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By bigenon
This episode on the best albums of 1976 is a classic with guest Phil Stacey. Can’t wait for Kumar and Stacey’s take on 1977. It’s been awhile since someone wrote a review of this groundbreaking podcast. Someone had to.
Host Jay Kumar is a "renaissance enthusiast," a former journalist with experience as a writer, interviewer, and even an amateur athlete but most important, he has a very active curiosity and a deeper than average knowledge about a ton of topics: sports, music, film, politics, current events and so on. This program has the intelligence of a public radio program but with the informal tone of college radio, yet because Kumar is the only host and producer, its voice and pacing are consistent and familiar to regular listeners. Kumar also has a good instinct for breaking up segments of talk with his exceptional taste in new music. If part of the program is about something that's not quite your thing, zip forward a bit, the next segment may be. The show just celebrated it's fifth anniversary, which is a great achievement but more to the point, indicates how dedicated he is to getting it produced and out there. Curious, pop culture-active Gen-Xr's who take time to get familiar with the compartmentalization of the program will regularly find plenty that's engaging and sometimes funny.
This program is great! Jay's casual, coffeeshop style of presentation is such a refreshing change from the over-produced podcasts of this nature that try too hard to be clever. Jay's sense of humor is fresh and his topics are well rounded. Listeners feel as though they're talking with a good friend who also enjoys good, contemporary rock music, as well. It's one of those programs that makes you say, "aww!" when it's over. Seriously!