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I have gotten so burned out from “traditional “ Christian music...klove (and even airone) have gotten so....meh. Killing new music by overplaying EVERYTHING. A good friend and mentor introduced me to Reluctant Radio this past week. I am HOOKED! It brings me back to my college days when I was seeking out all kinds of new music. More importantly, it has brought me closer to God again. THANK YOU!!!!!
Don't get me wrong, I really enjoy K-Love, but often I want to hear more. By that, I mean great Christian music that hasn't made it to big labels or radio programmers yet. Fresh, undiscovered music that I can say I heard first, and if I really like the artist, I can search them out online and to hear more. Love this podcast for all those things!
Reluctant Radio is playing some of the best Christian music we have ever heard. Thank you for introducing us to such amazing artists!
I love finding new music, and these guys do a great job introducing me to a lot of cool artists. Better yet, they're Christian artists! Very few interruptions, so it's all music, all the time. Five stars for sure!