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I finally can listen to my favorite anime songs! Is it possible to get the songs core pride or in my world from blue exorcist?


I wish it had simple and clean (kingdom hearts) and especially hikaru michi (Eng:Shining Road) from sonic x.
This is amazing :D I wish it had Kingdom hearts simple and clean and passion in English as well :3
I love simple and clean but please put it in English I love kingdom of hearts and RIKU!!!!!!!!!! And I have the English lyrics to it just get the first kingdom of heart and in the little book they will be there I LOVE RIKU!!!!!
I love simple and clean :)
I was looking for the 'Simple and Clean', and 'Passion' so... Yay!! It would be great if you have them in English! Thanks! XD


I don't even know to make a donation. -_-
I don't know how to make a donation
I love the song Go!!! I also like simple and clean thats not on the list.
Great podcast requests: a song of storm and fire (tsubasa reservoir chronicle) wired life (blue exorcist season 2 ending theme)

By dcura
we neeed the English versions of 'Simple and Clean' and 'Sanctuary'!!! please make them available!!
Thank you so much for updating it...i just wanted to listen to my japanese music and you let me T.T arigato. And guys lay off her she did her best,and at least she had in in the firsy place!
The podcast is telling me to donate money....when its supposed to be free....and I can't find the users page even if I wanted to donate money...I just want the music that's really all
Omg you need to FIX THIS SO I CAN LISTEN TO MY KINGDOM HEARTS MAN what the hell you don't even leave a link to get the thing WHAT KIND OF PODCAST IS THIS
It wont let me download Doubt and Trust!!!!!! I wont dat song!!!! Fix it please so i can get my song!!!
Love it!! But could you brand new world by d-51 one piece. Thank you for the podcast!!!!😍
I cant get innocent sorrow!!!!! I WANT MY D. GRAYMAN!! please fix this :s
All I got from the podcast was a 23 second talk of boring stuff. T T Plz do something or say what to do.
I found this podcast and found that sometimes I could download things and sometimes not. I have before and there are some great songs on here but I think there should be more. Lastly I think that the download problem should be fixed and also I wouldn't know where to start to make a donation so I'm not able to make one so I think it should be more clear on how to. Again I would like it if I could download these, thank you
There needs to be waaaah more Japanese songs!!!! Like these!!!! And more Kingdom heats music on both Japanese and English language! And mote anime music like Black Butler, Wolf's Rain, InuYasha, and MORE!!!! oh!!! Tsubasa Resevior Chronicles!!! And Tsubasa Tokyo....something...there would be more entertainment if those were here.


y can't I download any :(
...Right now for me. Better download quick today.
please fix it!! i cant download any of them
I can't get any podcasts I really want them help fix it!!!!!
This is a great podcast thank u very much and there's a request Can you add Ao no exorcist op song( core-pride) N Tokyo magnitude end song??!! sorry for the large requests Thanks again


Argh! It used to work!! Now this guy has been saying "for this month" past the month of may! I don't wanna have to wait one full month!
This podcast is amazing!!! I've been looking for the real version of these songs for like months!!! All the others are just imitations. The real singers are always the best. BTW, can you put d-tecnolife by uverworld houki boshi by younha yura yura by hearts glow and more of the bleach and naruto openings and closings? Please don't stop adding songs to this podcast. Sorry for my large request. ^^" Arigato!!




I really love this!! >_<
Over the few times I've clicked on this podcast it never worked-except now! Great songs.
Why would you put something advertising a "great podcast" that is really just some guy begging for some extra bucks!?


If u want to listen to simple and clean..type in utata hikaru and the song hikari should appear which is the Japanese version


Where are the songs?!? Theres only a guy talking =P


By (:D
I donated money and it still wouldn't let me get the songs I wanted!
I just want to listin to simple and clean. :( it just wants money :(


By xJaynex
Not working


By Keriva
I want to listen to the music but it won't let me :(
need more songs like songs from soul eater and ouran high school host club


What happened the podcast was working all day on the 21 but now it seems like it's just asking for donations again:( I did manage to download some of them though, but...:(


I want simple and clean but it's only some guy wanting a donation


By Aokime
ommggggiiiloovveeeahhhuuuuuuu!!!! X3
How and wher do I go to too subscribe for it cuz I want simple and clean
I-is that simple and clean the song I think it is?!
I really love this podcast! I have almost all the songs from here! And do you think you could put the song "Remaining Wind" ( also known as Nokori kaze) by Ikimono-gakari? It's a song from Bleach. Thank you and keep going with the podcast please!
can you get Ryuusei no Gemini and Howling from darker than black?
WTF I LOVE jpop/jrock but all of them are just someone asking for donations
Please tell me who sang Summer love!?!?!? And please add the 1st Gintama opening?!?!?!?


By Grtyuui
Can you put up motteke! sailor fuku?