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Simply awesome
subscribe to Chicago Acoustic Underground. Original music paired with tasteful conversation makes for an enjoyable evening. Thanks, CAU for all you do!
Great show! They pick a wonderful variety of really talented musicians and songwriters from around Chicago, and the format is nice and relaxed. I've heard some amazing performances from these artists, and Michael is a funny and entertaining host. Too bad Jacob had to move to San Francisco - maybe he can start a sister show out there ;-)
I have been a listener and a fan since Episode 1. I continue to be amazed at the quality of the music and musicians. The interplay between Michael, The Wizard of the Mix and the musicians is fantastic (funtastic?)! To hear the musicians praise Michael for his contribution to the Chicago music scene proves that CAU is an integral part of Chicago and the usung (pun intended) hard-working singer/songwriters of that great city. I always think the current episode is the best, until I tune in for the next podcast. Where does Michael keep finding all the amazing talent?
Michael, you're doin' a great thing here. As the paradigm of the music biz shifts, it's refreshing to find someone who is dedcicated to finding the best stuff you've never heard. Michael gives fresh new music an open forum to bring their sound directly to the people who will like it. Keep fighting the good fight.
I really like this podcast because it gives me a chance to listen to music that I would otherwise not know about. Most of it is pretty calming which makes it good to listen to in the backround of doing my homework.
Aviva Jaye mjusic sounds great. Her writing is very clear and her voice is just perfect.