The sounds of DARKLIFE

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Look forward to episode 20 coming, of this amazing mix of dark and often ecclectic tunes. The website ( is updated with an explosion of reviews. If you havent already listened to the back catalog...please do so, its well worth your while. This is an excellent sample of a wide variety of dark music. So not every episode is likely to hit your nail on the head, but dont worry, I'm sure another one will. Though personally I've grown to appreciate each episode's selections.
Podcast is done very well. Easy to skip or repeat songs and see who the artist is with a matching album cover. Well worth the space it takes up on my new ipod Touch. Thanks for the good music from our DarkLife.
You look up "Industrial" in Websters Dictionary (The younger Great Grandson version) and you will see "DARKLIFE" as the definition.. I have been a Dj for quite a while (20 yrs) and I have played it all, but the past two years has brought us into an area that is getting bigger by the minute. - It's show's like this one, who has made that happen. - DARKLIFE, I know you think "Why download something that sounds depressing?, I am already depressed enough" - Well I thought that too, until my record pool started sending me this genre on request. - It's METAL, DANCE & ELECTRO -ALL IN ONE- With ZERO rules. - Darklife can put on In Flames and mix it up with some Prodigy, then do some Necro Facillity, Depeche Mode it, the Zeromance that into a Dj NV35 Mix.. This is what I like about this show, and others like it.. - First of all it jams, second it has all types of Genre to go with.. and it's not that distorted 169 BPM crap nobody plays... (is it?) just kidding.. Great Show.. Would love to have you guest DJ on Sirius sometime !- DOWNLOAD THIS TODAY.. Great Show.. PUT TOGETHER NICE! -The Red Theatre Project 2012 (Sirius Area 33).
This show has some of the best selections, edited together seamlessly and narrated by a synthesized voice in a subtle, ethereal way. This is true 'turn out the lights and put on the headphones' music. It is true to its name - dark, dreamy, hard and ethereal all at the same time. You don't hear this music on any other podcast show out there, or if you do it's spoiled by annoying amateur 'hosts', bad editing and poor sound quality. The selections echo a style suggested by the name of the show - this is the Sound of Darklife...