Reviews For PHOTOGRAPHY 101

Great tips, thorough explanations given without fluff. Makes it a quick and helpful lesson. 🙌🏽
Great Teaching!! Direct and to the point. Not a bunch of junk that's not needed. Very thorough and VERY HELPFUL.
Excellent and informative.
Great explanation. This podcast has been very informative and inspiring for me. I appreciate all the time you have taken to break down different techniques of photography, and i look forward to continuing to take beautiful images with my new found tips.
these videos are awesome, they are fairly short and get straight to the point. The instruction is mixed with just the right amount of humor to keep the viewer interested and focuses on the important pints without getting so deep that you lose interest or start to think you need a physics degree to understand what is being taught. Great job Scott, love the Podcast and the videos on the website.
As a beginning photographer, this is a wonderful resource! Scott explains the little things in detail that help the average person understand how and why things work; thus improving technical skills and producing better quality images. Thanks Scott!
I absolutely love the lessons. There extremely helpful
Great work. Fantastic place to start learning real photography for people like me. ( a newbe ) absoutley spot on email response. Can't say enough about. Thanks for answering my emails can't wait for the next one.
Fantastic....!!! that's all i can say.... This is the place to start...! for people who can't transfer/play some of this podcast on iphone/ipod, just convert it in iTunes by clicking advanced>>> convert to ipod/iphone version when done, check your new converted file on Library>Movies then click get info>option>media kind>change to podcast. It will moved to podcast library. now you ready to transfer it to your iphone/ipod.
I LOVE this!!!! My only complaint, is that several of the episodes can't be played on iPhone Starting w/ #30. I will check for more. Other than that, I Love IT I listen to it all the time, since I will be teaching it in January.
This podcast is exactly what I was seeking as a beginning photographer transitioning from point-and-shoot to DSLR. The lessons are practical and concise and the knowledge can be applied readily! Highly recommended!
Great source of learning photography .. For free.
I always am excited to see a new podcast from Scott. A great wealth of passion and experience in each episode. As a newbie, I have enjoyed seeing and hearing many things that I really needed to know - like understanding what I'm doing when resizing a photograph, or finally getting the concept of the balance and trade-offs when adjusting shutter, aperture, and ISO. Keep up the great work. I look forward to more.
I've enjoyed listening to Scott's podcast. It's definitly the best resource on the web to learn about photography!
Item 30---lesson 5: Night Photography tips doesn't work. Is anyone else having this problem?
These are great !! Thank you soo much for sharing your knowledge!!
All these great tips make me really a better photographer. Thanks. Lot !!
Pay no attention to flipmcgee's review--he seems too upset, almost like it is a personal thing. I've found these podcasts to be very helpful. It is 101 after all. Thanks for all your help and careful instuction!
Every episode sounds like it's being read off a sheet of paper. The production values are quite low and the content value is not photography 101 but rather common sense 101. Honestly there is more information in the manual that came with your camera. Go read that it' stime better spent (everyone should read that at least three times anyway). It's very hard to listen to due to the almost mumbling style of delivery. Photography 101 should be packed with an alomost never ending supply of useful topics, buy instead we get this. Like learning to sing from someone who can't carry a tune.
This is one of the photography podcast that has helped me the most, if u enjoy this podcast, u should also look for "tips from the top floor" But this is the one I can't wait to get my hands on all the time.
Scott is straight to the point, and well organized in each of his pod-casts. He's very easy to follow along with, and I don't find myself getting bored with his presentations like other, rambling, pod-casts. He provides examples from varied sorces, and tries to make his information applicable to all camera models. I can't wait for his next episode.
I without a doubt have learned a lot through his podcasts. I will highly reccomend this to anybody.
I couldn't get it to sync on the Ipod I just bought in September 2009. 120gb classic. Shouldn't be this hard.
He's a good photographer (I haven't done enough research to offer an opinion). His Photoshop skills, however, could use a bit of polishing. There are too many techniques he teaches that have quicker and more precise options. In his defense, his podcasts are tuts on Photography 101, not Photoshop 101 (and a couple are my own secret techniques I'm too selfish to share). I would recomend this podcast to camera beginners since he does seem to know what he's doing (even in Photoshop)...and I did learn one small thing in his series (yes, I watched all of them). Thanks for the work you put into this podcast.
This is an excellent podcast for those of use who are just starting out in photography. No jargon used in explaining photography. He explains shutter speed, aperture and exposure at a nice even pace so new photographers can understand and make sense of the world of photography. I love these podcasts.
I enjoy this podcast, but find Scott's use of digital photographic tools to be colored by his film heritage. Digital tools offer a new, wonderful way of approaching photo editing and, in a couple of Scott's videos, I shuddered at his demonstrations that overlooked vastly superior digital ways of tackling some of his edits. For those who want to really take advantage of digital tools, there may be better introductions than this. Having said this, if you are a former film photographer who wants to dip their toe into the digital world without getting lost in the myriad Photoshop features, maybe this podcast is a good first step. But once you get up to speed in the digital world, there are better ways to get the job done.
I got a great deal from Scott's basic photography tutorials. I can't say anything about the Photoshop lessons due to time contraints and because all I really want to learn is how to use my dSLR beyond AUTO. If you can get it right in the camera, there would be less time spent fixing everything in PS. After a while, PS is pretty time consuming. You realize maybe understanding the basics is more important and you can get the shot without thinking too hard. Scott makes it easy to understand and for that I am grateful. Keep them coming, Scott!
Finally! Someone who speaks clearly about learning apertures and shutter speed. Scott Wittenburg made it easy for me to use my D2X. From now on, I'm more focus on taking great shots than worrying about low lighting. Thanks, Mr. Wittenburg. I'm looking forward for more advance photography tutorials.
This is really helpful and I can see an improvement in my photography. However as most educational videos it is really dry and can be boring to watch unlesss you have a strong will to learn and are able to grasp the information. Other than that it is great and definetley deserves 4 stars.
I first time I used photoshop the only things I could do was open and close images after I messed them up, I really did not know how the program functioned correctly. Thanks to photography 101 I am learning as much as my wife is (who is actually taking a PS class). I highly recommend. Thanks Scott
I can't believe how simply and clear Mr. Wittenburg instructions were. This is a must see podcast. Keep it coming and keep up the good work.
I must say that I was surprised by a recent negative review regarding this excellent podcast and feel a need to defend the host. One reviewer wrote that Mr. Wittenburg was incorrect in saying that the Program mode randomly picks an aperture and shutter speed setting for exposure. I did some research and discovered that Wittenburg was correct – in the default mode, the Program mode indeed does just that. In fact, I own a Nikon DSLR and the manual says “This (the Program mode) is recommended for snapshots and other situations in which you want to leave the camera in charge of shutter speed and aperture.” The manual then gives the directions for using this mode, which are: (1.) Rotate the mode dial to P. (2.) Frame a photograph, focus and shoot. Sorry, but this sounds pretty random to me. I worry about someone who slams an entire podcast after viewing only a few minutes of a single segment and then questions why it is so popular. Does that mean that the rest of us who are learning some great tips from this podcast are idiots? It’s interesting to note that I received an email recently from iTunes suggesting for me to “check out the eight excellent shows below.” This podcast was included in that list. I rest my case . . .
This podcast was in the top 25 of all the podcasts on iTunes today. I turned it off in the first two minutes of the most recent podcast when he explained that Program mode on your camera will "randomly" pick an aperture and shutter speed setting for your exposure. There's nothing random about it. I'm concerned that some people who are new to photography will assume the host is some authority on the subject based on the podcast's chart position. Your camera does not spin the wheel of F-stops to choose it's exposure setting in Program mode. Please look for another source for entry level tutorials on camera operation.
I know its Photography 101 but most of the Photoshop tutorials are done in ways that confuse me. Tutorials on saving a selection and colorizing a black and white picture can be done much easier and with better results. I would think that using less steps and having better results would be more helpful to 101 users. I can't for the life of me understand why Mr. Wittenburg took the steps he did. I was left aggravated after viewing many of the podcasts.
Just what I need as a newbe.
Thanks for being there. i learned two new things and am thrilled. i have canon xt and it is sophistacated and handson is my easiest way to learn. The ISO was explained so well as was the noise with the 200 vs the 1000. Now i won't feel so silly at night carrying a tripod. Thanks again. MM
Just watched lesson 21 - Basic tips and definitely learned some new things and made some changes to my Nikon D80. I thought he did a really good job explaining the steps and the reasons behind his tips. Looking forward to watching more!
I would just like to say, I have had my camera (Cannon EOS Rebel/Xsi) for about 6 months now. I have played with it not knowing all the features to create better photos. This video lesson (I hope many more to come) was an excellent tool to follow along step by step.I enjoyed not only the demonstration of how to do something (example set ISO) but, an explaination as to the reason for setting and what happens when you do set it to certain specs. I look forward to many, many more lessons this way. Thank you
Scott great job on the 12/31/08 podcast hooked up to iMovie. As a brand new photographer learning how to shoot (my new Nikon D90!) it was very helpful. Especially the UV lens suggestion. I always am worried when I'm out and about that my lens could get scratched with something some car threw up on a NYC street and hate putting on and removing the lens cap all the time. Great tip. DO MORE OF THESE REAL LIVE VIDEOS - SO HELPFUL!
My ONLY complaint about this show is that there's too much Photoshop. I know, I know, Photoshop and photography go hand in hand. However, there are already zillions of photoshop podcasts. I wish it were more focused on just photography with only a tiny bit of photoshop here and there. I really like the teaching and that clarity of the podcast. I like that Scott doesn't ramble, but gets the information out quickly. I like it!
I've been taking pictures all my life, but I've recently started enjoying photography as an art. Scott's lessons are great and easy to understand. I particularly liked the exposure lesson and have recommended this podcast (specifically that lesson) to other photography students.


By M.Grell
This podcast is wonderful
Scott Wittenburg is a master teacher, and his lessons on photography are intelligent and informative. Yes, he does emphasize Photoshop, but that is the reality of photography in this millennium. You need Photoshop skills to understand photography now--I'd be willing to bet that every image in today's magazines or newspapers has been through Photoshop at some point. But Scott discusses other techniques as well, and I have a feeling he's just getting started as far as the depth and breadth of his knowledge of photography is concerned. Scott Wittenburg rocks!
Too much Photoshop - Next to zilch on photography!!
I've managed easily to download all the lessons availble to my ipod 5th gen. They're well worth looking at, no matter your skill level. Scott's great and I might even buy his book. Keep it up.
Thanks to the podcaster.
This is an OK photography tutorial but not great. Scott is somewhat monotone and a little on the boring side. Also, the content is more photoshop than photography. Photoshop is an important side of digital photography but that is not what the point. This needs a lot more photography and less photoshop.


Nice podcast. BUT it does not work on an IPOD. Is not worth the hassle.
This is a good podcast... Wittenburg does not rush through explanations or make assumptions that you know everything... excellent... I hope that he keeps it up... minor inconvenience that you have to watch it on the computer, but hardly a big deal... after all the Photoshop tips are for the computer...thanks!