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I have only just recently "discovered' the works of Ralph Waldo Emerson by way of Henry David Thoreau and devoured anything I could my hands on by Emerson. His American Scholar address is probably among the most beautiful and uplifting things I have ever read (or heard). Emerson (and Thoreau) should be taught in elementary schools. My only tiny quibble is the religous element that appears in many of his essays but I look at them metaphorically and move on. I am not a believer in throwing the baby out with the bath water that I will dismiss an entire body of work because it contains a few ideas that I personally disagree with. We in dire need hope in this world but we are lead by men who are hopelessly tied to their times and who see neither the past nor the future and merely concerned with the present. Such visionaries like Emerson saw the world in all of it complexities but seemed never to falter in the hope of a better life here on earth. "The world is his who sees through it's pretentions." Amen.
The man who reads these essays is amazing! I feel as if I am listening to Emerson and Thoreau actually speak! His voice even helps you better understand what the message is which these men are trying to convey. I highly reccomend downloading these! I hope they do many more!
Civil Disobedience . . . a must for all who wish to aquire truth in life.
This is one of the most emotionless podcasts on iTunes. This doesn't do Mr. Ralph Waldo Emerson justice. This really needs some work to like up to his legacy.
Emerson's essay entitled Love was the first one I downloaded, and it was wonderful! I went online later to find the written essay and it was pretty tough to digest. The spoken word is a beautiful thing.
It is really incredible to have a new Emerson writing in my pocket regularly to have read to me as he would have read it to a crowd. This is a really wonderful thing. It's so simply beautiful to just have a regular recording of his great works to hear.
Great disappointment. I was prepared to hear one of the great philosophers of the 19th century. Perhaps after hearing Col. Robert G. Ingersoll’s essays, I expected at least as much. Emerson gets a lot of historical mention. I wish I knew why.
I was told recently that Emerson's language, often quite hard to grasp on the page, is more accessible when heard. And it is true! What a wonderful treat. Thank you!
It's wonderful to have all this right here available for download. Emerson's writings are very inspirational and hopefully this will allow his teachings to reach an even wider audience!
I guess this is what you would call a podiobook (a free podcasted audiobook). I enjoyed it and hope to see more. It's cool to see that people are still into Emerson after all these years. I was actually pretty surprised to see this listed a top podcast.
I have been ever so slowly reading Nature, but I never have time because of school. I was just thinking it would be great to listen to Emerson outloud...
Learn Out Loud consistently puts out high quality podcasts and free audiobooks and this is definitely on par. Emerson is a must and this is a fantastic way to discover some of his work. Thanks again for putting such awesome content on the web!
I've always loved Ralph Waldo Emerson but I've only read a few of the things he wrote. Thanks for letting me catch up on my Emerson! Hearing his words are always edifying for the soul. I loved the first podcasts and the narration was of high quality.