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Please quit mis pronouncing “biome”. It is not “biomay”. It is “bi-ohm”. Thank you!
I thoroughly enjoy Dr. Pastor and have learned a great deal from him. The good doctor manages to provide helpful medical information while maintaining a light, cheery tone.
Love hearing these two and it keeps me awake while driving! Thanks keep up the good work!
I have listened to Zorba Pastor for years and now on a podcast. He is wise in his health advice and he always tells us the latest health news and research findings.
Wish there were more like this!!
Fantastic show! Infomative and funny too!
I am an NP with over 18 years experience, I have a lot of fun addressing the questions callers call in with, Zorba is right on, correct, and with a lot of great advice. I have actually learned a bit from listening to the program, and Zorba's laugh and engaging personality make it a fun show to listen to!!!!
Thank you Zorba & Tom for an informative and entertaining show. Zorba is adept at providing down to Earth, conservative treatment advice, but also suggesting up to date treatment options when appropriate. I love the focus on healthy living and greatly enjoy the recipes. And the whole show has been on the podcast for sometime now.
I'd rate the whole show EXCELLENT!!!
This is a great show. Always informative and interesting.
I listen to your show on my way home from church. It comes on about 10 min after services have ended giving me just enoug time to visit for a few minutes before I run to the car and tune the show in.
Dr. Z and Tom are awesome! Would love to listen to the entire show on a podcast.
Zorba and Tom are really great, and their show is a regular Saturday event in my house. Unfortunately, the podcast is only the recipe. If you want to hear the whole show, you must download it at Wisconsin Public Radio. And while you're there, make a donation. It costs money to make these programs. ;-)
Wish the whole show was on iTunes but look forward to this segment every week.
I recently found that by Googling the name of this show, or otherwise going to it's own website, one can listen to complete episodes via the source shown on that website. I would prefer listen via iTunes, but until I can, this is a great resource.
I love listening to Zorba every week and would love a podcast of his show. That would be five stars. This is just the recipe segment, though. One star from me. Listen to your fans, PRI. Put the whole show up as a podcast like Car Talk!
We love the Zorba Paster show in its entirety. Puzzling decision to podcast only the recipe section -- arguably the least valuable segment of the program.
I have listened to Zorba and Tom, on and off, for four or so years now. This is definitely one of my favorites.
Just the recipe portion of the show. I use Total Recorder software to record the entire webcast and import it into my iPod.
For those that enjoy listening to the show on NPR, lament, for this is just the recipe segement, not the entire show!
Zorba dispenses health advice to callers in an engaging and accessible way, while Tom, uh, well, I've never been able to figure out why Tom is there, other than to occasionally set up Zorba with the "typical lay-person's point of view" follow up question. They have a goofy chemistry; Zorba is elfin and spry and always upbeat. Tom is a bit of a curmudgeon, but never a downer. One thing for Zorba is that he has a pretty finely tuned "B.S." detector, and they often talk about fad diets, home cures, etc. These are often the most interesting part of the show.