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I really enjoy the insights that the Guardian reviewers bring to the table every week. I wish they would review more foreign releases though. Overall one of the best film podcasts out there. Highly recommend.
I really appreciate this podcast - particularly the perspectives of Peter Bradshaw - one of the best film writers on either side of the Atlantic. My only complaint is that the volume on the podcast is shockingly low. A lot of podcasts have this problem but this one is off the charts. I am unable to hear the discussion with my MacBook Pro turned up to maximum volume. I have to resort to headphones. Please up the volume!
The Film Weekly podcast was cancelled and then this appeared. Jason Solomons was the heart and humor of the smart spin on cinema and his fans are left without an explanation for his absence.
Essential listening for the real cinephiles out there. Great interviews with the most interesting film makers of the moment. High brow to be sure but Mr Solomons is not beyond the odd fnar fnar joke either. Informative and fun.
This high quality film weekly makes a worthwhile companion to the sometimes over childish Kermode Mayo review - high quality listening!