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Just one guy, but he keeps it informative and entertaining, and he's very passionate about comics. Keep it up man, you're awesome!
I was looking for a couple new comic book themed podcasts and came across this one with a search via instacast. I like the different themes as I don't need another comic podcast the gives more reviews. I like the focused nature of this one and really enjoyed the best of type lists as I am always looking for good stories I may have missed. More of this would be greatly appreciated as I read mainly via trades. Only slight problem I had is with the audio being a bit on the quiet side since I listen to pods at work and it can get pretty loud. It can be very difficult doing a podcast on your own so I applaud the effort. It would however add a bit to have another person to have a discussion with for a differing viewpoint. Overall a good addition to my comic podcast rotation of ifanboy (for weekly reviews) and 11 o'clock (for lengthier discussion). Keep up the good work.
Been listening for about a year now. love the show. I like the single host aspect, its definitely rare with comic podcassts. welcome back, and keep it up
The production is flat which typically would not be an issue, but as there is no cohost, interstitial music, sound clips, and what-have-you the show easily recedes into the background as the host's delivery is quite monotone. Additionally, the emphasis is largely on Marvel and DC titles, not to mention the show's sponsors, which are not especially of interest of me. In listening to a few month's episodes, I was not enticed to any titles that I may not have been aware of and nothing illuminating was related concerning with those titles that I am aware of. Not a bad podcast by any means, but insufficient for my wants and perhaps more appropriate for neophyte comic fans. Owing to the previous, the "Savant" in the podcast title comes across as hubristic.
Very professional and engaging comic book podcast. One of my favorite shows about comics!
James has an honest tone and vibe that most other comic podcasts don't quite get. He's knowledgable about comics and I always get what I come for: talk about comics, not 20 minutes of my podcast wasted with dudes laughing at their in-jokes. Sure, he could use more prep work sometimes, but 9 times out of 10, he's on the ball. Definitely worth the subscription.
I listened to the two latest casts. One was dedicated to comic book ANIMATION. The second was dedicated to the Thor MOVIE. Hey James, do you actually talk about comic books themselves? You know, the little books that resemble magazines and have art, word bubbles, cheezy advertisements, etc. in them? I like the movies and TV shows as well, but if you portray yourself as a "comic book savant" then maybe you should actually talk about comic books. Get out of your living room and movie theaters and actually go to a comic book store bro, you won't be disappointed.
In-depth comic reviews and overall great listen.
James is a fantastic host that you know truly cares about the topic he is covering. He is so laid back and just wants to share all the knowledge that he has. I look forward to it each and every week. Plus he has this new show The F Bomb Cast Man this has been called the Raunchiest and Vilest show on the net and truer words have not been spoken.(yeah i'm a host but screw you listen to the show)
Each episode of this podcast is improving. The earlier episodes of the show were done without editing and the host has adapted editing into the formats, which are getting very good. The host is very knowledgable about the comic book industry and does a good variety of DC, Independent, and Marvel topics. The podcast is not limited to just comic books either, comic book inspired movies are discussed, cartoon adaptions of comic books, and online comic book buying are also featured topics. Very little if any spoilers are revealed in the comic book podcast and it is very clear which titles are being discussed so you can follow along with the host. The language is appropriate for all age types and this show can be enoyed by those who are not so serious into comic books. I would reccommend this as a comic book podcast for anyone interested in comics, even a little
This is a well made podcast. It is done in a very casual way, giving one the impression that they are just sitting around with a good friend, talking comics, movies and other pop culture. It focuses more on comics than anything else, though. James knows his comics and has opened my eyes to some books that I never would have picked up otherwise. Far from lip service, this podcast gives honest and detailed reviews of current books and trades, giving the listener the information they need to make a choice themselves. This was the first comic podcast I subscribed to and look forward to it every week. Unlike some of the podcasts out there, James has a very regular schedule and for the most part keeps to it. Each episode tends to be sizable, at least an hour. This podcast is very much worth picking up. Hak
I find the Comic Book Savant to be a great podcast. There is an honesty to the podcast. James is just one man and a mic giving his opinion on comics. He is not trying to be a professional radio personality. He is just being himself. This is the democracy of podcasting. You don't have to have a large radio corporation deciding that your opinion is marketable. You just need a computer, a mic, and a willingness to share that opinion with the world. James fills a great niche in my comic podcast listening. He is covering and exposing you to older comic trades that often get ignored.
I'm not sure how long I've listened to the Savant, but it's been a while now. Yes, James is monotone in his delivery and he says "um" a lot, but who doesn't? That doesn't take away from the fact that he consistently delivers thoughtful commentary on comic books. I may not always agree with his positions, but I do respect them. He delivers from the gut... sometimes it's raw, sometimes it's not, but it's always worthwhile.
Where did he come from? How does he rate his stuff...I can tell you, that James is a dedicated comic book fan. He is consistant and shows a true passion for what he does. I value his thoughts and look forward to his reviews. James may not be a masked man, but he is superman when it comes to comics. =) Rock on brother!
This guys has his heart in the right place, but I'm 90% sure he's a ****ing robot. I've been listening for a while but I try to avoid it at work because his freakin monotone voice lulls me to sleep. Dude, maybe you should get a co-host or something. Again, I like the show. It feels like your sitting around sitting around chatting about comics, until you start to feel like he might be robot or a Dalek. Check it out though.
I've been listening to a few comic podcast, and I must say that this one is by far the best. I look forward to each and every episode, they are very informative and very easy to listen to.....kinda makes you feel like your sitting around with a bunch of friends. So what are you waiting for and SUBSCRIBE already.
A fantastic show about comics that makes you feel like you are part of the Savant family. James encourages participation and provides valuable insight without spoiling the books. You cant ask for a better host or topics.
Highly recommended for anyone who wants to get to know more about comics. Candid, well thought-out, and very knowledgeable discussion and reviews. I am learning a LOT from this podcast and have discovered some awesome comic titles as a result. 5 stars!
he does a nice job of giving you all of the reasons that he liked or dislike a comic, and brings up some nice points why the story was succesful or unsuccesful. Probably my favorite solo comics podcast. Very informative and entertaining.
I have listened to probably 15 of the podcasts and find James a podfield(is that a word) that seems to rely on comedy or casts of thousands talking or yelling over each other...the Comic Book Savant is a refreshing breath of air. It is not just the new comics that get reviewed....he digs deep in the vaults pulling stuff from the 90's to talk about. He does top 10 lists (my faves) a book of the month trade that listeners can vote on for him to read and review, in depth character spotlights, and he does indie reviews for those that think outside of the big 2 box. Give it a try...let James speak to your Comic Geek.
I enjoy how he has a very relaxed vocie and he's not yelling/shouting every few seconds.I also enjoy his monthly tradeback choices.He also very grateful toward his listeners and enjoys what he does.
I enjoy James' relaxed, conversational delivery of his opinions and feelings about a hobby he obviously loves. Listening to the Comic Book Savant is almost like chatting with a friend about your favorite comics.
Unlike some podcasts out there, James doesn't seem like he's auditioning for a radio gig that will never happen. He doesn't try to be snarky or condescending. What he does is gives his honest opinion about comic books and the industry. He does so with a great level of enthusiasm and genuine love for the hobby. There are a lot of comic book podcasts out there, but not a whole lot of them with the same sincerity that Comic Book Savant has.
I enjoy every episode of this show. The topics are often selected by the listeners and really give an insight into not only what the host thinks about current books and issues facing the industry, but what listeners are thinking as well. The first episode of "Trade Your Pick," a TPB-review show, is an example of the input listeners have in the content of the show.