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The Midnight Podcast always ruled, whether it was RootRot or Corey. Now, Corey is back with a more diverse show and I am loving it. This is a must-subscribe podcast.
Have any interest in zombies? Fast ones, slow ones? They're all covered in remarkable depth here. The host Corey gets tons of interviews of all manner of zombie related celebrities from authors to actors - you can hear them here. Add to that a large listener base that supports and contributes to Corey's already excellent work and you have one of the finest podcasts out there.
There are quite a few podcasts out devoted to the Horror genre these days, which is great, but makes it difficult to separate the chaff. Midnight Podcast may not have started out as my favorite podcast, but I've definately have grown to appreciate Corey's opinion, and knowledge of the genre. His coverage is thorough, and his show has a distinct level of professionality to it. But of course it's a podcast about some of the bloodiest, goriest, and wackyest movies on the market, so he keeps the content light and fun, despite the occasional rant.


By Ertrov
This may be the greatest podcast of all time. From zombies to survival tips, it's fantastic. As a certain doctor we all know and love might say, "I love it bunches". Keep on truckin', Corey and Dan!
Root Rot and Corey Graham are a couple of guys that are very fun to listen to. They know their stuff and have a few connections that make for an awesome show. Don't listen to the haters guys... keep doing what you're doing! UPDATE: Now that Corey has taken the reigns and it's been over a year, I've just got to say that it has only gotten better! Tune in for the most content in horror podcasting!
One of the most informative and concise horror podcasts out there. Essential listening if you want to survive the eventual zombpocalypse.
Seriously... trying to judge people for not liking Rob Zombie's Halloween? Seriously? Buddy, I LOVE the genre with the passion of a million lovers, I don't hate Rob Zombie as a person, but people who have anything negative to say about any of his Halloween remakes have valid points. They're garbage. Laughable. If someone likes them, doesn't make them stupid. If someone hates it, doesn't make them stupid. As for the podcast, I like a few segments and sometimes he gets good interviews. I like the Survival segment (dude, make your own cast please) but I can't stand the lame nu-metal this guy plays on breaks. It would be awesome if he could make it to where you could skip through that stuff. It's like my 14 yr old nephews picked his tunes. But thats whatever... my opinion. Also, several times he has said homophobic things like "thats gay" and other off hand remarks. Callers say things like "that guys a f*g" and the host says nothing, which is just as bad as saying it yourself. I hate the redneck homophobia that is within most horror fans... but again, my opinion. Buddy, this podcast is your beast, your soap box, but the Horror community has enough d-bags roaming around trying to make themselves feel big while making others feel small. If you like something that most people hate, thats cool. I like the movie Highlander... that's my little red wagon, but you act like a little child sometimes and it makes the podcast reeeeeeeeally annoying to listen to. I respect your love for Horror and I will continue to listen, I just hope you pull your head out of your *** and Mr. Zombie's c*** out of your mouth and get back to making a good podcast. and having all your listener feedback before anything else is real annoying as well. act your age, not your shoe size ma'ma
Most polished podcast I listen to. this could easily be a pay show. lots of great content and a show every week.


By Longjr
I enjoyed how in depth and entertaining the guys are on the subject of zombies. Simple review...5 stars
If your into the living dead, then Cory & the gang are what your looking for. they talk all things zombies and its the most interesting podcast on the web, GREAT JOB GUYS!!!!!
The show was alright, a bit dragging at times but ok, then for no reason he brought up stuff about another show that has never said anything about him and tried to act like he meant nothing by it. It's Podcasting dude, why start stuff? I say if he truley respected the other show he should have asked them directly instead of bringing it into a public forum. Also it was a simple tag line man, get over it! I was disappointed by his actions so I took a star off.
This is a podcast that doesn't fail to impress. I started listening shortly after Corey took over for Root Rot, and was blown away. This guy knows his zombies! Corey manages to pull off fantastic reviews, and amazing interviews. And not interviews with a neighbor who likes zombies, but interviews with directors, authors, and musicians! The quality and content of each episode is rare to find in a weekly show. So, on the Midnight Podcast scale of A being the best and E the worst; I give The Midnight Podcast an A+.
This podcast is awesome. Corey is the man. I only have one problem, not with the podcast, but with iTunes. Where are all the other episodes? I mean, they're 126 episodes and on here they're are only like 10 episodes. Why is this? Anyway, it's still a great podcast and I enjoy it alot!
I love Corey and his crew! They always bring me up to date on all my essential zombie needs. Keep up the great job guys. ^.^ Love Peace & Brains, Xombicide
Man I've been listening to your podcast for a few months now and it is amazing. Your one guy doing a podcast and you do it just as good if not better than some of the multi-talent podcasts. There is never a dull moment while listening to your podcast and I look forward to it every time I see a new episode pop up in iTunes. I love zombie films and this is the ultimate zombie podcast. Keep up the good work.
Metaphor for the new millennium or real possibility? Will the mindless dead rise up and eat the living? The Midnight Podcast is a wonderful mix of movie reviews, audio clips, disturbing news events and discussion about the impending doom of all humanity. The host is witty and obsessed. You will be entertained.
...because it's coming. And the Midnight Podcast will keep you prepared. Up to date zombie news, movie and video game reviews, the crowning of the Worst Zombie Movie Ever, and even a good debate or two (and don't forget the beer). Corey keeps up a good flow with great commentary, and the best part is that much of the episodes are all about listener contributions. Keep this one in your top five of podcasts to listen to, you won't regret it.
Podcasts are the drug that I am addicted to and Corey's zombiecentric podcast does the horror fan in me good. I found him because of The Zombie Chronicles and am truely happy that I gave it a go....if you are into horror of anykind this is a podcast you should check out....
This podcast rules. If your a Zombie fan or just a huge horror fan this is the podcast is for you. You will have a blast listening to it. When the podcast is over I just can't wait for the next one. Corey great job, keep up the awesome job. You rule and so does the podcast
For all things zombie, The Midnight Podcast is your one stop spot. Awesome production, an enetrtaining host, this is the one show for all zombie lovers. Period!
Now that Root Rot is gone, this podcast is not only informative, but very entertaining. Corey Gram knows all there is to know about the zombie genre.
I've tried them all and I always come back to the Midnight Podcast. Since Corey has taken the reins, the show have gotten even better. His thoughts are intellegent, enteratining and funny. He takes obvious pride in the show's production and displays a genuine concern for the genre. Unlike other podcasts, he appreciates his listeners and involves them in all his shows. If you love everything Zombie, this is the one and only.
The Midnight Podcast is one of the best horror podcasts around and one of the longest running, with over a hundred episodes this show has rarely skipped a beat, I'm always excited over a new episode.
Corey does a amazing job with the podcast, and keeping it real with the slogan "Dedicated to everything zombie" With a weekly roundup of News, Feedback, Review, along with short segments such as "One Hot Zombie Minute" that are perfect to the show. Along with a funky website and fourms that keep the party movin' It's going down yall, on the Midnight Podcast, don't U wanna come?
Best of the Zombie podcast genre, Corey knows his stuff and puts on a great show. Here's to another 100 episodes.
Wanna see what happens to a podcast when you lose a great host?? This show used to be great, the subject matter and the fact that it was from Michigan made it one of my favorites! Listening now is just BRUTAL. Root Rot please get your partner back from Chicago. One mans angry ramblings do not a great podcast make.
I just wanted to throw in my two cents on the Midnight Podcast, its my favorite podcast one of a few I discovered from an article in Rue Morgue. Root Rot does a great show and since zombie movies are by far my favorite horror genre its a real paradise, very informative and entertaining. So thanks for giving me the heads up on some great movies I probably never would have seen and thanks for being conistant.
Of course it's five stars. Damn shame there aren't 6 starts here to give it. Root Rot Rocks Revenant Reviews Really Righteously !!! I was hooked from the first show. You'll be hooked from the first listen. Thanks Root Rot for an entertaining and informative podcast. Undead love, Dr. Pus
This show is a lot of fun Root Rot tells it like it is and doesn’t hold back. If you want to truth about a zombie movie listen to Root Rot!
The Midnight Padcast is a weekly zombie-themed podcast that is a must listen for any fan of horror movies. Each week the funny, pull-no-punches host, Root Rot, gives us reviews of zombie movies from the past and present, as well as any zombie related news. He also has an assorted cast of characters who appear on the podcast that compliment his attitude perfectly. Root seems to be a genuinely good guy who is always quick to thank anyone who contributes to his show. One of the best parts of the podcast is that Root tells it like it is without sugar-coating anything. If there is a zombie movie or comic that he doesn't like, he'll come out and tell you, which has led to a classic battle of words with a creator in the past. If you're a zombie freak, you'll love the Midnight Podcast. Keep up the good work Root!
The crew at Monster Squad loves this show. Root Rot knows his Zombie Movies. Great podcast.