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Amazing I love Jack he’s inspiring!!
I get my spiritual food from my home church and I get my desert from JVIMP! Continue to fight the good fight Man of God! Continue to stand on The Rock of Jesus! We are already winners in Christ! “And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.” ‭‭Matthew‬ ‭16:18‬ ‭
I love watching his video on my iPod I've been watching jack and his wife for many years my Daddy watches him to .this man is lead by God and he let's us know what's going on in the world God Bless you jack van impe
JVI has been doing this for decades. Whatever is going on in the news, Jack's going to tell you how it's a sign of the impending end times. Valuable perspective could be gained if his shows from a few decades ago were also available here. How seriously would you take him if you could see that he was just as emphatic thirty years ago as he is today that the news of the day pointed to impending Armageddon and rapture? He never makes the mistake of pinpointing a specific date for it, but it's always just about to happen! These headlines prove it! Sure they do.


I love Dr.Van Impe’s podcast. If I may suggest, can you increase the volume level of the the podcast? It’s a little hard to listen to even when I have the volume of my computer cranked up to the max.
I thank God that he gave Jack the knowledge, the vision and the resources to have this show on for all these years! I've watched over the years as events happened and are lining up perfectly to what the Bible has predicted. I truly feel we are so very close to the rapture! I'll be leaving my Christian tapes out were the people of the End Times can find them. I'll be out of here! Alleluia!


Ah, it is so much fun watching Jackie try and suggest Obama is the Anti-Christ all the while his wife stares with a blank smile… he quotes the bible constantly and announces that it is 100 percent TRUE!! What's the proof? It says in the bible that it is true. His big sky spirit friend is watching.
Mr.& Mrs. Jack and Rexella Vanimpi are so awesome. I love watching your show. Please keep up the great work. May you be blessed by the Father,Son, & Holy Spirit for all your obedience & faithfulness.
It's so good to hear God's message of hope. He is returning soon!
I love your program!!! I look forward every week for your weekly programs. We need more preachers like you, who will preach the truth. I love you Rex and Jack😘


By Cwobo
My husband & I love watching your show. We have your bible, it has been a blessing to have.
Thanks for podcast to go over the word of God From your ministry!!
Jack and Rexella, I've watched your program for several years and I'm very glad that the Father has put this in your heart! Continue to proclaim the name and coming of our Messiah "Yeshua"!
Closed Caption?
Lots of rambling and raving. Not much offered toward bringing people to Christ. Even the Pharisees quoted the scriptures. The website offers nothing but things to buy. Doesn't begin to offer to the Christian what it could...waste of a url.
Preach it brother stay loud and proud to the GOD "JEHOVAH" and JESUS & HOLY GHOST thank you for all you do!!!!
I love YOU!!!! My children watch you and enjoy reading your prophesy bible !!! Chuck can play that trumpet !!!!!!
I love standing up for the true word of God with Jack and Rexella. This podcast is truly a blessing from God!
We love and need you Jack and Rexella! Especially NOW with time being so short! You are both awesome! God bless and you are in my prayers!
Thank you Jack & Rexella Van Impe for your integrity--that you keep by preaching truth according to God's word and by the leading of the Holy Spirit--not caring who is offended as long as it is according to the Word. We live in a society that wants to be politically correct. We need the Word preached and not watered down as not to offend. The prophetic word preached on this show is amazing! The passion that he preaches is contagious! I have been watching them for years and am so grateful for their dedication to preach the complete TRUTH...even if it offends! They are truly obedient to God's Holy Word. Thank you!
Jack speaks the truth! He follows the BIBLE and the Holy Spirit reveals the word and it's meaning to him. We should follow Jack's example by studying our Bibles and speak boldly/ stand firm! We pray for you every day and keep up the good work Jack. We love you, Brother.
Why are his new videos being displayed? I haven't gotten one since July 25th
This one of the shows my wife and I look forward to every week. Jesus really is coming soon! Praise God that Jack and Rexella really preach the WORD for what it says!!! We watch it every week!!!
This is where I go to church every week.
I currently don't have cable. Jack van impe on itunes is a BLESSING! I am 24 an have been watching jvi for over a decade it seems! If anything in the world goes wrong I turn to dr jack for his insight in God's word. His presentation of the lords message has equipped me for all things of prophecy which I do hold dear to myself.
Praise God for the Van Impes who boldly speak the truth. Jack's love for the Lord is inspiring and contagious. Thank you so much Jack and Rexella.
I love watching jack and roxella every week and I love and respect the fact that jack is willing to not compromise his integrity and genuenly along with rexella speaks from his heart and in this particular episode he showed that he was not willing to be censored after tbn network the previouse week censored his wednesday episode after airing it twice already because He (dared) to criticize pastors Rick Warren and Robert shuller and in response to that cenship cancelled his contract with them which I am 100 percent supportive of and well I am not a fan of most cristian preachers and television programing because I think they wander around ruderless without a clue acting like hypocrites following the latest trends I admire jack for not bieng willing to partake in this nonsense and stand up for himself and his viewers and suppoters and do the right thing which most are afraid to do. anyway for those that think they have a clue about what men of the bible were like but are really ruderless in that area in both old and new testements they were pretty close to how jack conducts himself as well as rexella also I would recomend those who watched on tbn and the church channel check out his website and get podcasts of his shows gabe a faithfull viewer for the last several years
It is real nice to have a brother and sister in Christ Jesus to get some end time world views. Wish we could get more podcasts up dated on the iTunes. Sometimes we wait constantly for about 10 days to get it on iitunes
Keep up the good work.


By Mattgt
I wish there would be more podcasts
I appreciate all of the hard work you do to make sure the word of our god is being heard so many are blinded by the enemy I'm glad your speaking the truth instead of completely ignoring the fact that the book of revelation is being fulfilled right now Our lord Jesus Christ will be here very soon,..I look forward to all of your tv programs! Its so exciting!!! God bless u :)
Jack & Rexella give scripture that relates to the headlines of current events. This is great that we can download these programs to study & show to our unsaved friends & family members! How much evidence do you have on your apple device that shows you are a Christian ? Watch one, you will want to download weekly to see how the news relates to scripture ! ! !
Thank you so much Rexella!
Dr. Jack Van Impe is a true end time prophet and I am so thankful for this being available on iTunes. Awesome, share this with your friends!
Best source for insight into Bible Prophesy. Watch the show, buy the videos: you don't want to miss being called up in the Rapture! God Bless Dr.'s Rexella & Jack Van Impe.
JVI is one of the greatest teachers of the end times. I highly recommed this podcast!
You are the prophecy teachers. I have been watching you since I was saved and I am amazed at God's mercies he shows towards us daily. Thank God for you faithfulness in preaching his word in and out of season.
I used to watch the news and fear what was coming. Now I realize that this is all part of God's plan and look forward to seeing it all unfold. What a privledge it is to live to see Christ's return.


The fact that he preaches out of the bible and gives a gospel presentation each time gets my vote! Keep it up!
I love Jack Van Impe. He is an outstanding teacher of prophesy. However, here is where he blows it. At least every other program he genuflects to the Pope as if the so called "Vicor" is somehow a righteous man. As if somehow Catholic doctrine is the same as biblical doctrine. NOT! The other thing Jack is doing these days is even more disturbing. Jack used to be a King James Bible man but now he is selling his New King James with the 666 mobious on the cover. For those of you who don't know, the NKJV is not an update on the KJV at all. But it is written from the same Alexandrian corrupt text of the Catholic bible and all the other modern English bibles out there. Only the KJV is the uncorrupted text from Antioch. So Jack holds up his 666 / 3 dagon fish bible and says "this is the word of god". No Jack! Get back to the Word of God and stop thinking with your pocket book. You will answer for it at the Judgement Seat of Christ my brother. Get right now and save yourself the grief.
Jack Van Impe knows the Word of God like no one I've ever seen. His show is a blessing and it's wonderful that he's now offering it for free on iTunes. Truly a blessing indeed.


By lewing
I look forward to downloading Dr. Van Impe's podcast each week. Dr. Van Impe is profoundly gifted to bring insight of the Word of God's ancient prophecies to this end time generation. The topics and news presented and discussed on this program are often ahead of the news cycle (shown on CNN, Fox, etc.) and indicate to us the urgency of Christ's church to prepare for His return. If you are a serious bible scholar or someone who is just interested in how the Word of God is unfolding in these days....this is the podcast for you! Thank you Dr. Van Impe.
Dr's Jack and Rexella, thank you so much for your efforts for so many years. I have watched your shows and have gained so much strength from you. Thank you for always standing for truth and NEVER being silenced. Thank you for standing for the Lord and NEVER being silenced. I know that I would be in a lot worse situation spiritually if it wasnt for the grounding that you both gave me over the years. Thank you.
Their teaching is so insightful and consistent with scripture. My wife and I have just moved to Norway from the US and it is so apparant how blessed Americans are to have such Godly and annointed servants of Jesus. There is a definite spiritual darkness here compared to the US. My wife and I continue to learn from Jack and Rexella weekly. God bless you Jack and Rexella!!
Our local cable does not always carry JVI Presents or will vary the program's scheduled times. What a technological gift to have these programs available as a podcast. It is a credit to this ministry that they spread the Word of God using today's tools. The program allows me to understand the relationship between the world/news we are now faced with to Bible prophecy!
This seems like the ramblings of a bitter old man struggling to find relevance. His prophecies are stale and predictable. I have serious doubts that this ministry is reaching anybody. It seems like the only audience this would attract is people who want someone to think for them.