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I love your show so much! Please back new episodes as soon as you can :)
The still is funny and informal but I've found that I've learned a lot about cooking! I'm no gourmet, but because it's engaging and fun, this is one of two cooking shows I don't miss.
I really enjoy the Average Betty cooking shows. We watch a lot of Food Network at our house and Betty is a nice change of pace. Guy Fieri could take some hints from you-just kidding Guy-no I'm not! Very clever! Good content! Good production values! And she's not hard on the eyes! A lot of information in a short inventive presentation. Keep up the good work.
Terrific humor and cooking -- Who could ask for more?!?! My favorite is Chicken Satay-zer.
Not only is she one of the hottest podcasters out here, but she's also a rocket scientist who can cook! This podcast is a must-listen! Go Betty!
How does she do it with such deadpan? Seriously, the recipes are average but it gave me some ideas on making them in my own style of cooking. Recipes are definitely "California" regional. Some local spice and methods helped me Southwest-ize them. The comedy keeps you interested. The Mac Daddy and Cheese is to die for! Just like my granny used to make! The Chicken Satay-zer was interesting (my 8 year old loved it, my wife could take it or leave it). The cofee cake one surprised me, since I don't usually eat it (Betty's was pretty good). The Cuckoonut Shrimp was great too, just wish I had some of that parrot bay dip from Red Lobster......
I'm really new to the whole cooking/baking thing. No, really... very new at it. I thought I'd give it a try after I got myself "between a rock and a hard place" with my lovely wife. In no time one of your recipes has almost single-handedly saved my marriage!! The Chocolate Cookie Sundae!! My wife loved it so much she is willing to overlook a number of my shortcomings if I promise to make them for her regularly. The best part is... they are sooo easy to make!! I'm hooked!
Trash. Seriously. If you just don't want to think of your own ingredient combinations maybe this would be for you. Me, I need recipes and cooking tips. These are just segments of sketch "comedy" (if you can call it that) with one obvious-to-make dish that she doesn't even go into how to cook. Try one of the other podcasts from a real cook.
Great Show!
This is such a fun one to watch. It's well well above the average. Go Betty
This is a fun video podcast. Love the topics and the host.
Average Betty has plenty of tricks up her sleeve. The shows are quick and always funny. I love the food catagory in iTunes and this is one of the best. Love the shrimp episode and I was very happy with the results.
Sara offers up some really good recipes. I look forward to more shows.
This podcasts if far better than average.
I really like the California Roll show.


Love this show, my favorite is the Big Dance BBQ pizza. Her website also as great content. Excellent production quality with great recipes. Go Girl.
Average Betty is hilarious and her quick cooking tips are informative. Her weekly shows tackle recipes and provide some great info in a quick format.
Average betty gives you some good ideas for meals. You don't need to be a great cook, but knowing the basics is pretty essential if you want to follow her ideas. There is a good mix of off-beat humor and the actual food. If it weren't for the humor, I probably would have unsubscribed by now, but whenever a new vidcast is downloaded, I ususally find myself watching it right away. I could do without the intermittent, inferred "I'm healthy, you're not" comments. Viewers are watching to see the recipes, not to see why she thinks her way of cooking is better than ours. If I wanted to think there was only one way to do things, I would watch Rachael Ray. For example: The fresh chili recipe is a good idea, but viewers don't need to see her show a can of chili and pontificate, "I would *never* give all those preservatives to my friends". And in the salad recipe, why not spend more time on the yummy-sounding salad dressing and less time on how much she likes spinach? I'm sure her final salad was good, but she put a ton of ingredients (vegetables) on her salad in a way that sounded like no other ingredients were even worthy of being considered. In summary, I like the podcast enough to keep downloading them, I just wish average betty would get a slightly smaller pedestal.
Average Betty is incredible. She shows you how to make stuff the way a friend would, no painful details, in just a few minutes she shows you how to make some beautiful and tasty food. High production quality also helps make it a real joy to watch.
Average Betty will rock yo world with some delicious concoctions. These babies are original recipes that will most certainly tantalize your taste buds. I can't wait to get a little Perfect Shrimp downloaded onto my ipod. Running on the treadmill & learning how to cook - kill 2 game hens with one stone! Keep on Rockin' Betty!
the faquitos were the greatest thing i've ever seen!
this chick is one hot mamma and boy can she cook it up. keep on making the good stuff betty. we love you. xoxoxox
When cooking shows are about as interesting as picking out socks, along comes Average Betty. Quick, easy recipes that taste like you went to culinary school! Definitely ABOVE AVERAGE! :-) YUM YUM GIMMIE SUM!