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I started downloading this podcast, even though it is old and defunct, but something about the numbering system was odd. The word was that this was a podcast about the craft of writing. Um, maybe so—when he’s not bashing and spinning and demonizing “The right wing.” If he were bashing and spinning and demonizing the left wing, at least it would be something new. As it is, it’s just, ho hum. Why don’t I just got back and watch CNN and MSNBC 24/7? This guy should have made up his mind. Is he a writing teacher, or Rachel Maddow? Now, I’ll be deleting all this stuff from my hard drive. And avoiding anything else with his name on it.
Michael Stackpole is just all around talented. I started reading his books years ago, loved them all, and I've found that his abilities are not limited by the podcast environment. The Secrets is important information for anybody who is seeking publication, and Fortress Draconis is excellent. If you give Michael a try you won't be disappointed. Mark Eller
This man has many great intelligent concepts to convey. Take time and listen to his Secrets and you will learn much from his advice...