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Well at least he tried to support mimi? I think? But really if ur gonna do this...make it, how do i say this. Not boring, u hav a strong acient, work on ur voice timbre and clearity. This really has good intentions...but is not very good nor interesting. But lime i said at least he tried! One star 4 that, one 4 supporting mimi...i think.
Mariah, you always have been and always will be the BEST!!!
Mariah is awsome she has the greatest voice In the WORLD!!!!!!!:)
Good, bad, or indifferent - Mariah is a legend since her first record came popular "Vision of Love" Love to u Mariah!


i dont get this im just sayin 5 stars cuz my gay friend wants me too =P
I was pissed when I heard this so I'd advise not wasting space with this insypid mess. I think Mariah would have a good laugh at it though. lol Bless her heart
Finally something that i agree with. thanx itunes for having this. I love It so much!!!!!!
The speaker is extremely redundant, he says the same thing over and over again, then offers you his friends wretched rendidtion of Emotions, which sounds like a drunken drag queen, I hope Mimi never listens to this, it is a disgrace to Mariah!
huh um like the other persons aid he is very dumb lol :)
Don't get this, it's not even worth getting free! He's saying people don't give Mariah enough support but, he's the one who's not giving support on her high notes.All mariah fans should know that she can still do those asome high notes. He said he's going to make more shows but personally he should keep his mouth shut.Mariah is the best I'd give her five stars but, I would give the guy who made the podcast no stars but i had no choice.