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This podcast is dead and kinda sucked anyway. The Cerebros is amazing. Go there
These dudes make you laugh , while being ridiculous and honest about their childhood favorite mutant teams ... Long live the Uncanny X-cast ... Count Nefaria was right !
You guys are the best! You guys sound like friends and you really help me get through this.
What a coincedence, you stopped making new episodes, and I've stopped listening to podcasts...
Rob and Brian are two of the most likable, endearing, hilarious, and entertaining podcast hosts that I’ve ever listened to. The podcast is X-men centric, but it acts as a framework for these two to banter back and forth, come up with great goofs, and throw in the occasional song or two. I started to listen as a way to read through the X-men comics, but I kept listening because it’s become one of the funniest podcasts that I’ve found.
Brian and Rob put on an entertaining, funny, honest 'cast that goes beyond the X comics they cover. I enjoy all the X information, but it's their chemistry and hilarity that keeps me coming back for more. It's one of the few podcasts from the early days of podcasting that I still listen to regularly. They use the medium of podcasting well, include the listeners every ep and I appreciate their honest reviews. They aren’t trying to develop a brand, or use podcasting to become a comic book creator. They aren’t in this to hear themselves talk or to use their digital hours to jump on a soapbox about the X-Men. The just want to have fun. Keep on going, boys! I'll be listening!
Love the podcast just started listening today and love it! Came here for the current Xmen reviews but I'm staying for the banter! Keep up the great work guys!
This podcast is so phat it really sits around the house.
These guys know a lot about X men and have well thought out opinions. The only problem is the 30 minutes at the start of the podcast that is just about their kids and the things happening with their families. Don't get me wrong, I like to know that the podcasters I listen to are people and what goes on in their lives but I have a ton of podcasts to listen to and tend to skip past this part. Don't let this deter you, it's totally worth listening to. Good show guys.
I have been listening to these guys for at least 8 years. They are a blast to listen to and I always have some great laughs. Thanks guys!
This was one of my absolute favorite podcasts to listen to. Sadly, it is no longer the show I loved. Episodes are released extremely sporadically, which I won't be too hard on them for, as their lives have changed a lot since the show's inception. I understand priorities and all. My primary complaint is that overall they have been very negative on X-Men comics in the last year or so. I'm fine with criticism but this goes beyond that. They don't want to give anything a chance and just seem generally very disinterested in any of the current product. "On Shelves Now" used to be exclusively about the latest X-Men issues. Now they talk about whatever they are reading, be it Marvel, DC, Image, etc., and you're lucky if they talk about one or two issues of X-Men at all. The skits and "special episodes" have grown tiresome and are no longer clever or funny. The "Retro Reviews" segment remains as good as before and that's the only reason they aren't getting a lower rating. I honestly used to be a die-hard fan of this show but it's just too painful now and a shell of its former self. Here's an idea, guys - if you don't like 99% of current X-Men comics, and the show is merely an excuse for you guys to catch up with each others' personal lives, maybe change the name and premise of the show.
It's like sitting in with a couple of friends, cathing up on all sorts of topics, then hitting the geeky news hard and going over current comics and then retro x-men comics. Plenty of "guests" stop by, can't wait for the next podcast to show up.
Found this podcast about 2 years ago and quickly got on board. Like any comics fan I had to start listening from the beginning and over the following year worked to get through the episodes. The show's topic is x-men, but what it's really about is the hosts, Rob and Brian. I don't actually read the current x-men issues and solely rely on the X-Cast to keep me abreast of what's going on. I also got back into reading the comics after I stopped reading when I was 14. The guys are great with coming up with interesting segmets and the creator interviews are some of the best out there. The retro reviews are the signature of the show (in my opinion). I love hearing the guys going through all of the x history... and it's really helped get a full understanding of the entire x history. If you're not interested in the x-men or comics in general this probably isn't for you, but if you're even a little interested you should check it out. It would also double as a parenting podcast so if you're in to that sort of thing...
It's almost scary how much I can identify with the hosts' journeys through fandom, parenthood, and life - they're truly doing the Lor- I mean, Count Nefaria's work.
Used to be the best X-cast anywhere on the Internet.
I started reading X-Men a few months ago, (starting from the beginning) and the early retro reviews gave me something to engage with to help get through the first 66. Having listened to 8 years of podcasts over a few months, I think the podcasting medium is a very interesting reality entertainment medium, where we're listening to a pair of friends grow up and start the family. Very interesting, and much more real than Reality TV.
Probably the best comic book podcast I listen to. Rob and Brian have great chemistry together and the humor they bring out naturally makes the shows an easy listen. If you love X-Men comics and just good radio in general, The Uncanny X-Cast is worth your time.
Working an early morning retail job has almost no perks. The one perk? I get to listen to my music on headphones. Do I listen to music? Sure, if I don't have an Uncanny x-Cast to listen. Then I get my full x-men lifestyle on. I remember to order my comics and think maybe Rob is wrong about the Flash, it's a pretty good show. Then think, man I need to read more x-men comics. I'm always on board for a new adventure of my merry x-men. Sure sometimes it's in the past and other times it's in the future. Who knows where the x-men will end up. So if you're team Brian this is your show. Who needs other podcast when you've got Rob and Brian?
This is my favorite comics podcast by far. The dialog and chemistry between Rob and Brian is so good I could listen to them blab about anything. There is another X-men podcast out there which sounds so rehearsed that it is annoying to listen to. The banter here is refreshing and hilarious. Also, more info on Doug Ramsey than anyone ever needed.
Being a fan of this podcast can feel a little like being in a relationship with someone who is often neglectful. They go away for weeks (even months) at a time without a word, leaving you to fend for yourself. They don't tend to all your needs (like reviewing all or even most of the X-titles). They sometimes lie to you (KAPOW!). But when they decide to show you love, it's downright magical. This is one of my favorite podcasts and has been for years. Rob and Brian have a great rapport and a genuiniely entertaining, whether they are talking about their kids or Kitty Pryde. Their special (musical) episodes are inspired. The retros reviews have given me that opportunity to read the X-men fromthe beginning. I hope they never hang it up because even though our relatiohship is clearly abusive, I plan on growning old with this podcast.
Take it from me, the greatest X-Men Villian ever, this podcast is legit.
always looking forward to new episodes. although they don't put them out often enough, these guys are true x-fans and have a good time talking about the current and past x-men comics. they also do funny skits and let you into their personal lives a bit on each episode. a great listen.
A podcast as much about the hosts as about the comics. Never fails to bring laughs and fun comics discusion.
Each time I hit refresh on the podcasts page in iTunes I sit in anticipation for a new uncanny x cast episode to download. I look forward to this podcast like you wouldn't believe.
i downloaded the first 2 episodes not knowing what i was getting. i was mad at myself when i had burned through them and still had hours left at work with no x casts. i to have just gotten back into comics so its a perfect way to catch up and learn all the stuff ive missed. love you guys thanks for the huge library i now get to listen to !!
This is the best podcast for comics out there. The hosts don't sound like they just crawled out of their mom's basement to sneak outside and record this stuff. In other words, they don't sound like a couple losers that bleed ink. I've tried listening to the majority of the comic podcasts out there, and they have a way of putting me to sleep. These guys will give you something to laugh about, are knowledgable and talk about all sorts of things to keep you entertained. Give them a try, and you'll love every minute. Linguini!!!
Rob and Brian are the worst podcasters ever. They are uninformed and lazy, they rarely stay on topic, they're foulmouthed, they're mean to their listeners, the list could go on and on, but for some reason they still put out the best podcast on the net. Well, that is when they can be bothered to put out an episode. These two have really created something fun and special and even though they always throw around quitting the show I hope they keep it up for a long time to come.
I listen to a lot of podcasts. This is the only one that has the balls to carry the Explicit tag. That alone makes it worth listening to, but throw in all things X-Men related and a bunch of other wacky hijinks and it's a no-brainer. Just great fun all around.
Brain and Rob are great friends. That makes listening to them go over the X-Men Universe a delight. They're funny, they're awful singers and they have fun with every minute of it. I can't reccomend it enough if you like comics.
You guys are not the only ones who love New Mutants. The Date with the Devil was the best issue of New Mutants in years. I especially love when you guys do retro reviews. Three words: more Captain Britain!!!!!
This is the best X-Men podcast on Itunes. Nuff' said.
This podcast helped me get back into reading X-Men comics. I had not read any comics for 10 years and wanted to get caught up on the X-men recent history. This quickly became one of my favorite podcast regardless of the subject matter. the only negative I have to say is that that take too long to put out new episodes but still one of the best.
Make no mistake -- this is a Daddy/Buddy podcast cleverly disguised as a comic book podcast, and thank goodness for that. The hosts, as well as the allusions to their families and their lives growing up in North Jersey is compelling enough to keep you listening even if you've never heard of the X-Men. The rogues gallery of impersonated guest stars (stan lee, count nefaria, a new mutant named linguine, an alcoholic warren worthington III) doesn't hurt either. If you're actually LOOKING for in depth analysis of current issues, it's here, buried deep, but it's here. Wouldn't the show be fairly dry if it were any other way? Five stars. Here's to five more years of Rob and Brian.
I'm honestly not a big fan of podcasts, but I recently discovered this one, and I've always been an X-Men fan, and it's so great that this podcast exists. I absolutely love it. Whether I agree or disagree with their reviews or opinions of the individual characters they discuss, it's still highly entertaining. Great personalities between the two co-hosts, both of whom are as funny as they are charismatic. A great find. Highly recommend this one.
Highly entertaining, and informative. The hosts make the show with their off topic banter and amazing rapport. I have turned this podcast on to people who haven't picked up an X-book in years and they love this show. It's good. Long live the UXC.
It was the podcast I want. I'm starting off with the back catalogue and its Just talk about the subject of comics and nothing else. Love it.
These guys can talk about anything, and it's great radio. Occasionally they discuss comics, and that's fine by me, because it's the personal interactions and rants about everything from kids to religion that makes this a must-listen.
This is not just my favorite comics podcast, it's my favorite podcast. Brian and Rob's completely unpretentious discussions about the X-universe are inseparable from their hilarious personal stories. Over the years, the X-cast has developed its own unique mythology and cast of bizarre, hilarious characters. If you're looking for a podcast with real character and true originality, this one is for you.
Brian and Rob are a great team and are non stop entertainment: games, interviews and surprise guests. They've laughed me back into reading not only x-men comics, but some other stuff I used to read and new stuff I'm trying out.
What a great show, I look forward to your guys podcast every week. Love the new format.
The weekly pod is a much better format. They actually sound like they enjoy reading these books now. Definitely stick to it.
This is my favorite podcast by far, I don't know if I would be able to get through the week with Rob and Brian talking about the comics and their own personal lives. If you are an X-Men fan like myself this podcast is a must listen to each week. These two are hysterical at times but the approch talking about the X-Universe in a professional way that has helped me learn a lot.
Other pocasters should take a listen to the xcast to see what a podcast should sound like.Thanks Guys
This is a highly entertaining podcast. Don't be put off by all the boring talk about kids and visectomies. If you can slog through that stuff you can get to gold; like talk of Cherry Poptart self pleasure, followed by self loathing. And X-Men too!
Seriously one of the best comic podcasts out there. Every time you think these guys have reached their creative peak they blow you away with another crazy episode. Surprisingly they've managed to be more entertaining than the media they cover Worth a listen from the very beginning.
The Uncanny X-Cast labels itself as the best X-Men podcast on the net, but to call it an X-Men podcast would be a bit of an unjustice. The show works because of the chemistry between the two hosts. Brian's a long time comic reader. Rob's his old high school buddy who's been away from comics for years. Currently living half a country apart with family's of their own, the two hosts not only give us intelligent and hilarious reviews of X-Men comics, but they also use the show as their main social outlet. Somehow this leads to game shows, musical episodes, faux documentaries, excellent interviews, ongoing gags...etc. It may seem like a simple X-Men podcast, but Rob and Brian really use the medium of podcasting to its full potential. You don't even need to be an X-Men fan to enjoy this show. If you've been interested in comics at any point in your life, give this show a litsen. You won't regret it. If you currently read X-Men comics, this show should be a requirement.
my job can be mind-numbingly boring, so its great to have these two guys talking in my head from time to time, helps the day go by faster. Best part is when they say something really stupid and I start chuckling to myself. My co-workers look at me like I'm insane. When they ask what I'm listening too, I usually say its just NPR, and that Cokie Roberts just said something really funny. I'm not a huge comic fan anymore, but their reviews of old comics scratched that nostalgia itch just right.