Data Doctors Radio Program

Reviews For Data Doctors Radio Program

Gives a lot of good ideas and a lot of great advice. My favorite tech radio program. Thank you.
This show is a great listen for any tech person. I always listen to TWiT, but I have found a new show that relates to information and problems that any tech or home user faces. Great job guys, keep up the good work!
A fun and condensed version of CNET & wired.
Whether you are a computer newbie or experienced, this show has something to offer to everyone.
I've been listening to the data doctors for years now and always learn something. Thanks to the whole crew and especially to the behind the scene gurus that keep the wheels turning. Your newsletters and radio shows, along with your appearances on CNN should keep most of us cyber-safe.
I like the concept of the show. The hosts share their knowledge and make a noble effort to keep the talk from getting too technical. The problem is the editing quality. The last three shows or so that I have listened to have very noticeable missing pieces. One even sounded like some of the audio somehow got compressed. The show originates from a radio show so I would think that audio editing should be skills that they have pretty easy access to.