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So good I love CNN and this app is awesome
Shows are great. Love the content. But it’s been over a month since any new content.....
Love the postcast but it’s not up to date with the actual website.
Why is the podcast not up Is it CNN needs the cash off youtube Kids don’’t need the advertising we have to watch. Do your job
How much more difficult is it to upload the podcast to here as well as YouTube? The podcast has been uploaded here for years, hire an extra intern or something to upload it. The fact that you keep teasing us by randomly uploading here is further salt added to injury.


I love it so much and you may be wondering that if I love it so much why didn’t I give it a 5 star rating because Idk if this is just for mine but it doesn’t upload daily like on the website for cnn or on the YouTube channel for cnn
My oldest daughter loves this podcast! Thanks for all you do to keep the news relatable & accessible (music, rhymes, etc!)!


Whenever my screen time in my phone runs out I can watch this video to see what’s been going on- the video part is cool
𝕀 𝕝𝕠𝕧𝕖 𝕥𝕙𝕚𝕤 ༼ つ ◕◡◕ ༽つ
An awesome program
Absolutely love watching this. The puns at the end are great, and the show gives a concise update of world events. I love sitting down in the morning and watching these shows, but sometimes can’t because there are no shows. Come back Carl!!
Great but I wish they’d put more on here even there old stuff would do
I love CNN 10 it’s a great thing for tweens that likes learning about our world. But I just want to say the knew guys is good but isn’t Carol.
Hate the new guy
Love watching CNN, because it helps me understand the world around me.
Are you guys done?


Amazing 😉
Seriously??! You can’t just leave!?!?!😡😵 I never watch YouTube! Please come back!!!!!!!!!😫🙏


By Noíce
Should be named the Karl Asus show
I love watching Carl and his puns every day with my social studies class! We love hearing about the news! Because of covid 19 I have to watch it on my own and through this tough time it’s really nice to see a familiar face just like Carl. Can you shoutout Haynes Bridge middle school please? We take almost half of the class period just talking about what we see on cnn10.
My geography class would watch this EVERYDAY and because of the covid-19, we can’t. But, I still watch it every day!!! Can you shout out to Lake Elkhorn Middle School, Ms. Millers 6th grade class? Oh and, Carl, u crack me up!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Hi I love this show. I watch it with my class every day. But because of covid19 we can’t. I still watch it anyway. It is a great way to keep up with news around the world! Please can we get a shoutout? I am with Mr. Beichley’s 6th glade class at GMG Elementary. (Bye-klee). Thank you soooooo much!
The host is awesome, and I love the puns he does at the end. Can you call out to a homeschooler, Hans Martin? Thank you!!! 🤗🤗
Love the host and his energy. Even when reporting on difficult/scary topics, this is a factual reliable news source that’s even kid-friendly as evidenced by the shout-out to a high school at the end of each show. Love it! Thank you!
My sos class and I love to watch CNN 10 we are all subscribed and comment videos but we get bummed out when we don’t get called out😔 Can you pleas call us out we are Mrs. Miller’s 6th grade sos in Elkhorn Grandview Middle School in Omaha Nebraska
Can you provide script of the show so the non English speakers practice better?


Madison #1 middle school
Glad CNN 10 is back on apple podcasts 😃😃
I have used the CNN10 podcasts from iTunes for years. Now I have to go to youtube. So instead of just dragging the show to an USB drive, I have to jump through hoops. My students LOVE CNN10. The one star rating is for Apple dropping it from the iTunes podcast.
This is a very good podcast. Ndnsnns
All of the classrooms at my school have Apple TV and the podcast worked great. CNN 10 buffers and is choppy on YouTube. Not a good change.
Why no longer available in Podcast?
There has been a while that I haven’t got the update of CNN 10. it is good to have it at podcast. Not convenient to go to YouTube to watch it but would like to listen to it when driving.
We love the podcast version and it doesn’t always make sense for us to watch YouTube. I.e. while driving. Please come back!!!
Please come back. I used to watch all the time, but you don’t update.👿😡🥺
Please come back to podcasts
Some people don’t won’t to watch YouTube
My class watches it on Fridays during Social Studies. My teachers suggested for us to watch all the videos at home cuz everyone in my class is nuts for this. But ya not updated! And your news are mostly about the same thing. The “train” dance that goes with the music in the beginning is making most of the kids in my class nuts for the dance. They always dance whenever music pops up. This thing isn’t my thing. Mostly only about the virus. They don’t keep up with the real news. People think China’s lying about their numbers about who’s sick. It’s cuz China is the boy who cried wolf. And you are making kids in my school rude to Chinese people. My friend is really sad cuz my other friend said that she had the virus. I’m Chinese. You’re encouraging kids to be mean. Just stop your show. It’s no good putting only 5 episodes on podcast. It’s useless.
Please come back!
I’m quite sure there are people who don’t want to have to go to youtube everytime they want to listen/watch a podcast.
I’ve loved watching this podcast for a long time. It’s very short, clear and wonderful news. They started to run CNN10 YouTube channel from January 2020. Check the YouTube channel ‘CNN10’! 👍🏻
I love cnn 10 and we watch it in social studies class every day but why are there no episodes on here?
This is one of my favorite podcasts. I’m a grad student in my thirties with two young kids. I like this show because it highlights world events without getting bogged down in the petty partisan bickering that seems to be running rampant on other news programs. I enjoy the ten second trivia and the ten-out-of-ten puns. I enjoy the educational aspect of this program and wish every news outlet would broadcast from this perspective rather than over inflating events to sell sensationalism. Shout out to Carl Azus and the folks at CNN 10/Student News. You guys rock. 10/10!


Why is it taken cnn to get on podcast
That hair line deserves 5 it looks like a Mickey Mouse head and you watching Disney Channel