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Reviews For "Davis Garden Show and Beyond" on KDRT

Today I listened to my first episode and can’t understand why podcasters compete for the microphone when they work together. One thing I dislike is cutting someone off when they talk. This podcast is filled with valuable information for gardeners but with the butting in makes me irritable and prevents one from really enjoying the information. Not an easy listen. It would be also to have Lois move back on her microphone since it seems she is too close and sounds like a mumble. Don needs to SLOW down and take a breath. His talking is so rapid and makes important information get lost. Periods are there for a reason. I assume he does this to keep Lois from cutting him off.
Don is excellent. Getting to the point and problems for listeners is always the pleasure of listening to him. He is like the professor who enthralled you in college. Lois, on the other hand, is like the class clown everyone loves to hate when you try to listen in on a good lecture. She craves attention and just loves to talk about herself. She loves to hear her own voice. She banters about something completely irrelevant. She loves to boast her lack of knowledge and preparation. I’m always wondering, why are you on air then!? On a gardening show, talking about your art exhibit? Lois constantly argues about topics she is not familiar, just to prove her point. I really love it when Don is all by himself. I would give five stars when Don is on alone, and 1 Star when Lois is on. So it averages out to 3 stars. This is after listening to almost 2 years worth of podcast. I’m done!!
If not for these folks, I'd probably have given up my gardening maintenance business years ago. The work is truly difficult, usually thankless and filled so many people that lack the common sense to organize this industry into a profitable business. With Don and Lois' help, I've found numerous ways to save my customers money, save myself at least 50% on labor efforts and costs and taught me how to work smarter, not harder. I save at least a couple of hours a day, just in labor savings, using their techniques that they bring to the air every week. I thank you both and couldn't have done it without you.
I catch it every week. I live in SF, they are in the valley but most of the info is relevant.
This podcast is reliably informative each week, with gardening information that is useful no matter where you live. The hosts know their stuff, have a great style and are passionate about gardening. Whether you are a green thumb or novice gardener the Davis Garden Show is not to be missed!
Thank you for the show. Great info for all things garden!
Very helpful, I download it every week. They get you motivated to really get out there and garden.
There are many excellent Garden shows out there. This one is one of the two best. (Tom McCubbin is the other). Don is extremely knowlegable and easy to listen to. Lois is likable and adds excellent insight. She helps break things down when Don gets too technichal. I download every show. You should too!