Reviews For Riverwood Presbyterian Church Podcast

For three years I went to the actual Riverwood Presbyterian Church, and those were some of the best three years of church-going experiences I've ever had. The message they send is, I believe, true, strictly biblical, strongly personal and yet so God-focused, you really feel like you're a part of what is being spoken. The most unique thing about this church is that the theology they teach really challenges the mind, makes you think deeper about more trivial aspects to the Christian belief. And the pastor could possibly be the next C.S. Lewis, he's just awesome. When I moved away, I was so happy to find this podcast, because now I can listen to the sermons even from far away. It makes for good driving listening whilst traveling or vacationing, and is encouraging during those times when you're feeling emotionally distraught and/or spiritually alone. Get it, you won't regret it.