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5 stars!!!! I'm loving In Broad Daylight...I'm from the Kenai Peninsula which makes the story a little more interesting to me...I'm divided by the story so far...the waiting for the next chapters are KILLING ME! LOVE YOUR WORK! Thank you!
another hit by seth harwood!!he just keeps getting better and better!!
Terrific stories told well! More, please!!!
Pumped that Jack Palms is back! Film Noir at its audio best! Wasn't a big fan of YJ but love all the Jack stories. Gritty and intense! Thanks Seth!
The Jack Palms stories are a great ride, full of all the stuff that makes the best crime-related movies and stories so enjoyable. Seth's characters are fantastic, and you'll find yourself getting into and caring about even the scumiest of the scum.
The Jack Palms series is the greatest!
Seth is a perfect example of a contemporary author. He's smart, engaging, and real.
This is an awesome book on its own, but it's even better taken as part of the Jack Palms universe. Seth Harwood has crafted another fine crime novel. Gritty and nuanced, this story takes the reader along for an enjoyably violent ride during a pivotal point in the life of future L. A. underworld luminary Junius Ponds. Excellent work.
Seth Harwood has a voice made for this type of thing - then combine it with the skill to write a good story - you have to hear this.
Between his " A Long Way from Disney" stories and the incredibly addicting Jack Palms novels, I look forward to each new installment with a smile knowing that between Harwood and my Ipod, my drive in will be very short. Thanks, Seth, for the characters....especially Jack and the Czechs. Try not to kill off the good ones if you don't mind. I miss Junious.
When I first heard this podcast I was immediately pulled into the story with its careful construction and present-tense narrative. I felt like I was visualizing a 24-like story, only one that was more realistic, more down to earth and therefore, more adrenaline-inducing. You really get to experience everything that Jack Palms experiences and can't help but root for him through his many obstacles. I can't wait to get my hands on the hardcover and relive this gritty dark vision of San Francisco.
Great book... excellent podcast! I love Seth Harwood!
The creator of the "Jack Palms" Series, including "Jack Wakes Up" and "This is Life" takes his rightful place amongst the podcasting elite. There is an ever-growing list of writers podcasting their fiction on the web. Some of them get it right, transporting you to a time and a place you've never been to before. Seth Harwood clearly gets it right. What sets him apart is his ability to transport you back to a time and a place in _your own_ life with his short stories in a Long Way from Disney. Whether it's about the awkwardness of a given situation, the examination of small victories in adolescence, or the confusion of a child learning that the world is grey not black and white, you'll say to yourself, "Hey, I've been there." His mastery of the introspective moment will have you believing in the characters as if they were your friends... or even yourself.
Do you like crime drama with an edge? Would you like to find something with grit and a series where you can fall into a world of characters you can see in your mind's eye? This podcast is for you. If you haven't listened to the first edition of the series, Jack Wakes Up, you might want to piick up that one first, but This Is Life does stand on its own. Either way, Seth is a great writer and is offering a entertaining series for listening. Believe me, at the end, you will become one of the "Jack Palms Daddies" just like I have.
Just subscribe to this feed. You'll get all the installments I love! Every week Harwood brings out a story or a segment of the Jack Palms Crime series. Rock this feed! I love Jane Gannon!
I absolutely love Seth's work! He is as passionate about Jack as I, the reader, am and it shows in his reading of the story. If you haven't listened to Seth's work, what are you waiting for??? Subscribe to ALL of his stories!
The Seth Harwood experince is one part introspective philospher and 1 part urban street kid. Much like the modern man these days. His fiction is well done and intresting and he bring a lot of character depth to every story he has podcasted.
I must confess, I'm a Palms' Mamma . . . I can't resist this well-written story and a narrator so lively and fun. Every week I wait with more anticipation than a person should have for the next installment of this podcast. I can’t wait for Palm Sunday!!
Junius Lives !!!!!
An awesome thriller. Don't miss this podcast. As they say, if you only listen to one thing all year, make it JACK PALMS II- This is Life.
Seth Harwood first drew us in with Jack Wakes Up. JP2: This is Life pulls you in right away with even more action and adventure. Jack Palms encounters more than he bargains for on his return to San Francisco. As a local to the SF bay area, the scenes described in these books are spot on. It added an extra dimension to my listening experience. So if you are into crime noir, this is a must listen. Be sure to go buy your copy of Jack Wakes Up on March 16, 2008. My name is Super Ben, and I'm a Palms Daddy!
best podcaster out there, great book
This is one of the best podiobooks hands down. Seth did a great job with the story and just as importanly with the delivery of the story. You will be entertained before during and after the story. Seth - thanks for such a great podcast. Rob @ podCast411
This book is a must listen for all crime lovers. It combines lots of action with mystery in a perfect combination. It will have you by the seat of your pants for the whole book waiting for the next episode. If you do not subscribe you will regret it dearly.
This is the best, the one, the only crime podcast. A must listen. If you don't have Jack Palms in your life you don't know what you're missing. Plus it's in Frisco!
Harwood rocks. Jack Palms in your ear is painfully pleasureable and the writing is right on. Great quality production, top notch guest voices, and ordinance whipping through your skull, this is a must listen. And check out where it all begins with "Jack Palms 1" and the pleasing, enthralling change of pace at "A Long Way From Disney." Even though he's 9 feet tall, Seth Harwood fits comfortably between your ears.
The sequel to "Jack Wakes Up" is even stronger than the original! Seth Harwood is on his game, this time creating a modern noir story with an even greater classic noir feel. Harwood is a master of dialogue and pacing... believe me, crime fiction has a new "leading man," and whether you're talking about Jack Palms or Seth Harwood, it doesn't matter. You'd be doing damn well on both counts.
I have been listening to podcast novels for a year and a half now and can say without hesitation that some authors definitely stand out above the crowd. Seth Harwood is one of those authors. I was hooked with the first Jack Palms story, Jack Wakes Up and tried some other crime noir stories only to be disappointed. But I have never been disappointed with Jack Wakes Up or Jack Palms II This is Life. Having just finished This is Life I can't wait till Jack Palms III comes out. Seth brings great storytelling, character development and audio quality to his podcasts. Give this story a listen, and within a couple of episodes you will be calling yourself a Palms Daddy.
Harwood has joined the likes of Sigler and Hutchins in the podcasting fiction hierarchy. "This is Life" takes the best parts of Resivor Dogs, Pulp Fiction, and serial detective novels puts them all together and throws them into a vintage mustang with a bunch of Russians mobsters doing a 100 mph through the streets of San Fran. Harwood has been able to keep every episode interesting and action-packed.
I became immediately hooked with Jack Wakes Up, and I am so glad there was a sequel. You just have to keep writing these babies or *&%k! Great job. Have fun on the pub crawl tonight. Yours truly, D in DC
This is a great podcast and sequel to Jack Wakes Up. I have shared this podcast with a few people so far and no negative comments from anyone. I have been burning CDs for a tech challenged friend of mine who I have to talk into a mp3 player one of these days. Great to listen to driving to or from work on 30 minute commutes! Creative Commons!!!
In the past, I've had a hard time getting into any audiobook - but these have changed my tune. Seth's writing is engaging and excellent. His first novel, "Jack Wakes Up", will grab you from the first couple chapters, and I'm excited to see how this one turns out!
Jake Wakes up was great, but that's nothing compared to JP2. This book is even better. More action, more drama, more surprises. This is podcast fiction at it's very best. Do yourself a favor and get with Jack Palms crime.
The episodes keep getting better from the Big Bad Palm Daddy himself Seth Harwood. Final episode coming out on Sunday. Can't wait for Jack Palm's Three The Crime Nior Series to start in Feb. 2008. Glad to hear about Back to Disney 2 stories, new and fresh, for the break between the next Jack Palm Crime Novel.Let's not forget the paperback coming out on Palm Sunday 2008. Make sure you place your order on Amazon that day for your copy. What a great cover. Keep writing the Jack Palm Crime Series Seth....
I would be more interested in the lives of retired or out-of-work actors if they all led a life as exciting as the life of Jack Palms. It is awesome in Seth Harwood’s mind. There are strippers, guns, Russian mafia types and lots of witty banter. Seriously, the characters in “This is Life” are really well developed. You get to know each individual and become invested in them (even if they only live for two scenes). It’s a credit to Seth’s ability to use language. It’s a lost art.


Seth Harwood's second book in the crime series of Jack Palms is even better than the first, if that is possible. A big part of the enjoyment is listening to him read his words in the way he intends them to be heard. And he also brings in other voices to add to the excitement and enjoyment of his story. The difficult part of this experience is waiting for the next episode. Got us hanging . . . .
The podcast is excellent. Seth did an awesome job with JP2. I can't wait for JP3 to see what happens next. Cudos to Seth.
This is the second book in Seth Harwood's "Jack Palms" crime series. The first book was "Jack Wakes Up", which introduced us to the central character around which the stories revolve. It was a trilling crime noir story set in contemporary San Francisco. It was fresh and exciting, and this second installment in the series, "Jack Palms II: This Is Life", keeps the pressure on and the story coming. As with the first book, the characters are strong and likeable (well, where they're meant to be likeable :) and the story is new, different, filled again with San Francisco charm, albeit mostly from the more seedy underbelly of the beast. This audio book is a fantastic listen, and you won't regret picking it up -- well, downloading it! You really can't beat free either.
Mr. H has created a great character, and the story keeps me coming back week after week. I used to live for the weekend, now I live for my Jack Palms fix. Keep 'em coming Seth, there's folks out here who >love< your work.
Seth Harwood takes the reader into the San Francisco crime scene with a riviting story about Jack Palms, reluctant but willing participant. The wild ride keeps the listener wondering and wanting more. This is one of my favorite novel podcasts, and I highly recommend giving it a listen.
If you're looking for a crime novel with detective work, gun shooting, mysteries, etc., don't look farther than Jack Palms II. Just as Seth Harwood did in in the first Jack Palms book "Jack Wakes Up", he brings the action fast and furious. Take a listen and you'll be hooked!
If you havn't already, listen to the first novel, Jack Wakes Up, then enjoy the second, and just as great, This is Life. A nice change from all of the sci-fi podcast novels on the internet. Seth Harwood leaves you on the edge of your seat and waiting for the next episode. Speaking of which, make yourself suffer like a real Palms Mama or Palms Daddy and listen to the episodes week by week.
non-stop action, great characters, incredible writing.
I'm not a crime story fan, but this one really pulled me in. The characters are real people I wanted to know more about. The action is balanced perfectly -- not too much or too little. The story itself, well, I just had to keep coming back to find out how on earth Jack would handle everything he's walked into.
Harwood has come out of left-field to walk among the giants of the podcasting world. He’s got Sigler, Morris and Hutchins in his crosshairs and their slowly clearing a path. Jack Palms is setting the bar for any and all crime casts to follow. Join the Palms family, or else!
This is the sequel to Jack Wakes Up and is every bit as good so far. Seth get so excited about his writing he get his audience excited. I'm hooked. Larry