Tales from the 'Verse

Reviews For Tales from the 'Verse

This podcast has clear atmospheric readings of really good quality fan fiction. It is totally heartwarming to be able to step once more into the 'verse. I would love to be able to contribute a reading. I'm very grateful that The Signal Podcast led me here.
Firefly was the best show on TV, and thus I was a little skeptical of "Tales from the 'Verse" thinking there was no way it could keep up with the integrity of the show. I was wrong. It has been a fantastic, shiny, ride through the 'Verse, that keeps the characters, and Serenity alive. Until the browncoats prevail, the tales shall continue.
Its nice when you've got a writer who has a passion for his creation, thats one thing, but to have fans passionate almost more than the creator, a special connection forms. For Firefly and Serenity, this podcast would be that bond.
I only wish this podcast was updated more often. I love the readers, especially The Beast! Everyone does such a good job of capturing the spirit of The 'Verse. Please put more Firefly/Serenity centric fic on! I'm not so in to hearing about original characters in The 'Verse.
How fortunate that my iTunes search for 'Serenity' has led me to this podcast. Such well put together fan fiction is often hard to come by but 'Tales from the 'Verse' delivers mightily. Great stories. Great reading. Thanks for the podcast!
Great show, extremely well put together and great stories. The only drawback is waiting for the next episode! I really enjoy "A Quiet Game" and anyone who loves Wash will appreciate that story to the enth degree. R U Listening?
Excellent quality. There's a short intro, the stories then some miscellaneous items at the back. Very clear reading. Definitely worth the (short) time it takes to download the episodes. I wish they release new episodes more often but that can't be helped much. Totally hooked!
This podcast is a great way to get some of the 'Verse in your day... until Joss and Company bring us more of our Big Damn Heroes!
If you know about Firefly or Serenity, your going to love this podcast! It has the most incredible stories that are beautify written. In the first episode I cried it was so good. If you know the characters then you know how perfectly written they are. All I can say is get this Podcast!!!
I am not all that familiar with fan fiction but this radio-style show rocks. The voice actors performances and the script match Firefly episodes quite well. This is theater-of-the-mind at its best. I learned about this podcast through The Signal's podcast. Have a shiny day!
I don't have much time to read a lot of the fan fiction but really do enjoy quite a bit of it. How about some from Buffy/Angel verse as well.