulfilling.
High quality, top notch, and a constant in my life. Thank you for allowing me to ride along weekly with you!
Great podcast. Really, the whole Escape Artists network is a labor of love and it shows. I don’t usually write reviews, but this and it’s sisters, Escape Pod (sci-fi) and Podcastle (fantasy) each deserve all the attention they can get. Listen, subscribe, enjoy!
Listened and loved this program since 2010.
This is an amazing podcast. What a leader to have in our little community. They lead by example in striving to provide slightly less shameful wages to the authors and staff. They take the genera seriously but make it fun. The stories are brilliantly crafted, amazingly produced, and expertly narrated gems for us to consume. And they give, of their time, their ideas, their passion, of them selves. They’re fighting the good fight and They ask literally nothing In return except that if u can, for you to please give to their Patreon. Even there the money isn’t specifically for the podcast. It’s for the authors and associate editors. Basically this podcast is like the coolest nonprofit organization ever, using its platform to effect change for the better in the horror community as well as society at large. I’m very thankful that this podcast exists and I’m very thankful that I am allowed to participate in it with my small donations. Keep up the good work people!