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Really? How about just highlight them for being great players? Creating a special category and episode seems the opposite of equality. Does identity politics need to invade every aspect of life? If they're awesome at gaming just talk about how they're awesome at gaming... sigh Still gave 5 stars though because your show is great.
I listen to all of the podcast of this network and it definitely brighten my time at work! These guys are the true and pure honest people that speak their mind without a care in the world. I love listening to them even when Drunkin Position when he is on. You guys are doing a wonderful job. I hope fanfest come next year so I can meet you guys. It on my bucket list From Rain Mizuchi of Sargatanas
Great show, glad to hear unfiltered options and host that don't hold back their thoughts.
They are funnier and more foul mouthed than ever!


By zt3fn
These guys taught me how to get good. Thanks, LBR!
Limit Break Radio is a fun and informative talk show about Final Fantasy XIV. The hosts are easy going and light hearted - it's like listening to friends in a linkshell talking about the game. They strongly encourage community interaction through emails, calls, Twitter, Facebook and twitch chat when broadcasting live. Very friendly, sometimes crude - but it's hilarious. Tenoutaten, would bang. PS, more Drunkxta Position.
I always look forward to both listening to the podcast and watching the live stream. Keep up the good work guys! :)
There are plenty of shows that read patch notes. These guys are more like a morning show. Lots of fun and great entertainment.
This is the ONLY podcast I would ever listen to regarding FFXIV. :D This is incredibly funny, some times adult, but amazingly entertaining podcast. Helping the community and having some very well done segments as well. Definitely worth a listen too :D
You have brightened up many a work day or commute, especially when I wasn't able to make it in game, or see all the content. I miss the Pet Food Alpha days, hopefully we can get something similar, yet different going here in Eorzea. Also you have been a bright spot when my guild(s) weren't doing so well or the twelve forbid, disbanding. Thanks for coming back!


Glad to see these guys are back.
This podcast inspired me to come back to ffxi after a 5 or 6 year leave. You guys are doing an amazing job! ~Anthology
Limit Break Radio was my introduction to podcasts and still is one of my favorite podcasts to listen to. The hosts really do care to hear was people have to say. The only thing negative I have to say is that sometimes they're pretty harsh on each other, but when you do something you love with a group of friends why would you not have fun with it. Overall great podcast, great production value.
I thought this FF radio site was going to intelligently discuss all things FF, but what I found was a bunch of angry fans that were upset with nearly every aspect of Final Fantasy. I was not ready to listen to a hour of adolescent griping. I hope all your episodes are not going to be like this one. It made me almost question why you would want FF fans to listen to you if all you do is bad mouth the franchise with slander. Was quite disappointed.
like the podcast alot one of the best shows out there keep it up guys
Been listening to the show for about a year now, it's still going strong into 2010 and just as hilarious and enjoyable to listen to while in-game or in the car :)
I'm kind of an on and off ffxi player, haven't taken the time to review the show yet but here goes. I enjoy the laughs a lot, the info is great and very fun to listen to. This is part of what brings me back to FFXI every other month. Great job guys! Please keep it up, and I might make a character on your server(if my old buddies are gone :'[ ) Like I said you are all doing a great job with everything and it's been a while since I've listened to a great podcast for a great game.
Awesome podcast for FFXI. Best produced and the sound is always spot on. Very informative and takes hard looks at what's happening with the game while still bringing a lot of fun and friendship to the table. Aniero and Kallo really step and take a hold of the subject matter which is what i enjoy most about the podcast. Thanks LBR! Troiboi / Fairy Server
A few months ago I would have given this podcast all 5 stars, however as of late they seem to have allowed secondary shows run rampant while they lag on their own shows. I think I'll be unsubscribing, and only downloading the main show, and the "Rogue's Den", when new ones become avail.
This Podcast is world class! It has great hosts and is very informative; need I say more? Even if you have little exposure to the world that is Final Fantasy XI, you will enjoy the podcast and will likely be turned onto FFXI that has a population of 500,000+. So, stop what you are doing right now and downlaod all the episodes starting with episode one!
Love LBR and the network shows, the only thing I ask is more often! Oh and Kallo, we poke fun because we <3... and because we scared of Ani....
An absolutely amazing show. The LBR crew is so helpful, and have benefitted me in so many ways for my life in Vana'diel. Shortly after listening to an episode, I hit level 75 on every job, I became an instant gillionaire, my linkshell became filled with leet players who like me and make me cocoa, oh, and I soloed Pandemonium Warden. Now I've heard that there's talks of me getting a position of head GM, where I will work side by side with Sage Sundi. Who will also make me cocoa, per contractual obligations. Thanks LBR, I couldn't do it without you!
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Hillarious and by far the best FFXI podcast I've ever heard. Extremely well done in all aspects of podcasting. A must listen!
Aneiro and company do a great job in this podcast informing and entertaining the citizens of Vana'diel. Everyone from newcomers to veterans of FFXI can find something of interest here.
I cant of anything to say except LBR rocks from the podcast to the Linkshell. Oh and Kallo if your good I'll fund your red curry habbit for a week.
I like listening to this show. It really helps me through my work night. Keep it up guys.
The production values are unsurpassed. Within minutes of the very first episode, listeners will know that the hosts of LBR put every effort into making their show the best quality Final Fantasy 11 podcast in todays podcasting community. The show FEELS like a live radioshow, from the news and the the hilarious chemisty between hosts and their lacky interns, you'll enjoy every moment of it. If you enjoy Final Fanasty 11, you will love this show. If you've never even heard of Final Fantasy 11, you will want to play after hearing the first few episodes! Welcome to the show and welcome to the game!
LBR brings a little piece of Vanadiel to my life when I am too busy to play and I truly appreciate the labor and love the crew @ LBR puts into their podcasts. It's entertaining, funny and informative :). Keep up the awesome work and happy 2 year anniversary! ^o^
This podcast is entertaining for pretty much anyone. I played FFXI for a month or so, and this podcast helped a lot through it while I played. I couldn't keep up on FF because of school and I decided to quit. I still listen to the podcast tho. Once you start listening, you can't stop. All the hosts have lovable personalities. I just can't stop listening to every episode, even after I quit FF. I wanna apologize to Aniero for asking him too much stuff about recording by the way! You guys are awesome! Thank you for putting such a great podcast!
Being a long-time fan of the series and an even bigger fan of the online game, I highly recommend any and all inhabitants of Vana’diel who are looking for a fun, informative, and light-hearted podcast to listen to in their free time not to hesitate on subscribing. I used to play several times, however, I was unable to continue as several issues seemed to pop up from out of nowhere in a conspiracy to force me to leave such a wonderful game with an awesome community- sadly, RL>FFXI */cry* The cast, I must say, is perfectly assembled- Kallo and Gamer are hilarious, Sayl is really awesome and Aniero is just incredible. Heck, even Juxta’s amazing! There isn’t an episode where I’m not constantly laughing or get this huge feeling of nostalgia. So again, I highly suggest subscribing to this immensely compelling podcast.
i used to call my husband and his friend the biggest nerds for listening to this podcast. then one day i got bored and listened to an episode. i was hooked. after listening to the Puppetmaster espisode,i am trying it out and loving it. they make jobs that seem really dull very interesting!! thanks guys for making FF11 fun again!!
The instant that I started to listen to LBR I was hooked. They are funny, informative and they all have great personalities. Although they don't make a show very often, they are still very fun for me to listen to when I play FFXI.
I love this podcast I have been listening to them same episodes over and over on my iPod at work. I love the opinions they give about updates and news, and they have plenty of comedy as well that even someone with the driest since of humor wil find funny. Great Podcast I would recommend it to anyone that wants to start or is playing FFXI. ( 75 NIN Leviathian)
A great show if ur a FFXI player. Fun to listen to and very well produced.
This podcast seems to have gone downhill as of late. The most annoying thing about this podcast is Sayl's very annoying feminine voice. Another annoying thing is the amount of laughter, most of the time it sounds like they are on some drug. They do provide good info sometimes.
Ok, myself being the only one in the area that plays FFXI i dont really talk to people about it, but this makes it funny. I always love the humour on the show, the guests, and the step by step guides on different updates, jobs, and events. I am a 75 RDM BLM WHM SMN and now i am even finding things that still amaze me about the other jobs on the shows. I lol when thinking about before the MPK patch and the "god like" trains in Garlaige lol, One of the best podcasts out there for video game nerds 5 stars
I can't believe it took me this long to stumble upon LBR. If I would have had this when they first started I would have been so well informed on the updates and happening in Vana'diel and might have had an easier time leveling and doing events in game. I love listening to news and updates about the game and I like hearing about jobs, quests, and everything there is to do. They bring a lot of good insight into what the game is about, and they even throw in a little free humor. :) Definitely give these guys (and sometimes gals) a listen. It's a wonderful way to get through the work day when all you want to do it go home and get on FFXI.
Awsome show! I listen to it all the time. I even listened to it before I started playing, I liked it THAT much. Everyone is absolutely hilarious, even Juxta from time to time. I learned more from listening then I ever could have just playing. Ani, Sayl, Kallo, Arg thanks for the hard work and effort.
They have a great show that is easy to listen to, and do a good job in disseminating information about FFXI in their 1hr+ shows. Im glad I stumbled accross them with their help I am not as newbish as I once was.
this show is amazing. the interaction among the hosts is top notch and the information they give--along with the help of special guests--is accurate and very helpful to many. i love listening to LBR and will continue to do so for as long as they are on the air. i would definitely recommend that anyone who plays FFXI should subscribe to this podcast and become an instant fan.
This is a truly ingenious guide on the world of Vana’diel through an enjoyable radio show. The extensive knowledge that it covers is only topped by its magnificent humor (both in game and out). The only thing that could make it better is if they added more “Voices of Vana’diel” segments from that guy Firefox on the Phoenix server. LOL only joking. These guys know what their talking about and bring on very good guests to discuss their meaningful topics. Great job!
Easily the best podcast on FFXI out there. Definately worth checking out for all fans of the game or even people who are just curious about it. These guys go in depth and always deliver. You won't regret it!
I gave my girlfriend a Rusty Paladin last night!! Kallo FTW!!
This is really a great show. I love that it's like a bunch of friends talking about their favorite game, with jokes and such but also being informative. The podcast seems well planned and each episode is focused, but not exclusive. I use your advice as a helpful addition to FFXIclopedia and my own LS sempai.
Very informative and also funny! I love it, and I always can't wait 'till the next episode. ;D
This radio podcast is absolutely amazing, the hosts are great, the guests have such a wealth of knowledge and the hosts know how to sort it and ask questions that the audience would ask if they could. Professionally recorded and truly a wonderful addition to itunes, FFXI, and the whole gaming community in general. Congratulations on a wonderful success. --Leigh on Caitsith