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Elsie is amazing! I’ve been listening to the podcast for years- and I still find something new in each of the classes. She has excellent alignment cues and endless honesty/ heart.
This idiot talked about gunpoint robbery for fifteen minutes in front of my four year old without a parental advisory and then barely did yoga.
These are classes to look forward to when you can't head to the an in person class. Elsie does a great job of explaining the poses. Love it!
Moving through Episode 99 was nourishing and playful. As a Hatha Yoga teacher myself, I long for classes that feel like what I offer to my students. Elsie’s class felt like home to me. I’m looking forward to continuing my practice with you, Elsie! And it doesn’t surprise me that your teaching feels so natural to me knowing we have the Healthier Hormones course and likely many other healers in common!
Clear instructions for a good physical stretch and mental focus and positive energy.
I listen to Elsie's Yoga Nidra every night at bedtime. If you want a wonderful transition into restorative sleep, this is it. It is by far the best I've heard. It is clear, gentle, relaxing yet informative, everything I want. Outstanding! Thank you, Elsie.
A couple years ago, a counselor had me download Elsie's yoga nidra podcast. It helped save my life. I had crippling anxiety. I use it in the morning and before bed, daily. I cannot thank her enough, or recommend it, for anyone looking to calm their nervous system. I recommend it to people all the time. Episode 62. Chapter 3 of the podcast. Listen to it daily before bed (at least) - and in a week you will feel like a different person. Thank you very much Elsie
I woke up with my husband and tried your class for the first time. We liked the mix of class 96. We will do a more structured episode next too. Episode 96 would be a nice mid day or afternoon class.
I think Elsie does a great job with this podcast. Sometimes she gets a little loud when she's really fired up and passionate and trying to inspire practicers, at which point I have to turn down the volume. But that's more of a production issue, and it does keep me going on that two-minute plank. Elsie also beautifully guides us through the spiritual aspect of practice, something that could easily be overlooked or done poorly through this medium. Love it.
I couldn't get through the whole session, after listening to her talk about herself and her children for 15mins I still was trying to be invested in the audio class but after she continued to talk about nonsense during the first couple of poses I just couldn't take it anymore. I was looking for her to set a pace for my practice and not talk through the whole thing. Still searching for an audio class that leads me through basic sun A and B maybe describing the poses a bit. I like so many others use yoga as an escape from daily life and I don't need to be introduced to someone else's daily life while I'm trying to escape mine.
My family and I, we're enjoying your yoga classes.
Have been practicing yoga for eight years; thought this would be a good occasional replacement, however, this woman incessantly speaks to hear herself talk, and gets very annoying when you are tying to relax. Personal experience doesn’t include hearing about yoga instructor’s children, personal life, etc.
Incredibly boring class. I got 30-40 minutes in and finally switched it off after she said for the third time "put your hands/legs/etc like this" (this is a podcast!! People at home can't see you!!) going to go do one of my tried and trues now. If you like more flowing yoga like baptiste or vinyasa, this class is not for you.
This is the best class on the internet. I have tried YouTube and a couple other podcasts and nothing is like this class. Somehow her voice is as motivating as a yoga teacher in the room with you.
I find if I don't have a teacher I tend to spend too much time on my practise. Elsie's instructions are pretty easy to follow just using audio. So days when I don't get to a local class and dont want to spend 2+ hrs practising I just pick the amount of time I have to devote to my practise and Elsie's enthusiasm and obvious love for yoga guide me through a great practise.
A few good poses, but you have to stand around for 5 minutes between them while she talks and talks and talks. If you like to keep moving, this is not the podcast for you.
Great podcast, I have never done yoga before and I wanted to try it before I committed to taking it at a yoga place. This podcast was very helpful, and my favorite out of all the yoga podcasts that I downloaded.
These are great yoga classes. So much better than anything else I have found on the internet. After the birth of my second child, I desperately needed to get back into yoga, but was struggling to find a way, because I have very little time or money. I started listening to Elsie's classes and also got her app. Elsie's occasional references to her two children are very funny and helpful for me, but mostly I really appreciate the solid teaching and focus on alignment principles. Even though I love the long classes, I also really appreciate the 45 minute to 1 hour classes because often that is all the time I have. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us.
I started listening to these podcasts when I was living abroad without regular access to yoga classes. Now that I am back in the US, I haven't found a yoga instructor I like better! Elsie's classes have themes woven through them that illuminate the relevance of yoga practice in daily life. Her oral descriptions of the poses guide the body to evolve and develop so that even simple classes are deepening for mind-body.
thank you elsie! i really enjoyed this class! i am basically at an intermediate [ 3(ish)] level, but sometimes i need to review poses, so i found the Quick Rejuvenation [video] super helpful. at times also it went a little fast for me and once or twice i rewinded to redo/watch poses, which flowed beautifully! i didn't mind the background noise (in other videos background noises and music can ruin a good flow for me, but not this one!), everything still remained calm and peaceful. thanks again! namaste :)
I have had the blessing of practicing with Elsie both in person and through her app over the years. She is a truly gifted teacher on both a physical and spiritual level. The app is fantastic - yoga wherever you go. The classes are physically challenging with careful, thoughtful instructions. The intros may just change your life too. They have changed mine.
Would be a LOT better if she would stop talking on and on and on and just DO YOGA. I don't want to skip through 5 minutes of junk at the beginning of every episode and throughout. Just stick to yoga, please.
I have been so pleasantly surprised this morning to have found Elsie. Though I am an advanced practitioner, and sometimes think that I know it all, Elsie opened me up in inspiring new ways. Love the way she explains things.
I've been practicing yoga for some time now, have taught, experienced teacher trainings of many kinds, but hands down Elsie is one of the most talented instructors I've ever heard. These classes offer a truly blissful, challenging, and changing experience that keeps me progressing in my endeavors to move toward my center physically, mentally, and spiritually. I absolutely love these podcasts.
The podcasts have a great balance of beginner and intermediate poses and flows and her voice is very comforting. I hurt my back soon after being laid off, so I needed yoga to help recover, but needed to save money. This is a huge help! Thank you Elsie!
This is the first time I've ever taken Elsie's Podcast and let me say, I loved it! She has such a calm and warm tone to her voice which is both motivating and soothing. She doesn't add in too much chatter and really just gets down to the point. I really enjoyed her free movement class where she did her voice over it after she had filmed. It seemed authentic and not staged which was great. Can't wait to try another class!
I have learned much more from hearing Elsie's descriptions of the poses than I had learned in 5 years of attending a class with what I thought was a pretty good teacher. Elsie just understands anatomy & physiology so well and can so accurately describe the mechanics of how to get that extra oomph from each pose. Thank you for teaching Elsie!!!
I have listened to many of her podcasts (although not all of them) and I absolutely love them. She is so personable and if you ever have a question she tries her best to quickly respond to you. I have had numerous conversations concerning my practice with her, both pregnant and not pregnant, and have enjoyed her classes tremendously. My only dislike in regards to the podcasts is the fact that I can't attend them live. Thank you so much Elsie. Your classes are amazing.
Great presentation and very informative.
A little yoga every day with Elsie will change your entire outlook on life! Thank you so much for making this available! I subscribed to this podcast back in 2007 and then...I don't remember why!...I stopped practicing, even though yoga had transformed me from the inside out. I recently decided to start practicing again, and to my utter delight, Elsie's podcast is still going strong! She is so supportive and instructive, even virtually! It's only been one month and I am already progressing, feeling stronger inside and out. If I don't know what the pose is that Elsie is explaining (these are often audio recordings of actual classes so her in-person students get the benefit of seeing what she's doing), I just go to her blog and look. Easy peasy. Give this podcast a try - you will not be disappointed!
I am living on a tiny island and this podcast is the only thing keeping me from losing my mind. The classes are really quite good and Elsie explains each pose thoroughly so that I have no trouble figuring out what to do next. I actually prefer audio to video as video can be distracting at times and audio makes it easier to relax and close my eyes etc. Thank you Elsie for so many quality, full length classes! Even though we've never met, your classes have really had a positive impact on my daily life.
Highly recommended! Try a few of her classes because each is quite different.
Elsie, your classes are awesome!! I usually do the level 2-3's so keep adding more of those. It is so nice to be able to do yoga at home and get the benefits of feeling like you're in a real class. Love your sense of humor. Just wanted to let you know you're appreciated! Thanks;)
I met Elsie in about 2004 - she was my first yoga teacher - it was after the death of my dad I sought yoga out and it helped me so much. Elsie is such an amazing teacher in so many ways - she helped me understand how to do poses properly - her passion and deep knowledge and wisdom helped me tremendously. She is an old soul, a buddha. So I am very grateful to have found Elsie's work on itunes - they are excellent!! I have shared this with my boyfriend and my nephew who is just learning about yoga and meditation and I am so happy to introduce him to this with Elsie. I lost touch with yoga for awhile and found it again in May - it has helped me so much and in my classes now I remember Elsie's great teaching along with my other teachers. I am so happy to be able to listen to this stuff - I know yoga will be part of my life forever. Thank you!
As promised this is uplifting, fun, spicy, and joyful! I recommend this awesome podcast to anyone who enjoys Yoga. It will rock your world!
Really enjoyed rocking' some yoga with Elsie! More like that, please!
I've been using this podcast as a way to get yoga into my life while living abroad. It's been three years now and I want to thank Elsie for offering this to the world. I find her descriptions of the poses very helpful. Even without a hands-on assist, I find that I'm getting deeper and deeper into the pose just from following her words. I also get a lot out of her stories and themes, and find myself referring to them throughout the day. I really like episode #96: A short video practice, perfect for when I roll out of bed. Thanks Elsie!
I began taking Elsie's class 5 years ago back when we both lived in Los Angeles. She is truly one of the sweetest sharpest most inspiring instructors I have taken class with. Practicing now with Elsie's podcast & app is just as powerful as when I was lucky enough to take class with her live. Thank you thank you thank u Elsie…u inspire so many of us to step fully into what is. I am forever grateful for u! xoooxxx Namaste
I just finished doing your 30min video. Thank you, I really enjoyed its simplicity and its length, perfect for me at 37 wks pregnant. I am 200 hr yoga alliance certified and practice regularly but being this pregnant, I generally don't have the energy for long classes. I also enjoy your classes that have a theme and give you something to think about/focus on. It allows us to make a difference in our day both mentally and physically.
Refreshing practice. Wonderful video podcast with the added benefit of practicing along with Elsie. Congratulations Elsie on your new venture into Video. The audio podcasts have traveled with me around the world and also ground my at home practice with challenging and insightful sessions. Thank you Elsie!
This is a wonderful class. I have been practicing it in a rural area. I practice some of the classes over and over. Really beautiful lessons. Very thoughful teacher. Will take you much deeper into your yoga.
Loved the poses. Loved having the video. Do yoga teachers practice this fast during their own at-home practice? Do they just like us to hold the poses a long time?
Elsie's podcast is a great way to enrich your practice, motivate you to get on the mat, and provides some authentic insight into a charming and wise Yogini. Don't miss this podcast!
Elsie captured my heart from the start… I started with episode 95 and fell in love with her and her precious Hunter… Her sweet spirit is motivation enough to follow her advice and live with intention and with love through our Kula!!! The class was clear and concise, maybe one or two poses were a bit confusing but thats life…we never have ALL of the answers lol. Overall a fabulous heart and mind opening podcast. thanks Elsie.
Why does she need to drone on and on at the beginning and frequently during class… We do NOT need to hear it! Stick to the yoga!
Love these classes! The way Ellsie brings you into a pose and then re-aligns you is incredible, its almost as if she is there in the room, watching you practice. This is quality instruction where the poses are really taught and you are brought through the practice safely. Even though I have been practicing yoga for 9 years, everytime I do one of these classes, I learn something new. Not to mention that the themes and the way they are presented are really easy to relate to. Thank you!!!
I am a yoga teacher in australia, but I don't live in a city, which means i have little opportunity to be a student in class. So, this podcast helps me to stay inspired in my own practice, both on and off the mat. Thanks for the fun, clear instruction!
Absolutely the best yoga podcast out there. Hands down (to the mat and root down to rise up)!
I normally find it difficult to motivate myself when practising yoga on my own, but Elsie's podcasts make me feel I am right in the room with the rest of the class, and inspires me to hang in on those difficult poses, and to continue to go to my limits where I can. She keeps the class light-hearted and fun, and instructions are very clear. I am a huge fan of anusara yoga, but often cannot find classes when I am travelling - the podcasts work out brilliantly! Please do broadcast more classes - I am absolutely loving them! (Oh - I am typically not generous with my 5-stars but this is one of the rare occasions where it is truly deserved)